The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh: A Foodie’s Dream

best vegan restaurants in edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most historic cities in Scotland. It’s home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh, as well as the majestic Forth Bridge. It’s also home to the majestic Edinburgh Castle that tells us so much about the country’s rich history.

Aside from its historical significance, the capital city of Scotland is also known for its breathtaking architecture and picturesque streets. Thus, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh is among the top tourist destinations worldwide.

No doubt, the city has made a mark on the world map through all of these fascinating sights and heritage sites. But recently, it’s making a mark as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.

In fact, Edinburgh is the most vegan-friendly city in the United Kingdom. This is because this Scottish city is home to several vegan establishments, making it easy to embrace such a lifestyle.

With that said, you may be curious to know which of these establishments are worth visiting. And that’s why we’re here to introduce the 10 best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Beetroot Sauvage

The first item on our list is Beetroot Sauvage. To provide healthy vegan food all day, this restaurant knows how to exceed its customers’ expectations.

Established in 2017, Beetroot Sauvage is known for its wide selection of savory vegan dishes. It serves comfort food such as mac and cheese, panini, chili and rice, and bagel sandwiches. It also offers a wide selection of all-day breakfast options including breakfast plates and avocado toasts.

For refreshments, this vegan restaurant also serves smoothies and lattes for customers of all ages. And if you’re looking for food-to-go, Beetroot Sauvage has a daily selection of cakes, french toast, and banana bread to choose from. 

Sora Lella Edinburgh

The Sora Lella Edinburgh is another vegan restaurant that you should try while you’re in the city. If you’re in the mood for vegan versions of your favorite Italian food, then this is the place to be.

This vegan restaurant was established in 2019 and has been widely received since then. It became a favorite among locals and tourists, and its plant-based ingredients instantly became a hit even among non-vegans. That’s why we see a bright future ahead for Sora Lella Edinburgh.

It has an extensive selection of pasta and pizza varieties, so you’re not stuck with just one or two options. And we believe that’s one of the reasons for its success – in addition to the undeniably flavorful servings of food.

The Sly Fox

What we love most about being vegan in Edinburgh is that you have a lot of budget-friendly options to choose from. This is in contrast to other cities where vegan food often comes with relatively high prices. One such affordable vegan restaurant in Edinburgh is The Sly Fox.

But despite the budget-friendly prices, this restaurant serves exquisite dishes that will surely leave you satisfied.

The Sly Fox primarily serves Czech dishes, which makes it a rare gem in this city. Popular menu items include soy goulash, Manchurian cabbage balls, and potato pancakes. If you’re looking for something more familiar to your palate, you can opt for the seitan strip burgers or cheeze swirls. There’s definitely a dish that suits every palate.

For dessert, this vegan restaurant offers a decent selection of plant-based cakes for you to enjoy.

We must also mention that The Sly Fox has gluten-free and raw vegan options. Thus, regardless of your taste in food, this vegan restaurant is here to cater to your cravings – which is quite surprising for a budget-friendly restaurant. 

Holy Cow

If you’re in the mood for all-American favorites while you’re in Edinburgh, head on to Holy Cow to satisfy your cravings.

Holy Cow serves vegan alternatives to our favorite burgers, fries, salads, and toasts. It’s also known for its interesting healthy drinks like kombucha, green smoothies, and other teas. That reflects the restaurant’s commitment to delivering healthy vegan food for its customers.

If these teas aren’t your style, Holy Cow also offers coffee-based drinks for you to enjoy. This vegan restaurant also serves as a bakery where you can buy an assortment of cakes and pastries to enjoy for take-out.

We also love how Holy Cow is committed to producing delicious food using organic ingredients to ensure sustainability and quality. You can be confident that whatever you’re eating is free from harmful artificial chemicals.

If you’re in a hurry to buy souvenirs, this vegan restaurant also has a retail gift shop containing different items that you can take home. 


For those who are looking for a vegan-friendly place where you can unwind, Harmonium is the place to be.

This vegan restaurant is known to serve beer and wine, making it the perfect place to cap the night at. It also serves plant-based meals and snacks that complement your drinks, so it’s definitely a must to visit this place while you’re in the city.

Harmonium has an extensive menu featuring British and fusion cuisine that allows it to cater to the varying tastes of customers. Prices are also reasonable, so you’re bound to enjoy your stay at this restaurant. 

FacePlant Foods

FacePlant Foods has one of the most interesting concepts we have come across. It promises to deliver street food from different parts of the world and infuse it with Scottish influence to make it their own. What’s most interesting is how it turns these street foods into vegan-friendly dishes – and leaves us wanting more.

This vegan restaurant is known for its wide selection of international favorites such as chowders, mac and cheese, burgers, and sandwiches. However, we must note that the menu changes constantly, depending on what ingredients are available for the given day.

Nevertheless, FacePlant Foods always has a gluten-free option, making it perfect for those with allergies or avoiding gluten altogether.

This restaurant is also known for providing affordable meals and snacks at low prices, making it one of the most affordable vegan restaurants in the city. So for its reasonable pricing, mouthwatering flavor, and hefty sizing, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best vegan restaurants in Edinburgh. 

Chapter One Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for a cozy place where you can enjoy a hearty snack, the Chapter One Coffee Shop is your best bet. This vegan café is known for its selection of Mediterranean, British, and Middle Eastern cuisine that’s sure to leave you with a full stomach.

Originally a regular coffee shop, Chapter One then converted into being a fully vegan restaurant in 2019 – and it hasn’t looked back ever since.

It serves different coffee-based drinks using plant milk to create a myriad of flavors and mixes for us to enjoy. To complement these drinks, you can pair them with vegan cakes, sandwiches, or plant-based sausage rolls to make your stay more memorable.

But if coffee is not your style, it also offers smoothies and other drinks. That makes it perfect for younger guests as well.

Despite its seemingly posh ambiance, Chapter One Coffee Shop offers affordable menu items that cater to the needs of every budget traveler. 

Black Rabbit

Another vegan coffee shop that you might want to visit is the Black Rabbit. Established in 2019, this coffee shop offers an assortment of coffee-based drinks to keep you energized throughout the day.

It has an in-house bakery that prepares aromatic treats like cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries daily, so they’re guaranteed fresh when you buy them. And if that’s not what you’re craving for, Black Rabbit also has a decent menu offering different sandwiches, salads, and toasts.

For those who prefer to make their food, Black Rabbit also has a deli where you can buy vegan cheese and plant-based meat alternatives. You can choose from any of its prepackaged selection, or buy them by weight if you want to buy in bulk.

Without a doubt, the Black Rabbit is your all-around vegan food source when you’re in Edinburgh. 

Holy Cow Lounge

Holy Cow’s second Edinburgh branch – the Holy Cow Lounge – has similar offerings to those of the main branch. But, this vegan restaurant also has more items to choose from and boasts healthier dishes that are prepared from scratch.

Aside from all-American classics like burgers and sandwiches, the Holy Cow Lounge also offers soups and pizza to help satisfy your cravings. It also offers a variety of hot and cold drinks to pair with your favorite meals.

To make sure that everyone leaves with a smile on their faces, this vegan restaurant also has a kids’ menu for the little ones to enjoy. That makes it both vegan and family-friendly.

We also love that all of its ingredients are organic, so you know that it contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives. The Holy Cow Lounge also offers gluten-free meals, so people with gluten allergies won’t feel left out. 

NovaPizza Vegan Garden

If you’re looking for a vegan Italian restaurant with the most extensive menu available, look no further than the NovaPizza Vegan Garden.

This restaurant boasts an all-vegan menu for Italian classics such as pizza, pasta, and bruschetta, to name a few. It uses vegan cheeses and plant-based meats to create a similar texture that you can’t even tell the difference.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, the NovaPizza Vegan Garden also offers dessert items like an affogato, crème brulee, and tiramisu.

Since its establishment in 2015, this restaurant was widely known to be vegetarian. But over the years, they have converted and committed to being fully vegan. And the fact that they’re still going strong reflects their dedication to providing delicious vegan meals for everyone to enjoy.

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh – summary

The vegan food scene in Edinburgh has been growing exponentially in recent years. And with that growth comes a diverse selection of vegan-friendly restaurants that cater to everyone’s taste and budget. We hope this article has helped you narrow down your choices. Check them out and see for yourself why they’re worth your time and money.



Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!