The 15 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the World

vegan friendly cities

Typically, exploring new foods is part of the fun when traveling, but this could be the most distressing part of your trip if you’re vegan.

Let’s face it! When your mission is to escape for a few days and experience the new vibes of a foreign city, the last thing you want to have on your daily to-do list is replenishing your stock of fresh vegetables and chickpeas to be able to have a typical dinner!

You also don’t want to order a vegetarian salad at a restaurant and find it topped with tuna, nor do you want your options to be limited to a bowl of iceberg lettuce and a veggie burger for more than five days in a row. 

The good news is, finding cities where non-meat and dairy-free foods are served in restaurants and sold in stores isn’t as arduous as before. You just need to know where you should head next time to enjoy plant-based dining. So, take a seat and buckle up while we fly you to the most vegan-friendly holiday destinations around the world.

Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the US

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

1. New York City

You’re bound to visit the home of the most iconic landmarks in the world one day, that’s for sure. Whether you live in a faraway continent or another state in the US, as an avid traveller, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty, and the Rockefeller Plaza must be on your bucket list. 

Fortunately, New York City isn’t just famous for its fast-paced lifestyle and jaw-dropping skyscrapers. The city manifests its cultural diversity by holding some of the tastiest vegan fast-food chains and restaurants.

Wherever you’re there, just open Google Maps and type “vegan restaurant near me.” Chances are there’s one a couple of miles away if not right beside you.

Restaurants to try:

  • By Chloe: This vegan fast-food series offers a wide range of mouthwatering meals free of meat, dairy and egg products. A “mac ‘n cheese” along with a packet of air-baked French fries are must-haves while you’re exploring By Chloe’s menu.
  • Candle 79: In addition to the modern-meets-retro vibe this cafe spreads, Candle 79 has everything from delicious vegan waffles and ice creams to pudding and tasty burgers. 

2. Los Angeles, California 

The city where the Hollywood sign is located happens to be the unofficial city of vegans, thanks to its abundance of vegan dining restaurants, cruelty-free grocery stores, and animal-free bakeries.

Whether you’re heading there to enjoy a relaxing vacation by Santa Monica beach, go on a shopping spree in Rodeo Drive, or grab your wand and cast some spells in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you’re sure to find a vegan place where you can satisfy the beast in your stomach in Los Angeles. 

Restaurants to try:

  • Au Lac DTLA: Enjoy a variety of cooked vegan dishes made in pan-Asian cuisine with a stunning view that can turn your standard dining experience into a life-long memorable meal.
  • My Vegan Gold: Whether you’re on the lookout for a casual burrito and pasta meal or a fancy Asian dish, My Vegan Gold is your safe choice. 

3. Portland, Oregon

The best thing about Portland is that a vegan restaurant is always just around the corner. The whole city is like a big vegan scene with its monthly vegan food festivals, plant-based food trucks and farm-to-table eateries.  

Restaurants to try:

  • Home Grown Smoker: BBQ plates with a twist. The cafe serves animal-free versions of BBQ meals, including cheesy grits and deep-fried pickles, without a hint of animal fat. 
  • The Bye and Bye: For an outgoing night in a hipster bar, The Bye and Bye offers a delicious menu packed with a lot of Southern-inspired vegan foods.

Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Canada


4. Toronto, Ontario

If your idea of a relaxing holiday is spending a week or so in a place where people share your passions, you’re going to fall in love with the vegan neighbourhoods Toronto is known for, especially “Vegan Alley.”

Vegan Alley is an affordable and easily accessible neighbourhood where you can enjoy various plant-based foods, craft beers, outing places, and vegan food festivals, including Vegandale’s Food Drink Festival and The Veg Food Fest.

Restaurants to try:

  • Apiecalypse Now: This all-vegan pizza and snack shop can make your taste buds give you a standing ovation thanks to its scrumptious Big Mac pizza, jalapeno poppers, cheese stix, and deep-fried Mars bars. 
  • Disgraceland: Taking things to a whole new fun level, at Disgraceland, there’s a vegan version for any dish you desire. Better yet, you can design your own vegan dish and have the chefs prepare it for you.

5. Montreal, Quebec

While you’re in Canada, don’t forget to hit Montreal, where there are endless entertainment options and several vegan dining spots to fuel your tummy while on the go. 

Celebrating diversity and non-conformity through the city, Montreal doesn’t only house a multinational cultural heritage but also offers cruelty-free foods for all cultures, tastes and occasions. From Japanese vegan sushi and Vietnamese cakes to Middle Eastern desserts, you’re in for a treat while you’re in Montreal.  

Restaurants to try:

  • Copper Branch: Sink your teeth in some of the tastiest fast foods with a healthy twist. The whole menu at Copper Branch is plant-based with a selection of oven-roasted fries, rice bowls and vegan cheese gravy.
  • Kupfert and Kim: The quick-service restaurant makes delicious, minimally processed, gluten-free meals for the healthy lot out there. 

And if you’re still hungry, check out our article: 9 best vegan restaurants in Montreal.

Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Europe


6. Bristol, England

Bristol is home to dozens of vegan restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores to the point that many consider it the vegan capital of the world. The endless supply of drool-worthy vegan foods in Bristol makes it one of the hassle-free yet satisfying cities to spend a vegan-themed weekend in. 

Restaurants to try:

  • Vx: who doesn’t crave greasy food every now and then? Vx made it possible to enjoy a greasy meal without it including a part of an animal. The restaurant serves the best burgers you’ll ever taste, along with quesadillas, soya steaks, and jackfruit toasties that are sure to leave you craving for more. 
  • Koocha Mezze Bar: Want to share a cocktail and nip on traditional dishes like gheimeh and Ghormeh sabzi with a friend? This bar won’t disappoint!

7. London, England

The city of dream hoards a myriad of specialist eateries that have put it on top of the “most vegan-friendly cities” rankings. Veganism has become a mainstream lifestyle in London to the point that finding vegan food has become easier than finding its animal-based alternative. 

We’re not just talking about finding vegan restaurants when dining out. With a simple trip to the grocery store where you can find stacks of items labelled as “ suitable for vegans,” you can find out about the guilt-free lifestyle many Londoners adopt.

Restaurants to try:

  • Gauthier Soho: The French dining spot serves some of the finest vegan meals. Some of the dishes you can’t miss out on are the wild mushroom tortellini and Louis XV chocolate praline.

8. Berlin, Germany

A close contender to London is Berlin, where the population of vegans is growing at an astonishing rate. It’s even become a trend that if you want to be cool in Berlin, you’ve got to turn vegan!

Yet, what makes it stand out as a vegan-friendly city for travellers is the multitude of vegan grocery store chains available in all of the nooks and crannies of the city. A good example is the supermarket chain, Veganz, which has become so popular that it’s expanding to Austria and Czech as well.

Restaurants to try:

  • Ataya: This 100% vegan restaurant serves standard German breakfast and lunch during the week, but if you’re seeking something new, don’t forget to visit it on the weekend and try the Afro-Italian brunch it offers.
  • Plan Base: Plan Base is a cosy bar where you can grab a book and enjoy vegan and organic juices and bakeries. 

9. Budapest, Hungary

From street food to fancy dinners, there’s a vegan equivalent for every meal in Budapest. Even the non-vegan restaurants offer vegan dishes for their special customers upon their request. 

It’s not only about the availability, but the fun element is there too. Some of the traditional dishes served only in Budapest happen to be vegan and extremely delicious as well. If you ever pass by a food truck there, don’t forget to treat yourself to a dairy-free lángos (a deep-fried dough) and a dödölle (a mix of baked, mashed potatoes and fried onions).

Restaurants to try:

  • Napfényes Restaurant: This restaurant is one of the oldest yet fanciest dining spots you can visit in Budapest to enjoy a vegan-friendly dinner.
  • Vega City: For quick vegan burgers and smoothies while shopping or enjoying the city’s landscapes, Vega City is your ideal choice. Just be aware of the long queues during lunchtime!

Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Asia

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

10. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The traditional meat-free Buddhist practices in the largest city in Vietnam has accidently made it one of the most vegan-friendly cities worldwide.

Even if you’re staying there for only a night, you can enjoy the exciting nightlife this city boasts and maybe try the plant-based goodness it offers in its vegan restaurants and street food trucks.

Restaurants to try:

  • Ngoc Tho: Whether you’re looking to try a traditional Vietnamese dish or craving a meal from international cuisine, this lively vegan restaurant is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Just don’t forget to order their roasted mock pork, or you’ll be missing out on a lot.
  • Herbivore: Street food has never been more delicious! Located in the middle of the Ben Thanh Street Food Market, this restaurant is the go-to place for comfort vegan food.

11. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is known as the number one holiday destination thanks to its dazzling beaches, marvellous natural landscapes, yoga retreats, and luxurious yet affordable resorts. However, what makes it stand out is its amazing yet animal-friendly dining spots, which serve everything from healthy (and not so healthy) traditional dishes to plant-based international cuisine.

Restaurants to try:

  • Bella by Sage: For on-budget travellers, vegan salads, pasta dishes, risotto, buffalo cauliflower wings, and falafel bowls are made affordable at this restaurant. The top-rated dish is the vegan lontar syrup, so make sure to try it out!

12. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Adventurous vegans can finally find their safe haven here! Following a vegan diet won’t stand in your way of enjoying the misty mountains and colourful hill tribes of Chiang Mai. 

The ancient city that sports endless exhilarating activities for those who like to add a thrilling twist to their trips boasts a plethora of guilt-free restaurants, making it a true vegan paradise.

Restaurants to try:

  • Anchan: “You won’t miss the meat” is what Anchan promises and what it delivers. The restaurant is full of drool-worthy vegan dishes. You’ll be sure to visit it more than once during your stay to cover as much as you can from their menu. 

13. Seoul, South Korea

Koreans love meat, right? Well, yeah, but you’ll be shocked by the number of vegan restaurants, cafes, and street trucks you’ll pass by during your stay there. While you won’t be able to try all the delicious-looking food from your favourite Kdramas, you won’t be short of vegan options there either.

Restaurants to try:

  • Osegye Hyang: The cute and cosy vegan dining spot is just like what you’d expect from a Korean restaurant but with more ethical principles. Whether you’re into spicy or mild Korean food, you’ll find what satisfies your appetite there. Oh, and it’s affordable too!

14. Kyoto, Japan

One would expect every Japanese dish to include some kind of fish, but that’s not the case in Kyoto. Meat-free meals are available in a multitude of spots, so you can get your inner otaku out and enjoy the city while staying true to what you believe in.

Restaurants to try:

  • Arashiyama-kan: The local restaurant serves tasty dishes made of vegetables, seaweed, and kelp in a cosy and traditional atmosphere. 

Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in Australia


15. Melbourne 

Different multicultural flavours are apparent in Melbourne’s modern architecture and ancient landscapes, so why not expect it in the city’s dishes? With vegan foods, clothes, and goods becoming the norm in Australia’s second-largest city, it’s only natural that the city’s meat consumption is one of the lowest around the world.

Restaurants to try:

  • Evie’s Bar and Diner: With an 80s Italian design, custom-made tables and rich vegan menu, nothing compares to the experience of dining out in Evie’s Disco Diner.

Your Vegan Friends All Over the World!

Thanks to the modern-day vegan movement, traveling to another city where various vegan foods are served has normally become possible. The cities we mentioned are just a few!

With many celebrities adopting the concept and numerous fashion and health magazines spreading the idea, veganism is starting to become mainstream. Nowadays, there are countless vegan restaurants in all cities, cruelty-free grocery store chains worldwide, and even vegan flight meals on planes.

You can even enjoy some vegan events while abroad, like the Black VegFest in Brooklyn and Vegan Foodie Festival in Amsterdam. Not only will you enjoy some of the most mouthwatering plant-based foods, but you’ll also spend the day and make friends with people who enjoy living without hurting their fellow furry friends, just like you.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.