[Company Profile] Will’s Vegan Shoes: The Best Products They Offer

Will's Vegan Shoes

Is it tough to find what you want to narrow down your choices? There’s no shortage of shoes, but ones that are animal-friendly, sustainable, stylish, and affordable can be hard to find. Everything out there is probably made of animal skin or toxic plastics.

It seems that you can only enjoy your new pair of shoes if you don’t ask what they’re made of, how they’re made, and who makes them. Once you ask the important questions, you either buy the shoes but feel bad or don’t buy the shoes but feel like you’re missing out on the entire shoe industry.

Well, that’s no longer the case. The future looks brighter, thanks to brands like Will’s Vegan Shoes. It’s animal-friendly, environmentally conscious, and classy, all at budget-friendly prices. It’s also ethical and keeps its carbon footprint neutral. To learn more about the brand and its best footwear, continue reading.

What Is Will’s Vegan Shoes?

It’s a vegan and sustainable brand of clothes, footwear, and groceries. Animal rights advocate Will Green founded the London-based company in 2012. You can predict the brand’s nationality from its designs that are always inspired by classic British fashion.

What started as a small collection of vegan shoes turned into what’s possibly one of the most famous vegan fashion brands in the 21st century.

What Makes It Special?

Green had the vision to make ethical, stylish vegan footwear something that all people can afford. Truth be told, the idea that decent vegan boots had to be sold on the high street doesn’t cater to most people who often shop on a budget.

By selling vegan shoes that rival high-end ones in quality and style, the brand is helping more people buy what they want without compromising their values.

Besides offering stylish fashion items at an affordable price, the transparency of Will’s Vegan Shoes regarding its location and workers is refreshing in the fashion industry. Many brands sell products that are unintentionally vegan, but they’re often created by people in third-world countries where there aren’t laws enforced that protect their rights.

However, rest assured that the entire production, which takes place in Europe, ensures ethical working conditions for all workers. In fact, the brand tells you where each pair comes from. This decision also keeps transports to a minimum to reduce the carbon footprint of the company by travelling less and using fewer resources, such as plastic-free packaging.

At a Glance for Men:

  1. Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots – Most Durable
  2. Dock Boots – Best Traction

At a Glance for Women:

  1. WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes – Best Hiking Boots
  2. LDN Biodegradable Sneakers – Most Sustainable

The 2 Best Will’s Vegan Shoes for Men in 2021

Now you probably want to know what the best choices for men are, so let’s jump into our Will’s Vegan Shoes review for men and how these shoes can help you.

1. Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots – Most Durable

Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots

If you’re tired of fast fashion and its wastefulness and want vegan shoes that last a long time, there’s no better option than the Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots. They stand out from other shoes with the Goodyear welt that adds to their durability and makes them resoleable. So, say goodbye to replacing shoes every year.

Also, the outsoles are made of durable, slip-resistant rubber that adds to your confidence. Even better, the shoes are water-resistant and breathable, unlike other leather boots that suffocate your feet.

In terms of using animal-friendly materials, the boots’ uppers are Italian-made, plant-based, vegan leather, which uses organic-cereal-based bio-oil. In addition, the cushioning insoles are made of recycled rubber.

In terms of style, you can never go wrong with a pair of Chelsea boots. They’re timeless so that you never go out of style. The Goodyear welt also adds to its beauty and stylishness. They come in two neutral colours: black and dark brown.

Best Features:

  • Recycled rubber insoles
  • Resoleable and long-lasting
  • Italian vegan leather from plant-based sources
  • Durable, slip-resistant rubber outsoles
  • Stylish and timeless
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable

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2. Dock Boots – Best Traction

Dock Boots

Every active man understands the importance of traction in shoes and how it can help you avoid the most severe injuries and minimise slipping. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, we definitely recommend the Dock Boots.

For a pair of Will’s vegan hiking boots, their best feature is their traction, thanks to their super grippy TR outsoles. To illustrate, they flex with your movement so that you can hike and walk comfortably.

Moreover, the ankle support of the cushioned tongue and collar is insane. And since you’ll be pretty active and outdoorsy with them, these shoes are water-resistance and breathable.

When it comes to construction material, these boots don’t disappoint. We love the Italian vegan leather that looks just like the real thing. Plus, the insoles manage to provide a lot of comfort despite being made of recycled rubber, proving that you can save your feet and the earth in one go.

Finally, the boots are pretty stylish if you want to show them off, and they come in six colours: black, dark blue, grey, chestnut, tan, and dark brown.

Best Features:

  • Durable, grippy TR outsoles with flex
  • Ankle support with a cushioned tongue and collar
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Recycled rubber insoles
  • Italian vegan leather from plant-based sources
  • Six colours

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The 2 Best Will’s Vegan Shoes for Women in 2021

Thanks to Will’s Vegan Shoes, women don’t have to compromise anymore. In 2021, it’s about time you get everything that you desire in one pair. So, read our Will’s Vegan Shoes review for women, and learn about their best products and why we believe they’re the best.

1. WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes – Best Hiking Boots

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Because hikers shouldn’t settle for less, Will’s Vegan Shoes offers you the WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes. The shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and supportive.

Will’s vegan hiking boots stand out with an advanced ballistic welded design that utilises Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura uppers for abrasion and scuff resistance. In addition, since you need to reduce the risk of slipping to zero, the Vibram rubber injection outsoles will provide you with the required traction.

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In addition, since you’ll hike outside, you need to be prepared to face the elements. The boots are waterproof with a sealed tongue and treated uppers. Therefore, you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Still, you need to be comfortable, which is why the boots come with EVA insoles that are both supportive and removable. In addition, the lace hooks are quite practical because they allow lace sliding. This way, you won’t trip over your shoelaces.

Best Features:

  • Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura upper
  • Vibram rubber injection outsoles for traction
  • Waterproof with sealed tongue and treated uppers
  • Supportive and removable EVA insoles
  • Practical lace hooks for lace sliding

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Also available on Amazon.com

2. LDN Biodegradable Sneakers – Most Sustainable

LDN Biodegradable Sneakers

If sustainability is your biggest priority and you want a vegan brand that’s transparent about its production, we hear you. The LDN Biodegradable Sneakers are the company’s first biodegradable pair of shoes.

Did we say biodegradable? Yes, we did. Everything about the shoes comes from sustainably grown wood sources. That includes the uppers, linings, laces, lace tips, padding, tape, and stitching.

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In addition, the insoles are made of wood fibres and natural latex. So, you can wear them with a clear conscience. That’s because you won’t be adding to landfills that are already jam-packed with fast fashion leftovers.

Besides being utterly harmless to animals and the environment, these sneakers are super comfortable to wear. In other words, you’ll feel good inside and out wearing them. 

Moreover, their style and colour are neutral. And they come in three neutrals: white, black, and grey. So, you’ll never feel out of place wearing them. Not to mention, they’ll fit everything you wear.

Best Features:

  • Completely biodegradable
  • Stylish and timeless
  • Comfortable
  • Neutral colours

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How to Choose Will Vegan Shoes

Some people are new to the eco-friendly, vegan fashion world, while others know which brand sells what exactly. Regardless of how much you know about this market, there are a few things worth considering if you want to make a more mindful decision. Take a look at the most essential features in your next pair of vegan shoes.


The materials used to make Will’s vegan boots, shoes, and sneakers meet its criteria that protect animals, workers, and the environment. Consequently, all the materials involved are free of animal-based ingredients. The brand is also constantly working towards only using plastic-free sustainable materials.

Vegan Leather and Suede

Since 2017, the brand has created its own faux, plant-based leather with organic-cereal-based bio-oil. In addition, you can say goodbye to genuine suede, thanks to the Italian-made Ecolabel-certified vegan suede that complies with Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations.


If low-maintenance uppers are your thing, you’d be pleased to find WVS footwear that has soft canvas uppers made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re also easy to clean.

Recycled Rubber

Many of the comfortable insoles are made of recycled rubber in an effort to reduce the plastic waste that ends up dumped in landfills. 


The company has incorporated natural jute outsoles into its espadrilles. Jute is a hardy plant that’s also quite sustainable, meaning it doesn’t use too many resources to grow.

Grown Wood, Cardboard, and Natural Latex

Some collections, such as the LDN sneakers, are completely biodegradable, as the materials used are derived from sustainably grown wood sources, cardboard, and natural latex. Therefore, by choosing them, you won’t be adding waste to the landfills and oceans that are filled to the brim with fast fashion waste.

Even sports shoes, made of rugged and waterproof human-made materials, are created in factories that are 70% solar-powered.


Whether you’re wearing regular or vegan shoes, it’s vital that they’re comfortable for your health. One of the best features in Will’s Vegan Shoes is how much thought is put into making them comfortable.

The sandals provide arch support and have heel cups. Also, their adjustable straps offer you a lot of control. And the espadrilles have moisture-wicking and antimicrobial lining so that you don’t have to worry about sweat or odour.

If you’re a runner, you’ll love the removable and supportive EVA insoles and the Vibram injection rubber outsoles, as they’ll make you confident in your stride.


Contrary to popular belief, vegan footwear is quite versatile. Anything that used to require animal-based materials can be made without it. So, you can find all styles of footwear that accommodate different purposes and personal tastes for men and women.

You’ll find footwear that’s made with different activities in mind. Options include driving loafers, hiking boots, and work boots. This way, you don’t have to succumb to what your shoes can handle anymore. Instead, you’ll get to choose, depending on what you’ll do for the day.

There are also options for different seasons. From breathable espadrilles and sandals for summer to waterproof shoes and boots for winter, no weather’s too extreme for a pair of vegan shoes. Thankfully, your feet will breathe in hot weather and remain dry in the rain.

Moreover, you can wear different styles on different occasions. We’re saying you can dress up in dress shoes and heels or make yourself at home in slides.

The bottom line is that Will’s Vegan Shoes are pretty impressive when it comes to its selection of different styles of footwear, rendering it suitable for various outdoor activities, seasons, and occasions.


Again, Will’s Vegan Shoes proves that vegan fashion is diverse and versatile. You don’t have to choose between your personal preferences and values. Sustainability can also look pretty good. So, the shoes come in different colour options.

Neutrals like black, white, brown, dark brown, chestnut, cream, sand, stone, dark blue, grey, taupe, and tan never go out of style. They’re also unisex and flexible. Bright colours like pink, blue, red, and wine make your outfit come alive and turn heads.

You can also decide how the footwear will look by matching it with the right outfits. You can find vegan clothes and accessories at the same store for the best match.


What Are Will’s Vegan Shoes Made Of?

Will’s vegan shoes are made of different materials, all 100% vegan. They use natural materials, such as jute, cork, bio-oil, cardboard, wood, and natural latex. Also, recycled materials, such as recycled rubber and plastic bottles, are used. Finally, EVA foam is incorporated into many WVS designs to make the shoes more comfortable.

Are Will’s Vegan Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, they are. Will’s Vegan Shoes puts a lot of thought into making the shoes comfortable. That’s evident in their breathable and antimicrobial materials, supportive insoles, and arched footbeds. Moreover, the traction in the sneakers makes them rival sportswear brands in terms of slip-resistant performance. Finally, the adjustable straps are definitely a plus.

Is Will’s Vegan Store Legit?

Yes, it’s. Although Will’s Vegan Store has been around for 9 years, it’s up there with older and more established brands. The PETA-approved brand provides vegans looking to make ethical choices with quality options in every category. Accordingly, whether you’re looking for a pair of shoes, clothes, or accessories, you’ll find it in WVS.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our article on Will’s Vegan Shoes has helped you understand the brand a bit more clearly. If you’re tired of having to choose between something that looks good and something that’s vegan and ethical, you won’t have to do so anymore. Here’s a recap of the brand’s best products.

Our top choice for men’s shoes is the Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots. Their Goodyear welt allows them to be resolved, which means that they aren’t only vegan but also environmentally conscious.

Plus, their insoles are made of recycled material. And the uppers are made of plant-based leather that bears a striking affinity to animal leather. Finally, the boots are classic.

Next in line for men, we have the Dock Boots. These shoes provide what’s possibly more ankle support and traction than many men’s shoes from vegan brands. Like our first choice, they’re made of plant-based leather and have recycled insoles. Also, the weather-resistant and breathable design makes them excellent for any outdoor activity.

Women who hike will love our first pick, which is the WVSport Waterproof Hiking Shoes. These shoes employ Lyliane 3DMX and Cordura to make scuff-resistant uppers. In addition, the Vibram rubber makes the outsoles extremely durable and grippy. Not to mention, the entire boots are waterproof, thanks to the sealed tongue and treated uppers.

Finally, women who are looking for the most sustainable choices will appreciate the LDN Biodegradable Sneakers, as they’re the brand’s first 100% biodegradable pair of sneakers. Everything about them comes from plant-based sources. They’re also light and comfortable to wear. Even better, they’re easy on the eyes and blend with whatever you wear.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.