The 9 Best Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

best vegan restaurants in montreal

Innovation, diversity, culture, and the arts – these are the words that best describe the city of Montreal.

This city used to be Canada’s commercial center for over a century. While it has been surpassed by Toronto, you can still feel much of that glory through its 17th-century buildings and infrastructure. Thanks to this rich past, Montreal is home to over 50 Canadian historic sites, which makes it a popular destination for architecture students and art aficionados.

Aside from its picturesque streets and structures, Montreal is also known for being the most populous city in Quebec. With over a million residents, there’s no denying that this city is home to a diverse group of people from different cultures and with different lifestyles.

As a result of this diversity, the city also boasts being home to a wide range of authentic international cuisines. Whatever it is that you’re craving for, you can surely find a restaurant that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

The same is true in case you’re vegan. Montreal is home to an extensive list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, which can even make it overwhelming to decide where to eat. So to help you narrow things down, here are the 9 best vegan restaurants in Montreal for your quick reference.

Copper Branch Montreal

There’s no denying that Montreal is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Canada – if not the whole world. Despite its already significant number of vegan restaurants around the city, the continuous shift towards veganism makes us realize that we’ll see more of these restaurants in the future.

And when it comes to vegan restaurants in Montreal, the first name that comes into mind is Copper Branch Montreal.

Established in 2014, this vegan restaurant chain has its roots in Montreal. Since then, it has expanded to other parts of the world, particularly in North America, and France.

Copper Branch has multiple locations in Montreal alone, and the fact that they all seem to rake in a lot of daily customers reflects how good the food is.

This vegan restaurant is known for its extensive plant-based menu, including all-time favorites such as burgers, sandwiches, chili, poutine, and nachos. Breakfast is also available, making it the perfect spot to start your Montreal adventure.

Copper Branch Montreal also offers desserts and refreshments like cakes, cookies, and smoothies to keep you energized throughout the day.

Hello 123

Hello 123 is another vegan restaurant with multiple locations across Montreal. With one location on Notre Dame Street and another in Monkland, this vegan restaurant is not hard to miss.

Hello 123 has its roots in Toronto with much success. And because of the demand for healthy and high-quality vegan food in Montreal, they opened branches in the city soon after.

This vegan restaurant serves Canadian, American, international, and fusion cuisine, so there’s a lot of options to choose from. It serves a variety of hearty breakfast food like French toast and Irene’s massive breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner staples like club sandwiches and salads.

For dessert, Hello 123 has a decent selection of plant-based sweets, including their popular chocolate avocado mousse and smoothie bowls.

And after a long day of exploring the city, Hello 123 also has a bar where you can drink beer or sip wine as you unwind.

Aux Vivres

One thing about Montreal that we can agree upon is that it houses several vegan restaurant chains with multiple locations within the same city. Another restaurant chain you can find in the city is Aux Vivres.

Aux Vivres has three locations across Montreal – one in Sherbrooke Street, one in Rue Casgrain, and one in Boulevard St. Laurent. With its catchy exterior and welcoming interior, this vegan restaurant chain is a true head-turner.

This vegan restaurant has a fast food-style ambiance that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you set foot in it. If you’re looking for comfort food classics like burgers and sandwiches, you can easily find them at any of its locations.

For those who are on a diet, Aux Vivres also serves salads, soups, smoothies, and tea.

Depending on the location, this vegan restaurant also offers a bakery where you can buy bread and pastries to enjoy while ok the go. Other locations also have a small grocery store where you can buy vegan-friendly ingredients in case you want to prepare your own meals.

To make sure that everyone gets to eat, Aux Vivres also has a decent selection of gluten-free items.

Sushi Momo Montreal

If you’re craving some Japanese food, simply head on to Sushi Momo Montreal to satisfy your cravings. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be surprised by all the vegan options you didn’t know you had.

This vegan restaurant delivers plant-based alternatives to your favorite Japanese dishes like sushi rolls, gyoza, edamame, and fried tofu, to name a few. It also offers a good selection of dessert items like ice cream and cakes using plant-based ingredients.

Sushi Momo is one of the oldest establishments on this list. Established in 2014, this vegan Japanese restaurant stays relevant over the years because of its quality and authenticity.


Another restaurant that offers vegan sushi Montreal is Komomo. It is established by Sushi Momo in 2018, so you can expect the same quality of food and services.

This vegan restaurant also serves Japanese food, primarily sushi rolls and dumplings. Because of its smaller space, it mainly caters to on-the-go orders so you can enjoy it while exploring the city.

Nevertheless, it offers limited seating for those who want to take a break from all the walking.

Leaves House

Another vegan restaurant chain with multiple locations across Montreal is Leaves House. With its boutique-style interior covered in greens, this is the place to be where you want to relax or unwind with your friends.

This vegan café primarily operates as a coffee bar that serves espresso-based drinks and teas. You can choose from any of its plan-based milk options to add to your drinks.

To complement these drinks, Leaves House also offers vegan pastries and prepackaged lunch for you to enjoy.

Because of its peaceful ambiance, this vegan restaurant also doubles as a workspace. Thus, if you’re looking for a place where you can be productive during your stay in Montreal, simply head on to any of the Leaves House locations.

Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is another establishment that has been in existence in Montreal for almost a decade. Since its establishment in 2013, this restaurant continues to serve its customers with mouthwatering dishes that keep locals and tourists coming back for more.

With two locations across the city, you can easily find Lola Rosa at either Avenue du Parc or Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. It primarily serves all-American favorites like burgers with fries and sandwiches, but it also serves Canadian and Mexican classics like nachos, tartare, and poutine.

If you’re looking for heavier meal options, Lola Rosa also offers curries and other lunch items for you to enjoy.

Because of its spacious interior, it creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes it the perfect place to end your day at. It also serves beer and wine, so you can truly enjoy its ambiance.

Interestingly, Lola Rosa only uses organic ingredients in preparing everything on its menu. And that assures you that you’re not eating anything that contains harmful chemicals and preservatives.


With a name that stands for Local, Organic, Vegetarian, you know that LOV is a restaurant you can trust. And the fact that it has two locations in Montreal goes to show how much people enjoy their food.

It’s a popular brunch spot, offering staples like a vegan grilled cheese sandwich, plant-based burgers, pancakes, and waffles. Popular snack choices include vegan poutine and onion rings.

LOV also offers an assortment of desserts and drinks, including cheesecakes, crème brulee, and chai latte. It also serves beer and wine for those who want to unwind.

While LOV opened in 2017 as a vegetarian restaurant, it switched to being all-vegan in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. It also prepares meals using organic ingredients, so you can be assured of its quality.

You can find LOV at either its Rue McGill or Rue de la Montagne locations.

Panthere Verte

Panthere Verte is another vegan café with multiple locations all over Montreal. You can find one at St.-Viateur Ste, the Plateau area, and at rue St.-Denis.

One of the reasons why this restaurant remains popular is its dedication to using local organic ingredients in all its food and drinks. That guarantees both freshness and quality since none of them are imported from faraway sources. That also reflects their dedication to sustainability.

Panthere Verte is known to deliver a variety of food options, depending on its location. Food commonly served at all locations includes sandwiches, salads, and smoothies.

Dessert is also served in some of its locations. Popular options include cakes, cookies, and brownies.

In some locations, this vegan restaurant offers a juice bar where you can enjoy fresh fruit juices all day. Organic and vegan beers and wines are also served, making it the perfect place to relax after a fulfilling day of exploring the city.

The 9 Best Vegan Restaurants in Montreal

If you’re looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Montreal, you have plenty of options to choose from. No matter what your tastes, you’re sure to find a spot that suits you. And, with multiple locations around the city, it’s easy to find one nearby. So, next time you’re in Montreal, be sure to check out one of these great restaurants.

Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!