14 Best Vegan Apps in 2022: Newbies to Pros

best vegan apps

Are you excited to learn about the best vegan apps in 2022? 

Buckle up, friends as we’re going deep into veganism – what it means, how it works, and which apps can make your journey far more efficient! 

For our rookies out there, a vegan diet mainly consists of foods such as cereals, legumes, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

This means that vegans do not eat meat, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, dairy products, honey, nor do they wear fur, wool products, bone-made accessories, as well as skin, coral, pearls, or other animal-derived products.

Now, you probably think that by cutting meat, milk, and protein-rich foods like eggs out of the menu, your body will lack essential nutrients.

However, vegan diets actually offer every bit of nutrients you need – from essential vitamins and minerals to healthy fats and calories. This way, with a few adjustments, your body can still feed on foods rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Many vegans claim that a vegan-rich diet can fully satisfy the body’s needs for nutrients, and is suitable for both regular consumers and professional athletes.

If you have already decided to become a part of the vegan lifestyle, we thought a little guidance is due, especially in learning the exact substitutes of the products you’ll no longer consume.

At first, a vegan diet might seem harsh, or you might even think you’re doing it wrong. Shopping for vegan options is also specific, as is dining at a vegan-friendly restaurant or cooking for yourself at home. 

However, to make matters simpler and ease you into the vegan experience smoothly, it is best to start with designated vegan apps that can get you started at once.

Fortunately, we are living in the 21st century, and given the advanced technology, you can use vegan apps to collect recipes, generate meal ideas and create your very own meal schedule, thus never missing out on an important meal or nutrient. 

Without any further ado, here are the best vegan apps to help you kickstart your clean and plant-based journey. 

Vegan App for Daily Meals and Beginners

1. 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

21 day vegan

If you’re looking to begin your vegan journey on the right track, the 21-day Vegan kickstart app will do you a massive favor. The app is simple to use and has actually been curated by the Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine.

The great thing about this app is that it presents you with a 21-day meal plan featuring full courses, snacks, and desserts – all of them vegan and super-yummy, too!

The app features delicious, easy-to-do, and healthy recipes that are simple to prepare and require no special ingredients. The 21-day Vegan Kickstart app also contains step-by-step instructions, photos, and the expected timeframe of preparing a meal. Thanks to their 101 cooking guidelines, you will have everything in place to prepare simple yet healthy meals throughout the week. 

Whether you are into losing weight, looking fit, or avoiding meat and dairy altogether, this vegan app offers the ultimate tips, and tricks to get you there.

Cost: Free, for iPhone and Android

Vegan App for Food and Recipe Lovers

2. Food Monster

Food monster

Want no-dairy cheese, a meatless burger, or delicious egg-free desserts?

Food Monster offers just that, not like other vegan apps. With access to 15,000 recipes, you’re covered for the next few months, but the app makes it their mission to upload 40 new recipes each week perfect for a seven-day nutrition plan.

Food Monster offers you a great variety of recipes that work great for your personalized diet as well as the ingredients you already have at your disposal.
But, there is something else. The app also allows you to share all delicious recipes you make, whether through email or social media networks!

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases for iPhone

App Store

3. VegMenu

Veg Menu

Need a menu for a special occasion? Be it Christmas, New Year, Easter, your birthday, or else, VegMenu has got you covered!

One of the incredible vegan apps, VegMenu is a proper cooking library that offers inspiring salads, appetizers, breakfasts, main dishes, children’s recipes, cookie ideas, and more. One of the app’s best features is that you can take your pick from an abundance of traditional Italian specialties with a vegan twist.

Within the app itself, you can also find gluten-free foods easily prepared in a few minutes, as well as a step-by-step guide to facilitate your preparation.

Eating healthy is possible with VegMenu, as the app calculates all nutritional value of the ingredients you use – nifty, right? 

Cost:  Free, for Android

Google Play

4. Forks Over Knives

Forks over Knives app

Vegan app Forks Over Knives is yet another great app, often considered small heaven of recipes and over 400 go-to dishes and decadent meals – courtesy of the 50 top vegan chefs.

Every week, the app uploads new recipes, thus ensuring all users have a plenitude of ideas at hand. And guess what? Forks Over Knives offers you the chance to shop more easily by using the app’s well-detailed shopping lists! 

Also, a New York Times bestseller, Forks Over Knives is the ultimate collection of inventive, practical, and affordable vegan meal recipes online!

Cost: $4.99, for iPhone and Android

5. Oh She Glows

Oh she glows

One of the most popular vegan apps, Oh She Glows is a lovely app, offering polished design, sleek photography, and lots of vibrant colors to urge you to get cooking asap!

You can search the app by seasons, types of dishes, and recipes fit for any occasion and any number of consumers. The app makes it possible to use their recipes while offline, for both easier shopping and cooking.

This vegan app is constantly updating its recipe gallery, so keep in touch with it for the latest vegan meal trends and ideas. 

Cost: Monthly fee of $1.99 on iPhone or $2.49 on Android, for iPhone and Android

6. Green Kitchen

Green kitchen

Vegan app Green Kitchen is designed so well that you will be surprised!

The vegan application is filled with a variety of main dishes, desserts, and healthy drinks, and all recipes are marked if they are gluten-free, raw, vegan…take your pick.

You can see what each recipe looks like, and under each recipe, you have a picture and instructions that guide you step by step for perfect cooking. Enjoy cooking with Green Kitchen and you will be amazed by the beautiful photos and detailed instructions!

Cost: $3.99 – Offers In-App purchases

App Store

Vegan App for Drinks 

7. BevVeg


If you want to enjoy a wide spectrum of the vegan wine, beer, or another beverage alike, let BevVeg be your ultimate drink guide.

One of the most incredible vegan apps has various options for vegan beverages, and it allows you to use a specialized scanner to check for vegan brands in your local stores. 

Cost:  Free, for iPhone and Android

Vegan App for Travel Lovers and Find Local Vegan Restaurants

8. HappyCow

Happy Cow

One of the best vegan apps, HappyCow is a must-have if you travel often. In it, you can find vegan food wherever you go, and we do mean in over 180 countries worldwide.

Whether you want to locate a vegan cafe or a restaurant, you can browse HappyCow’s interactive maps to find the nearest options. When traveling and searching, the app saves your favorite places and offers you to use it even without an internet connection. 

Cost: $3.99 for iPhone, Android

Vegan App for Shoppers Struggling to Find Vegan Food 

9. Veggie Alternatives

Veggie Alternatives

Do you spend too much time roaming the supermarket and looking for the right products for your vegan diet? Well, the vegan app Veggie Alternatives will make your shopping far easier.

Veggie Alternatives introduces over 300 alternatives for meat, ice cream flavors, fish, butter, or other dairy products, thus you’ll always have a ready-to-use option, and beforehand. 

Cost:  Free, for iPhone & Android

Vegan App for Easy Communication and Shared Support

10. Vegan Amino

Vegan amino

Looking for vegan apps where you can also socialize and support other vegans? 

Well, you are in the right place! Use Vegan Amino to create a profile easily and share ideas, recipes, and impressions with other vegans worldwide.

The vegan app offers you an encyclopedia of recipes to prepare in a very short time, whilst also providing detailed vegan blogs, related restaurants, and top vegan products.

Learn more about the vegan lifestyle and share experiences with other vegans!

Cost: Free, for iPhone & Android

Calculate your Meal and Stay Fit 

11. Gonutss


This vegan app presents you with a smart calculator to help you stay fit and in shape.

The app is branded a vegan translator, which means that it will help you find vegan recipes and nutrient substitutes while also highlighting top vegan products of all sorts.
The application provides hundreds of vegan recipes, ingredients, and products that can help you prepare a meal, whereas if you are at a loss for ideas, the app will suggest their finest, quickest, and most affordable meal recipes. 

Cost:  Free, for iPhone & Android

Vegan Apps for Detailed Consumers

12. Vegan Additives

Vegan additives

You are probably wasting too much time at the supermarket just checking all product ingredients in detail. Whenever you are unsure whether a product is vegan or not, Vegan Additives can help clear the air and determine the product status for you.
In turn, this vegan app makes shopping easier and allows you to categorize options based on name, nutrients, and labels. The best thing about it is that you can use the app offline and still find information on a product’s origin. 

Cost:  Free with in-app purchases, for Android 

Google Play

13. AirVegan App

Air Vegan

Are you a travel lover? Well here is a vegan app that lets you know which airport terminals have dining options for you. Unlike other vegan apps, this application is very easy to use so that wherever you go, you know how the airport is vegan-friendly. The vegan application describes three colors, green for plant-rich options, yellow for fewer vegan options, and red indicating one or no vegan options. Download this app and you will know exactly where there is the food of plant origin. Flyin’ vegan!

Cost: $1.99 for iPhone & $0.99 for Android

Vegan App for Teenagers and Mothers (to Be)

14. VNutrition


Vegan app VNutrition is intended for people under the age of 19 and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Designed by vegan Society dietitian Heather Russell, this app does not guarantee that it will meet your nutritional needs, but the designer wants to help you compare it to general guidelines.

With this vegan app, you will track your progress through practical diagrams, and you will receive tailored tips to help you achieve your vegan diet goals. It is also relevant that you talk to your healthcare professional to ensure your desired diet is fit for your needs. 

Cost:  Free, for iPhone & Android

Vegan Apps: A Summary

Vegan apps are practical, efficient, and super simple in organizing your plant-based nutrition and meeting your goals! 

Based on your needs, fitness, and nutrition goals, all these vegan apps craft your ideal diet, step by step, through photographs, and even by pre-preparing your go-to grocery lists.

A download later, you can begin to organize your vegan journey and find the ideal app to facilitate your planning, shopping, and consumption!

Eat well, eat vegan!  

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.