Easy Ways to Encourage People to Live a Vegan Life

how to promote veganism

Veganism isn’t just a style of life. Today, veganism represents a powerful doctrine, philosophy, and spiritual teaching, which aims to eliminate all forms of exploitation of animals for food and other purposes. What’s more, vegan advocates emphasize the importance of switching to cruelty-free products for the environment and our society. Both new and long-standing vegans often feel the urge to spread their noble ideas among those who haven’t yet realized how rewarding living a meat-free life actually is. If you also want to take it on yourself to tell a wider audience about the benefits of veganism, we won’t try to dissuade you. At the same time, let us offer you some tips on how to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle in the most unobtrusive and organic way possible. 

Use Social Media

If you want to raise public awareness of the threats posed by meat-eating, but don’t want to be pushy, rely on social media. Even if you’re not one of those popular Instagram influences, chances are good your friends will heed your call spread on this or that platform and try to cut down on animal food. You may want to share your personal story with your subscribers. Tell them how you came to live a plant-based life and mention what exactly prompted you to revisit your lifestyle and values. Keep your story concise and to-the-point and don’t forget to spice it up with eye-catching illustrations, photos, or images. For this, use dedicated video editors, which can help you add visual effects to your posts, create captions, resize canvas online, and much more.

Next, you want to share some useful links with your subscribers on social media. You may link to some useful movie, interview, or YouTube video that will help people expand their knowledge of veganism and cruelty-free lifestyle. Without excessively moralizing, try to convey your viewpoint in the most in a way that won’t annoy or scare off potential proponents of veganism.

Cook for Your Family

vegan food to share with family

Undoubtedly, there are meat-eaters among your friends and relatives who are convinced that vegan food is bland and not tasty. You may try and convince them otherwise. And the best way to do this is to cook something delicious and nutritious using only plant-based products. Among the most popular vegan dishes that can pamper your loved ones’ taste buds are cream vegan pasta, vegetable biryani, whole roasted cauliflower, vegan tacos and many others. Make some exquisite sauce for our dishes and decorate your food. It would be a great idea to use edible flowers for decoration! If your friends or family members like cooking, share some vegan recipes with them or introduce them to dedicated vegan online cooking classes. This all will help spark your loved ones’ interest in vegan cooking and, hopefully, help them realize how beneficial the effects of a vegan diet can be.

Use Vegan Clothing

vegan clothes

If you have a position, which you think is right, don’t hesitate to wear it! You can showcase your stance on veganism by donning a hoodie or a t-shirt with an eloquent message, something like ‘Go veggie,’ ‘Herbivore,’ ‘Eat a plant-based diet,’ and others. You may go creative and design your own cool slogan and put it on your shirt. It will definitely not go unnoticed. What’s more, you can support other sustainable clothing brands by buying their products and helping them share veganism-related messages.

Sign Online Petitions

It’s up to us to stop animal cruelty on the planet and share the noble ideas with a wider audience. The best way to do it is to sign relevant petitions that encourage plant-based living. Vegan activists often create petitions that demand that officials introduce more cruelty-free options on public sector menus or take action to protect the rights of vegans. It’s also a great idea to share the petitions you sign on your Instagram and other social media platforms. The more people will see them, the better are chances that the petitions will be approved and necessary measures will be taken.

These are only some of the steps you can take to promote a plant-based life and encourage others to jump on the meat-free bandwagon. As you see, there are effective ways that can help you achieve your noble goal without being pushy or preachy. Just stick to your beliefs and keep on spreading the ideas that you think may change the world for the better.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.