Best Vegan Peacoats in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Vegan Peacoats

There are many reasons to get a peacoat. They’re stylish and always in, and you don’t have to check with Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar to confirm that. Also, they keep you warm in cold weather.

However, traditionally most peacoats are made from wool, which we take at the cost of animal suffering and pain, and then we kill them when they’re no longer of use for us.

So, we shift our attention to vegan coats to enjoy our fashion guiltlessly. Here is a list of the best vegan peacoats we found.

Top Picks

London Fog Men’s Iconic Coat54% Nylon, 46% Polyester
Excelled Men’s Polyester PeacoatPolyester
Nautica Men’s PeacoatBody: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Nylon
Brave Soul Men’s Carlos PeacoatPolyester
Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Drawstring Winter Parka82% Polyester, 18% cotton
Allegra K Women’s Single-Breasted Winter CoatShell 100% Polyester lining 100% Polyester
Allegra K Women’s Double-Breasted Winter CoatPolyester
Woman Within Women’s Plus Size PeacoatMicrofleece

The Best Vegan Peacoats for Men in 2022

1. London Fog Men’s Iconic Coat – Most Stylish

London Fog Men's Iconic Coat

If there is something that London Fog knows how to do, it is making stylish coats. The London Fog Men’s Iconic Coat was made with a nice balance between old-fashioned and modern looks without too much effort.

It is made from 54% Nylon and 46% Polyester. 

The Nylon in the coat makes it strong and durable without feeling too bulky. Nylon’s waterproof properties help the coat resist rain, snow, and mildew. If raincoats aren’t pretty enough for you, the London Fog Men’s Iconic coat will do the job with style. Thanks to the Nylon, this coat is easy to wash by machine. 

Of course, Polyester makes this coat durable and abrasion-resistant. Also, it adds to its waterproof and mildew-resistant nature. Also, the colors of this coat are here to stay thanks to Polyester.

It is a double-breasted belted coat with a zip-out liner and a detachable top collar for versatility in style. In addition, it has 2 lower angled pockets to warm your hands. Finally, it comes in a variety of sizes and 4 different colors.

2. Excelled Men’s Polyester Peacoat – Best for Warmth

Excelled Men's Polyester Peacoat

The whole point of peacoats was to keep sailors warm. Nowadays, due to their fashionable looks, peacoats extend well beyond the navy and are worn by millions of people all over the world each winter to keep them cozy. The Excelled Men’s Polyester Peacoat is all about keeping you warm.

This peacoat is 100% Polyester, which is great news because it has a wool feel minus the wool and cruelty behind it.

Polyester is stronger and more durable than many animal-based products, as it is resistant to water and wind. Unlike natural fabrics, Polyester doesn’t shrink or wrinkle. It is also colorfast and machine-washable. As you can see from the price point, it is also inexpensive.

It is a double-breasted peacoat that has a notched collar, welt pockets, and single vent back. Furthermore, it comes in 3 different colors.

3. Nautica Men’s Peacoat – Most Waterproof

Nautica Men's Peacoat

It is pretty good when you find a vegan peacoat that makes you look good and keeps you warm and cozy, but what about rain and snow? Will you get soaked or stay dry? Do you want to leave that to chance? The Nautica Men’s Peacoat already has your back.

Its body is 100% Polyester, while its lining is 100% Nylon. 

Polyester is your vegan buddy. It is versatile and reliable without costing much. How? It makes coats last long and resist abrasions, wrinkles, stretching, shrinking, and most chemicals. In addition, its colors don’t fade away.

The significance of the Nylon lining is that it makes the coat easy to clean. Moreover, it is waterproof and resistant to mildew and stains, which means you can be active wearing it without worrying about odor. Also, it is flexible and thin for more comfortable wear.

The Nautica Men’s Peacoat has a water-resistant finish to keep you dry at all times and in all weather conditions. Also, it is machine-washable.

It is a double-breasted coat with notched lapels, throat latch that secures under the collar, buttoned epaulets at shoulders, and long sleeves with adjustable button tabs. Furthermore, it has concealed snap pockets at sides because interior pocket heat retention creates extra warmth.

Finally, it comes in one black color that adds a classic finish to any outfit you wear.

4. Brave Soul Men’s Carlos Peacoat – Most Affordable

Brave Soul Men's Carlos Peacoat

Realizing that not every item of clothing you have needs to be expensive to be good is quite freeing because you don’t have to break the bank anymore. The Brave Soul Men’s Carlos Peacoat proves you can still get a vegan wool-like feel and style at an affordable price.

Of course, this low price point is only possible with Polyester. Polyester also makes the coat durable and resilient. In addition, it is good in the rain, and it dries quickly. This synthetic fiber also resists stretching and shrinking well, which many natural fabrics are prone to.

The coat has high collars to protect you from the wind. Also, its double-breasted design, along with being padded on the inside and having easy entry side slash pockets, keep you nice and warm. Who can say no to an affordable coat that keeps them warm while being lightweight?

It comes in two colors that won’t fade, thanks to its Polyester construction; we love the navy color, in particular, for a good old-fashioned navy peacoat look. It is versatile in look, meaning it can be worn with your casual or formalwear without looking out of place.

The Best Vegan Peacoats for Women in 2022

1. Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Drawstring Winter Parka – Best With Removable Faux Fur Hood

Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Drawstring Winter Parka

Hooded coats keep you warm, coats with removable hoods give you options, and coats with removable faux fur hoods give you vegan options that rival non-vegan ones, which is exactly what the Alpine North Women’s Vegan Down Drawstring Winter Parka does for vegan women.

Our top choice for women is made from 82% Polyester and 18% cotton.

The Polyester in this coat makes it last long because it does not wear down easily. Yet, it feels lightweight, as opposed to bulkier materials. Also, it does not shrink or wrinkle. In addition, it dries quickly, which is good news when it rains or snows. Moreover, it is highly inexpensive despite its impressive versatility.

On the other hand, cotton is nature’s most popular breathable fabric. It feels very soft and comfortable on the skin, which is why it is an excellent choice for the lining. Also, its hypoallergenic properties mean that people with sensitive skin can safely wear it. Moreover, its thermal insulation keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the summer.

This coat has 100% vegan down insulation to keep you warm. It has front placket closure with zipper and snaps, shaped, shirttail-curved hem, 2 interior patch pockets, rib knit cuffs with thumbholes, and adjustable sleeve tabs.

Also, its attached hood has removable faux fur trim by buttons to keep you even warmer. Moreover, the coat has an adjustable inside waist drawstring. Furthermore, it has 2 exterior zippered chest pockets and 2 hip patch pockets with snaps and flaps for extra practicality.

In addition, it has discrete reflective tabs for safer nighttime visibility.

Finally, it comes in 4 fade-resistant colors.

2. Allegra K Women’s Single-Breasted Winter Coat – Most Colorful

Allegra K Women's Single Breasted Winter Coat

Most people wear neutral and cool colors in the winter and fall. However, the true way to stand out in the crowd of dark colors is to get a bright-colored statement coat. The Allegra K Women’s Single-Breasted Winter Coat is a simple yet effective way to be unique.

Like most coats on our list, this cute coat is 100% Polyester, which is lightweight yet warm. It also feels very soft and plush that you won’t have to think about a wool coat ever again. Furthermore, it resists stretching and shrinking, so it will keep its shape for long.

This fully-lined single-breasted longline coat has a notched lapel, back vent, and long sleeves for an effortlessly elegant look, and flap pockets to warm your hands.

Our pick comes in 8 different fade-resistant colors. Whether you wear it in the bright Hot Pink and Burgundy or the neutral Browns and Cream White, you will serve a chic look.

3. Allegra K Women’s Double-Breasted Winter Coat – Best Formal Coat

Allegra K Women's Double Breasted Winter Coat

If the Allegra K Women’s Single-Breasted Winter Coat doesn’t look sophisticated enough for your coat needs, the Allegra K Women’s Double-Breasted Winter Coat gives you a classic look that will make you look fancy wherever you go.

This coat is 100% Polyester, which comes as no surprise since it is the most versatile vegan fabric. 

It keeps you warm and lasts long without being too bulky, which can distract from a sophisticated look. Moreover, Polyester makes it harder for colors to fade. If a fabric can give you all of this at a very reasonable price, why not use it?

This fully-lined double-breasted longline coat has a notched lapel, back vent, buttons decor, and long sleeves for an effortlessly elegant look, and flap pockets to warm your hands even further.

It comes in 6 pretty colors ranging from neutral to feminine and the bright reds.

4. Woman Within Women’s Plus Size Peacoat – Best for Plus Size

Woman Within Women's Plus Size Peacoat

Good fashion choices aren’t limited to a certain size or body shape. Unfortunately, finding actually diverse was possible yet tough, but not anymore. We saved you the trouble of research by finding you the Woman Within Women’s Plus Size Peacoat.

This hidden gem is made from microfleece. It is a light and thin synthetic fabric. What makes it popular is its soft and comfortable feel and how it lets skin breathe, despite being a synthetic fabric. In addition, it keeps you warm and cozy, and that is why it is excellent for jackets and coats. Also, because it is lightweight, it won’t be too bulky for layers underneath.

Besides its cozy fabric, this double-breasted microfleece coat has a quilted lining, a hood, and side seam pockets to keep you even warmer. If it gets too cold, you can always layer underneath very comfortably. Finally, it comes in 2 colors.

How to Pick Vegan Peacoats

100% Vegan Materials

The point of calling a piece of clothing “vegan” is that it doesn’t use any animal-based products in its construction, no matter how little or seemingly insignificant.

There are ways to make sure that your clothes are vegan. The first way is to physically inspect them, read the label, and ask the manufacturers directly if the coats in question are vegan or not. Another method is to target strictly vegan brands for all of your clothing needs.

Vegan materials that are used in making peacoats can be either natural or synthetic.


Natural materials used in peacoats are basically cotton and hemp.

Cotton is one of the most used materials in the fashion industry, and that is for good reasons. 

It is very soft and comfortable. Also, it lets your skin breathe, unlike many synthetic materials. Its heat insulation keeps your warm in the cold and cool in the summer. We also love the hypoallergenic nature that allows people with sensitive skin to wear it comfortably.

Hemp is one of the strongest and most sustainable fibers in the world. In addition, it has antimicrobial and mold-resistant properties, which could definitely come in handy in coats. Furthermore, it is more eco-friendly and cost-effective than cotton.


Synthetic materials used in peacoats include Nylon and Polyester.

Nylon is lightweight yet strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant. You can safely wear it in the winter because it is resistant to mildew and stains. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, so you can enjoy the rain or snow wearing it. In addition, it has great elasticity. Plus, Nylon is easy to clean.

On the other hand, Polyester is the most commonly used vegan fabric

It doesn’t stretch or shrink, and you pretty much end with the size you start with. Like Nylon, Polyester is durable and abrasion-resistant. Moreover, it is resistant to water and mildew, which explains its popularity in the winter. Like Nylon, it is pretty easy to clean.

Also, its colors are fade-resistant, so feel free to get bright-colored coats to make your winter feel more lively.


Do you prefer more casual or formal-looking coats? Are you more of a single-breasted or double-breasted coat kind of person? What about a hood or pockets? Do you believe in wearing only neutral colors in the winter, or do you like to spice it up?

There are endless questions regarding style that depend on personal preferences and uses. However, some tips could help.

For instance, some options will be better if you’re looking for extra warmth such as double-breasted, hooded peacoats with pockets. Don’t forget to check every brand’s size guide if you’re purchasing your coat online.

Also, if you’re going to wear layers underneath your peacoat, make sure you have enough room for them. In addition, remember to check the coat’s cuffs for being waterproof too because some waterproof coats don’t have waterproof cuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Vegans Wear Instead of Wool?

There are many options in terms of jackets and coats that replace wool, whether they are natural or synthetic.

Cotton is breathable, hypoallergenic, and soft. Hemp and bamboo are more eco-friendly and sustainable options that have very similar properties to cotton to the point that some people even prefer them over cotton.

Synthetic fabrics such as Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Cork, Orlon, Microfiber, and many more are durable and more affordable than natural fabrics.

> Read more: Is wool vegan?

What Can Vegans Not Wear?

Just like there many yeses in what to wear, there are many no-nos in what to not. 

Wool is a big cause of suffering for animals in ways most people are unaware of. Leather is an obvious no. Silk kills a brutal amount of silkworms for every little amount. Lambskin, Kidskin, suede, shearling, nubuck, and velvet are also non-vegan because they’re animal-based.

Camel hair, horsehair, haircloth, mohair, and any animal-based hairs are also to be avoided.

Finally, don’t forget to skip animal glue.

What Clothing Stores are Vegan?

You can save yourself from having to inspect every single clothing item you purchase by directly buying from strictly vegan brands.

If you’re looking for luxury, check out Beyond Skin, Stella McCartney, SpiritHoods, Vaute Couture, and Pelush. 

What about more wallet-friendly brands? Well, we got you. Vegan Outfitters, Save the Duck, Lovejoi, Miomojo, HeartCure, Alternative Apparel, Vetta Capsule, and Bhava are affordable vegan brands.

Final Thoughts

This article wants to prove to you that you can be vegan and fashionable. You’re already on the right track by looking for vegan coats because you’re protecting our wooly friends without compromising your fashion taste. So, here is a summary of the best vegan peacoats.

Our most stylish picks are the London Fog Men’s Iconic Coat, Allegra K Women’s Single-Breasted Winter Coat, and Allegra K Women’s Double-Breasted Winter Coat.

On the other hand, the most affordable choice is the Brave Soul Men’s Carlos Peacoat.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.