The 11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Bristol (UK)

Bristol - clifton suspension bridge

Bristol is one of the most interesting cities you will ever visit. With its rich history, architectural wonders, and charming cityscape, there’s something about this British city that makes you feel relaxed and at home.

It’s also interesting to note that part of the Avon Green Belt lies along its southern fringes. This means that part of this city is filled with lush greenery where you can enjoy some quiet time away from its busy streets. That creates a perfect balance between a fast-paced urban city and a relaxing landscape.

With that said, Bristol is also home to a growing number of vegan restaurants. That makes it more inclusive of our different lifestyles, so you don’t have to worry about wandering around the city looking for a decent place to eat.

If you’re planning to visit Bristol anytime soon, you might want to check out our top picks for the 11 best vegan restaurants in Bristol (UK). We made sure that all of them serve quality yet tasty food – so you know that you’re not just settling for what’s available.

Bristol is a vegan haven, with an impressive 11 vegan restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something more substantial, there’s definitely something for everyone on this list. So if you’re visiting Bristol or just happen to be in the area, make sure you check out these amazing eateries!


First on our list is a favorite among locals and tourists alike — Purezza. If you’re in the mood for some vegan pizza Bristol to begin your tour with, then this is the perfect restaurant to get started.

Purezza is a relatively new establishment in Bristol, but it has quite the established roots in Brighton. This vegan restaurant serves Italian favorites such as sourdough pizzas, plates of pasta, and calzone, to name a few. It also has American classics such as a vegan alternative for the burger.

If you have a palate for raw vegan cuisine, then you’d be pleased to know that Purezza also serves raw entrees. And if you’re simply looking for refreshments, this vegan restaurant also serves desserts, drinks, and cocktails to satisfy your cravings.

We also love the fact that Purezza has a decent selection of gluten-free items. That goes to show how inclusive it is of its customers.   

Cheungs Vegan Kitchen

If you’re in the mood for some Chinese takeaway, then head on to Cheungs Vegan Kitchen. With its assortment of savory Asian dishes to choose from, these vegan dishes will surely leave you wanting more.

This vegan restaurant gives a modern twist to traditional Chinese favorites. Among our favorites include their curries and noodles, which give you an authentic taste of Asian cooking.

Cheungs Vegan Kitchen also offers specials if you’re in the mood to try something new. Mock meat dishes are also available, making them perfect for those who need to add more protein to their diet.

Without a doubt, this vegan restaurant is a go-to staple when you’re planning to have Chinese food for lunch. 

Eat Your Greens

Another local favorite is Eat Your Greens. This vegan restaurant is catered towards giving us an authentic taste of British or European specialties with a vegan twist.

This all-vegan restaurant serves British favorites, along with drinks and cakes all day long. It also has a decent selection of gluten-free menu items to make sure that everyone gets to eat during their stay.

If you’re interested in their set tasting menu, you’d be pleased to know that it’s available every Friday – but you have to secure a booking since slots run out fast.

With its relaxing ambiance and savory offerings, Eat Your Greens also makes the perfect brunch spot every Sunday. It also offers a wide selection of local beers and ciders, making it the perfect place to cap the day at. 

Oowee Vegan Bristol

For those who are craving some all-American comfort food, then head on to Oowee Vegan Bristol to satisfy your cravings.

This diner-style vegan restaurant serves staples such as burgers, fries, wraps, and milkshakes. Interesting items on the menu include the fried Chickn strips and the buffalo cauliflower wings – tasty plant-based alternatives to non-vegan favorites.

Also, Oowee Vegan Bristol offers in-house seitan, which guarantees that the establishment prepares its own food.

With two locations across Bristol – one in Baldwin street and another in Picton street – this vegan restaurant won’t be hard to find. And that fact that it continues to thrive says a lot about the quality of its food. 


Earthcake is another vegan restaurant that you should try while you’re in Bristol. If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy your afternoon tea, then this is the place to be.

This vegan restaurant serves pastries that go well with your afternoon tea. The bakery also prepares new items daily, so you can be confident about how fresh the baked goods are.

Aside from teas and pastries, Earthcake also serves sandwiches if you’re in the mood for heavier meals. Hot and cold drinks are also available, making them perfect for customers from different age groups. That makes it perfect for the whole family.

This vegan restaurant also accepts customized cake orders. If you’ll be celebrating a milestone while you’re in Bristol, you know where you can find the perfect vegan cake.

Also, Earthcake offers a selection of gluten-free pastries to choose from. That assures you of how committed it is to be more inclusive of its customers. 

Eden Café Clifton

Another vegan café that you should try while you’re in the city is the Eden Café Clifton. Despite being relatively new, this bakery-café has a lot of promising offerings that are sure to make it stay for years to come.

This vegan café offers breakfast staples such as toasts, pancakes, and coffee-based drinks. It also has a bakery where you can treat yourself to some decadent pastries which you can enjoy while on the go.

Just by simply passing by this café, the aroma of the baked goods is inviting you to get a taste. Fortunately, it tastes as good as it smells.

Additionally, all menu items at the Eden Café Clifton are made with organic ingredients. That means that it’s also geared towards sustainability and saving the environment.


If you’re in the mood for breakfast at a café and deli, head on to FLIP and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

This vegan deli is famous for its salad bar, where all of its ingredients are freshly prepared daily. You’re bound to enjoy the freshest greens with its variety of sauces to go along with it.

Aside from its salads, FLIP is also notable for its breakfast food staples such as croissants, sourdough bread, and cinnamon rolls, to name a few. It also has gluten-free options for those with allergies.

This deli also offers a variety of items that you can consume while on the go. It also has an assortment of vegan goods, drinks, and baking ingredients if you want to bake your own meals. 

Fi Real

If you want to try something unique, then Fi Real is here to make your day more interesting. With its Caribbean-inspired food and drinks, stepping into this vegan restaurant will make you feel you’re on a relaxing Caribbean cruise.

Located in the heart of the Old Market area, Fi Real is not hard to miss. It has been a staple in the city for many years, making it a favorite among locals and travelers alike.

It has a decent-sized menu bringing authentic Caribbean flavors to Bristol, but our favorite has to be its curry and lentil stew. It’s also famous for its rice and beans – quite the savory treat for such a simple meal.

Since 2016, Fi Real boasts serving all-vegan food only. This makes them one of the first restaurants in the city to adopt such a policy and adapt to our changing times. 

Hungry Meeples

Out of all the vegan restaurants in Bristol, Hungry Meeples was the one that caught our attention the most. This is because of its extensive menu selection – ranging from Italian to the Mediterranean to Middle Eastern.

Because of its international and fusion offerings, it’s impossible to not find what you’re looking for. With favorites such as pizza, smoothies, and cocktails, you’re bound to leave with a full and happy stomach.

Hungry Meeples also serve a variety of drinks and desserts, making it the perfect spot when you simply want to unwind after a day of exploring the city.

And to make things even better, this vegan restaurant also offers gluten-free options. 

Ital Garden

Another relatively new vegan restaurant is Ital Garden. With its aromatic offerings consisting of Caribbean and Jamaican specialties, we can say that this restaurant has a promising start.

With chocolate muffins that leave you wanting more, Ital Garden is the perfect place to relax and unwind with the whole family. It also serves mouthwatering fried kale, patties, plantain, and lentil soup, perfect for your varying palates.

Interestingly, Ital Garden also doubles as a small events place. If you’re planning to throw an intimate party or business meeting, this vegan restaurant can help you set up the perfect ambiance. 

Koocha Mezze Bar

For those who are looking for authentic Persian dishes in the heart of Bristol, look no further than Koocha Mezze Bar.

Popular favorites include its mezze spread, bread, hummus, and aubergine dip. If you’re looking for more familiar dishes, you can choose from any of its stews, bread, and fries.

Koocha Mezze Bar also serves beers, wines, and cocktails if you’re looking for a place to unwind.

Best vegan restaurants in Bristol (UK)

Bristol is a city with a rich history and vibrant culture. It’s also home to some of the best vegan restaurants in the UK. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an elegant dining experience, these 11 vegan restaurants have something for everyone. From Asian cuisine to Italian specialties, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So if you’re visiting Bristol or live nearby, be sure to check out these amazing vegan eateries!


Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!