Best Vegan Combat Boots in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan combat boots

Once worn by soldiers in the course of austere warfare training, combat boots, with dark hues of smoke grey, dark brown, and jet black, are now statement-making footwear classics that flaunt a jaw-dropping appeal. Pure aesthetics aside, combat boots are seriously comfortable, offering an outstanding combination of ankle stability, foot protection, and superior slip resistance. 

When it comes to finding a vegan alternative to combat boots or other types of outdoor footwear that are intended to withstand rugged terrain and unrelenting weather, the search might take forever and a day. With that in mind, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to cut out the frills by unveiling our picks for the best vegan combat boots available today, so hold the line. 

At a Glance

  1. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Combat Boot
  2. Forever Link Women’s Vegan Combat Boots
  3. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot
  4. Dream Pairs Women’s Winter Combat Boots
  5. DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots
  6. Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II 8-Eye Combat Boot
  7. DADAWEN Women’s Low Heel Combat Boots

The 7 Best Vegan Combat Boots of 2022

Finding vegan combat boots that provide a desirable balance between quality and price isn’t all that simple. To help you make a sound buying decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best vegan combat boots that are available on the market today. No matter what your budget is, you’ll surely find an option for you! 

1. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Combat Boot

Dr. Martens is a brand that certainly needs no introduction, as it has been releasing some of the finest work boots since 1960 when the brand first introduced the 1460 boots. Of course, when it was first released, the Dr. Martens 1460 boot was featured in a leather-based format, but as the vegan movement began to take shape, various vegan-friendly alternatives were launched.

It doesn’t really get any better than the Vegan 1460s when it comes to offering superb quality at a reasonable price. Similar to the original 1460 boot, the vegan-friendly alternative is very sturdy and offers tremendous support. Not only that, but the extent of comfort that these boots provide is also quite marvelous. However, like most combat boots, the 1460s must be broken in. 

Even though the Dr. Martens Vegan 1460s are boots that are intended to handle the roughest of terrain, they still flaunt a great deal of pizzazz and style, allowing you to use them in city-like environments. The boots are highly resistant to abrasion and slipping. Besides, the unisex design makes them perfect for both men and women, and they’re available in two attractive color variants.


Long-lasting Goodyear welt stitching 
Looks very similar to the iconic 1460
Superior slip and abrasion resistance
Break-in process is entirely pain-free
Air-cushioned sole for broad comfort


Not as sturdy as the leather version
Not the best option for cold climates

2. Forever Link Women’s Vegan Combat Boots

If you’re restricted by a tight budget but still want decent-quality vegan combat boots, you ought to give the Forever Link Vegan Combat Boots a shot. These boots will pair perfectly with casual, everyday outfits, especially the ones you wear during the fall and winter seasons. These combat boots may not be as solid as high-end counterparts, understandably so, but they’re adequate. 

The Forever Link Vegan Combat Boots are made entirely from faux suede fabric, making them totally eco-friendly and guilt-free. Furthermore, they flaunt an easy slip-on system with adjustable laces that allow for an effortless, ultra-comfortable fit. Please note that the outside zipper is superficial, so you don’t really get any sort of functionality out of it. There is, however, a functional inner zip. 

Unlike the Vegan 1460s from Dr. Martens with their unisex design, the Forever Link boots flaunt a design that’s strictly for women. In terms of sizing, these combat boots are available from size 6 to size 10. To add, the boots are available in an impressive variety of colors, so you’ll certainly find a color that suits your fancy. And best of all, these combat boots cost under $50!


Available at an affordable price tag
Ideal wiggle space in the toes area
Excellent for women with wider feet
Available in a broad range of colors
One of the most stylish combat boots


Questionable quality and durability 
Uncomfortable when worn too long

3. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot

The Men’s Combs Nylon Combat Boot belongs to the popular Tract Collection from Dr. Martens, which is the urban expression of the brand’s successful formula of creating quality footwear. The boot is made entirely from synthetic leather/nylon, which makes it totally vegan-friendly. Though it says that the boot is for men, we don’t see why it wouldn’t be a great look for women. 

The Combs Nylon Combat Boot is available in two highly appealing color variants: charcoal and black. This boot features all of the essential components that have made the Tract Collection as popular as it is today, like the signature AirWair heel-loop and iconic AirWair sole, which happens to offer superb oil and fat resistance. Not only that, but it’s highly resistant to abrasion as well.

These boots also feature the ultra-durable Goodyear welted construction, where the upper and sole are actually sewn together in a z-welt stitch to ensure maximum sturdiness. Moreover, the boots flaunt Dr. Martens’ famous yellow stitch, which adds a great deal of aesthetic appeal and distinction to these boots. Last but not least, these boots come at a very competitive price tag.


Excellent build quality and durability
Boasts a great deal of visual appeal 
Break-in period is short and pain-free
Both color variants are very attractive
Very resistant to fat, oil, and abrasion


The construction is a little bit stiff
They’re not true to size (size down)

4. Dream Pairs Women’s Winter Combat Boots

Dream Pair is another brand of footwear that releases excellent vegan combat boots with some of the most competitive price tags on the market. These winter boots are built out of man-made, vegan-friendly materials, from a synthetic sole to a rubber TPR outsole to faux fur lining, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them at the cost of the precious life of a helpless animal. 

As their name implies, these combat boots are optimal for use in colder climates, as the faux fur lining and built-in pocket wallet design serve as means of providing great warmth. In addition, these two components help set the boots apart from other competitors in terms of style. The pocket zipper only goes down halfway. You can use it to store cards, money, and such. 

We’re quite fond of the fact that these boots flaunt a slightly padded insole finish, ensuring both comfort and warmth. And aside from the pocket zipper, there’s also a zipper closure that allows for an easy on and off. Like a lot of boots from Dream Pairs, the Winter Combat Boots feature a round toe box for extra comfort. Not to mention, the boots adopt a slouch-style design.


Available at a competitive price tag
Very aesthetically appealing boots
Featured in a wide range of colors
Pocket zipper for storing small items
Offers a ton of warmth and comfort


Not the most durable construction
Shaft proportions seem a little off

5. DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots

Whether you’re walking a rugged off-road trail or the concrete streets of your city, you can count on the DailyShoes Military Combat Boots. These boots flaunt a rubber sole that’s quite resistant to slipping, and so it offers a superb deal of traction that will help you walk on all types of terrain. On top of that, these combat boots are 100% vegan-friendly, as they’re made of heavy-duty faux leather. 

Even though these boots come at a budget-friendly price tag, they boast notable durability. Now, we’re not saying that they’re as durable as high-end boots like the Dr. Martens boots, but for the price, the DailyShoes Military Combat Boots offer a great deal of value. The boots feature zipper storage that measures 3 x 3.5 inches where you can store small essentials like keys and tickets. 

The boots also provide exceptional comfort, thanks to their padded insole, which helps cushion your foot as you’re walking. The Military Combat Boots are true to size, and they feature a lace front that you can utilize to adjust the fit to ensure an optimal fit. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or accidentally found yourself in the middle of a muddy puddle, these boots will shield your feet.


Available in over 30 color variations
Provides a ton of value for the price
Slip-resistant sole for optimal traction
Features a zippered storage pocket
Fairly durable considering the price


The calf might be a bit too wide
Doesn’t resemble leather in any way

6. Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II 8-Eye Combat Boot

We just can’t get enough of Dr. Martens, it seems. This third entry from this renowned brand is a lot similar to the previous two entries, with the primary difference being in aesthetics. The Jadon II 8-Eye Combat Boot is made completely out of vegan-friendly materials, with a synthetic upper and sole that are both heat-sealed to ensure the remarkable durability Dr. Martens is known for.

These boots, as stated by the manufacturer, are designed to pound the pavement. Whether you use them in the city or on the roughest of terrain, these boots will adequately perform. The soles are extremely comfortable since they’re air-cushioned like all of Dr. Martens’ products. Moreover, they’re highly resistant to fat and oil. Further, they hold their own against abrasion and slipping.

The Jadon II 8-Eye Combat Boot is available in only two color variants: Black Felix Rub Off and Cherry Brown. We’re more fond of the former option, as we find the latter option is a little bit too shiny. It’s all about personal preference, at the end of the day. It’s highly recommended that you use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam to keep these boots clean, soft, and in ideal condition.


Durable Goodyear welt construction
Very aesthetically pleasing design
Air-cushioned soles for ideal comfort
Slip and abrasion-resistant outsole
Can be used for all types of terrain


Not the most budget-friendly option
The upper tends to wrinkle easily

7. DADAWEN Women’s Low Heel Combat Boots

If you’re looking for combat boots that are perfect for daily walking, dating, and usual day-to-day activities, you must definitely check out the DADAWEN Low Heel Combat Boots. They’re comfortable and lightweight, allowing you to wear them just about anywhere without feeling burdened by the bulky, tank-like construction that most combat boots have. Not to mention how stylish they are.

Whether you pair these low-heel boots with jeans, skirts, or shorts, they’ll surely help you stand out, thanks to their unique design. It states clearly these boots are for women, but they’re also ideal for men. The DADAWEN Combat Boots are available in plenty of color variations, ranging from plain black and plain white to camo and dark greens. You’ll surely find a color that suits your style.

We’re pretty impressed with the workmanship on these boots. They feature a waterproof upper that will keep your foot protected and warm, no matter how harsh the weather is. Moreover, we love how comfortable the lining is. There are six eyelets for the lace-up front that enable you to alter the fit to get the level of support and comfort that your ankles require for an enjoyable walk.


Provides a lot of value for the price
Available in various color variations
The upper is sturdy and waterproof
Suitable for all types of collocation 
One of the most fashionable options


Not enough traction from the outsole
They tend to get scuffed quite easily

How to Choose Vegan Combat Boots

To ensure the most bang for your buck, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when in the market for a pair of vegan combat boots, including the materials from which your boots are made, the type of environment in which you intend to use your boots, and, of course, your taste or personal preference. Use the following guidelines to ensure the best value possible.


First and foremost, you should make sure that the materials utilized in the making of the combat boots that you’re about to buy are completely vegan. You must steer clear of any footwear that’s made with genuine leather, as it involves the slaughtering of animals. To ensure that the piece of footwear you’re about to buy is vegan, you must first learn about the many vegan materials. 

Some of the most popular materials that are employed in the making of vegan-friendly footwear are polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, microfiber, natural rubber, piñatex, cork, hemp, cotton, and a host of upcycled/recycled materials like recycled PU and recycled rubber. The vast majority of vegan combat boots employ a mix of polyurethane for the upper and rubber for the outsole. 

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Build Quality

It goes without saying that any product that’s overly affordable probably won’t last that long. For combat boots, durability is an absolute must-have, and you can’t attain noteworthy durability by settling for a knockoff product that has nothing to offer but a tempting price tag. And if you think about it from an environmental viewpoint, going for the best quality reduces excess waste. 

Please keep in mind that most of the materials that are utilized in the making of vegan footwear are far from environmentally friendly. Materials like polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride are very toxic to the environment, and so by singling out the best quality you can attain, you help reduce the amount of toxic content in the long run. 

For many products, quality doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high price, but when it comes to combat boots, the relationship between quality and cost is directly proportional, unfortunately. So, just keep in mind that you may have to spend a pretty penny for a pair of high-quality boots. But also keep in mind that high-quality boots will last very long, which makes them worthwhile. 


There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of boots that aren’t accommodating to your feet. You have to look for boots that provide the ideal fit: not too tight, but not too loose either. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a painful case of blisters. Ideally, you want to try the boots before buying them, but if you’re going to order them online, be sure to check out the product’s sizing chart. 

Make sure there’s ample wiggle room in the toes area. You want to be able to curl your toes with zero problems. If the toe area is too confining, size up. While if it’s too loose, size down. Also, don’t confuse tight boots with snug boots.

Another thing you should inspect is heel stability. Your heel must remain firmly in place. It should not move along the footbed. If it does move, take it as a clear indication that the boot is too large for you. Note that you can adjust the laces to increase flexibility and comfort. If the boots start to feel uncomfortable over time, don’t throw them away, as it might be a problem with the insoles. 

Apart from the fit, there are a few other factors that influence comfort quite notably, one of which is breathability. Fortunately, most of the synthetic materials that are utilized in the making of boot uppers boast excellent breathability, as well as abrasion resistance and durability. Still, you want to try out the shoes for yourself to test whether or not they’re as comfortable as you want. 

Break-In Period

The majority of footwear must be broken in to loosen up and become more comfortable, and it’s no different with combat boots. In fact, combat boots tend to require a longer break-in period than other types of footwear. Nonetheless, there are boots that are able to break out of this mold by loosening up and offering a snug fit in a fairly short amount of time like Doc Martens boots, for example.

It’s very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to speed up the break-in process. Sometimes you might feel like you’ve selected the wrong size, which isn’t typically the case if you used the manufacturer’s sizing chart correctly. In most cases, you just need to be a little patient and give the boots some time to mold to your foot in order to enjoy a snug fit. 


Another important factor to take into consideration is the type of environment that you’ll be using the boots in. Some combat boots are designed to tackle city concrete, whereas others are made for off-road trails and woods. In other words, you need to pick your footwear based on the environment in which you spend most of your time unless you’re buying them for specific tasks.  

Keep in mind that each type of boot comes with a compromise. For example, if you get a pair of boots that are intended for concrete city streets, they’re highly likely to be less sturdy than boots that are intended for rough, uneven terrain. Per contra, combat boots that are intended for rough terrain are likely to be heavier and less comfortable than their city-intended counterparts. 


Like we previously mentioned, the more affordable a boot is, the less durable it’s going to be. Of course, the longevity of a boot will depend on the extent of wear and tear that you put it through, but at the end of the day, high-end products will certainly outlast low-end counterparts no matter how intensively you use them, so keep that in mind while contemplating your budget. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best vegan combat boots available today. None of the above-listed boots incorporate any animal-based materials, so you can wear them with complete confidence and a relaxed conscience. If we were to choose a winner, we can’t help but hand it to the iconic 1460s from Dr. Martens, as they’re the most well-rounded, and they’re ideal for both men and women.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.