Best Vegan Leather Leggings in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan leather leggings

It’s the year 2021, and more women are getting into the leggings game than before, as “real” pants feel a bit too restrictive for our current lifestyles. And why not? Leggings are super comfortable and stretchy. You can wear and style them with any outfit you can imagine.

Manufacturers are getting more and more creative to offer exactly what women need; we even have leggings with pockets now!

Vegans want in on the trend too. Because comfort and style can be cruelty-free and much cheaper than real leather, we did our research to find you the best vegan leather leggings on the market. So, let’s go check them out!

At a Glance: 

  1. Spanx Faux-leather – Best Overall
  2. Commando Perfect Control – Runner-up
  3. Alo Yoga Moto – Best Leggings with Mesh Detail
  4. Tagoo Faux-leather – Best Leggings with Pockets
  5. Leggings Depot Faux-leather – Best Color Options
  6. Lyssé Plus-size – Best Plus-size Leggins

Why Do You Need to Buy Vegan Leather Leggings?


Vegan leather leggings spare you from having to wear genuine leather. Genuine leather is a big no-no to vegans, and we don’t even have to wonder why. 

It’s not only cruel to animals, which are treated with utmost cruelty until they die, but also for the poor humans that work in unhealthy conditions to make it. Leather tanneries are notorious for releasing toxic chemicals, contributing to pollution, and harming the health and even safety of workers, most of which are children in developing countries.

So, is genuine leather worth all of this pain?


If you ask anyone who prefers wearing leggings over jeans why they do it, they all reply with the same word: comfort. Leggings take the form of the legs and stretch with their movements in a way that makes jeans look unbearably restrictive in comparison.

The lack of denim rubbing against the skin is also a blessing, especially for women with thicker thighs. Plus, they’re easy to put on when they’re in the right size. There are no zippers that could get stuck or buttons that could fall off.


It’s no secret that leggings seem to cause a debate whenever they’re mentioned. Many argue that they aren’t “real pants,” and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such. Others find them a comfy and worthy replacement for pants.

Either way, there’s no doubt that their snug fit keeps you warm better than regular pants, which is why they’re an essential item in many women’s fall and winter selections. You can wear them alone or as a part of a layered outfit for extra warmth and coziness.


Leggings are some of the most versatile fashion items ever made, making them a fantastic choice for women who suffer from decision fatigue every time they go out. You can style these basic items however you want to fit the environment you’ll wear them in. 

Are you going to the gym? Pair them with a sports bra and a fresh pair of sneakers. If you want an effortless yet put-together vibe, wear them with an oversized sweatshirt and your best-looking sunglasses. Silk blouses and tunic tops can upgrade leggings to a more mature look, as well, but remember to style them with your favorite pair of heels.

The 6 Best Vegan Leather Leggings in 2022

Here is a selection of our favorite cruelty-free leggings on the market right now.

1. Spanx Faux-leather – Best Overall

SPANX Faux-leather legging

If you want a pair of leggings that are high-quality, flattering, stylish, not see-through, and have the same appearance of genuine leather, we highly recommend the Spanx Faux-leather Leggings.

What makes these leggings so good? Well, we’re glad you asked. They’re mainly made of nylon, the most popular synthetic material in the vegan leggings industry. This resilient fabric comes at higher quality than its counterparts, which also reflects on their price.

They have 13% spandex in the construction so that you can stretch, run, crouch, and even jump comfortably. The PU coating gives the leggings a glossy, leather-like finish, which will help you never reach for a leather pair ever again.

In terms of design, these leggings aren’t messing around. They offer medium control for problem areas, such as the belly, hips, butt, and thighs. The lack of a center seam assists the slimming effect of the leggings.

They only come in very black, which is seriously opaque. So, nobody will be able to see through the leggings. Plus, this color means you can wear them with everything.

Best Features

  • Glossy finish
  • Medium control
  • Flattering, slimming design
  • Nylon and spandex blend with PU coating
  • Very black
  • Premium price for premium quality

2. Commando Perfect Control – Runner-up

commando Women's Perfect Control Faux Leather Leggings, Black, Medium

Our first choice is our favorite, but there’s another option that comes really close. The Commando Perfect Control Leggings are affordable, versatile, flattering, and look exactly like the real thing.

First things first, these aren’t the kind of leggings that you spend your entire salary for. Sometimes you want style and comfort on a budget, and that’s what they offer. Yet, they don’t feel like cheap leggings.

In fact, the combination of their materials and finish makes them look exactly like animal leather. They’re made of polyester and PU, which is an ideal choice for the perfect pair. Polyester is sturdy and low-maintenance, while PU is exactly what you choose when you want to stand up against animal leather and win.

In addition, the leggings are lined with nylon and spandex. Nylon is lightweight, quick-drying, and elastic, so it’s definitely comfortable against the skin. Spandex offers the flexibility that you need to be able to move freely.

The Commando leggings also provide an incredibly flattering look without the awkwardness of some cheap leggings that don’t fit well in some areas.

If you’re big on color choices, you won’t be disappointed in this pair. They come in standard colors, such as black and navy, but also beautiful, feminine colors, such as rose gold. Not to mention the bold bronze and gunmetal pairs.

Best Features

  • Affordable
  • Multiple color options
  • Flattering, slimming design
  • Nylon and spandex lining
  • Glossy finish
  • Realistic-looking faux leather

3. Alo Yoga Moto – Best Leggings with Mesh Detail

Alo Yoga Women's Moto Legging Pants, -rich navy/rich navy glossy, XXS

If you’re an active woman who works out, does yoga, runs, or walks a lot, stuffy leather pants will be really bad for you. You need something breathable, practical, and durable like the Alo Yoga Moto Leggings, which bless us with mesh detail.

Like all high-quality synthetic leggings, these ones are made of nylon. It’s water-resistant and quick-drying, which is perfect for a sweaty workout. Yet, it’s durable and resilient, meaning it can handle the toughest yogis and their over-the-top stretching without losing its elasticity.

The mesh detail enables your legs to breathe no matter how demanding your workouts are. Plus, it makes them stylish, thanks to the quilted stitching and the mixed matte-shine material.

In fact, many people wear sportswear just because it looks good and on-trend. So, you can wear these leggings even if you’re just visiting a friend, and you will look amazing. Also, the whole design of the leggings is all about sculpting, contouring, and lifting the curves, and who doesn’t want that? Finally, these leggings come in a beautiful selection of colors.

Best Features

  • Breathable
  • Stylish detail
  • Flattering, slimming, and lifting design
  • Durable
  • Multiple color options

4. Tagoo Faux-leather – Best Leggings with Pockets

Tagoo Faux Leather Legging for Women Black Leather Pants High Waist Sexy Skinny Outfit for Causal, Club, Night Out

If you’re used to putting your hands in your pockets, you know the struggle of trying to do it with pocketless pants or leggings. You don’t have to compromise what you’re comfortable with anymore, thanks to the Tagoo Faux-leather Leggings that offer models with pockets.

If you don’t want to splurge on a pair of leggings but still want a fashion item that’s versatile, these leggings will definitely do. They’re some of the most affordable leggings on the market.

These leggings are made of very soft faux leather that has a natural sheen. Gone are the days of irritating, uncomfortable leggings that you never want to ask what they’re made of. Also, the cotton blend keeps things breathable and hypoallergenic on the inside. You’ll definitely feel more comfortable wearing these than actual leather.

Whether you want pockets or not, these leggings have what you want, as they have options for both. So not only will you look good in these leggings, but you’ll also feel confident and comfortable.

Best Features

  • Different options for pockets
  • Comfortable cotton blend
  • Soft faux leather
  • Incredibly affordable

5. Leggings Depot Faux-leather – Best Color Options

Leggings Depot Faux Leather Leggings Pants Stretchy High Waisted Tights for Women (Black, Medium)

Most women love black and gray leggings because they’re so versatile. However, some are looking for something different to make them stand out, and that’s exactly what the Leggings Depot Faux-leather leggings do by offering all kinds of color options.

Regardless of the colors that you’re into, you’ll find what you like here. They come in seven different colors, including bold options such as magenta, purple, and red.

These leggings are solid proof that you don’t have to spend all you have to get a cool pair of leggings. In fact, you won’t believe how little they cost after you first put them on.

Polyester is a great choice for vegan leggings because it’s pretty affordable, yet it’s water- and shrink-resistant. They’re also flexible and quick-drying. What else do you need from a pair of leggings? It’s more than what animal leather can do. Speaking of leather, the glossy finish of these leggings will get them mistaken for the real thing.

In terms of design, they have a high waist, which is universally flattering. They offer tummy control that streamlines the body and contours the curves. So, they’ll be the perfect choice for a night out.

Best Features

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Multiple color options
  • Tummy control
  • Glossy finish

6. Lyssé Plus-size – Best Plus-size Leggings

Lyssé Women's Plus Size Hi Waist Vegan Legging, Black, 1X

Are you tired of seeing leggings on models of one body type? Plus-size is more common than other sizes, yet it’s the hardest to find in clothing, especially if you want something that is attractive and cruelty-free. The Lyssé Plus-size Leggings are here to make your wishes come true.

We recommend these leggings for multiple reasons, one of which is the price. Finding something that is good quality and affordable is getting harder each day, but these leggings have made it easy.

They’re made of rayon and spandex. So, they’re pretty stretchy and comfortable to move in. Yet, they sculpt and slim down the body like nothing else with their high waist. Also, they have a pretty glossy finish, which will help you turn your back on real leather. Finally, they come in extremely versatile black and copper options.

Best Features

  • Affordable
  • Glossy finish
  • Flattering, slimming design

How to Pick Vegan Leather Leggings

Whether it’s your first time buying vegan leather leggings or these items have spent more time than you can remember in your closet, it never hurts to know your options and what to look for.


The biggest difference between a vegan and non-vegan shopper is that vegans always ask where the material comes from. There’s an abundance of man-made leather options, so there’s really no point in choosing animal leather anymore. 

>> Read more: Our guide to vegan leather.

The most available options are synthetic alternatives to leather. Yet, there are some eco-friendly options for the environmentally-conscious vegans, as well.


Nylon is the most popular option in vegan leggings, which comes as no surprise. Nylon is pretty stretchy, making it comfortable to wear for the active woman. It’s almost always blended with spandex, which makes for a perfectly elastic combination. Nylon is also durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, stains, and shrinking.

Another common synthetic option is polyester. It’s affordable, which provides vegans on a budget with more options. Yet, it’s highly resilient and low-maintenance, so you won’t have to exert any effort on it the way you would with real leather. It also has a quick-drying nature, so it’s perfect for your workout leggings.

If you want a synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like genuine leather, there’s no better choice than polyurethane or PU. Basically, it’s leather without the cruel origin or the need to get extra products to help it “age well”. Moreover, it costs much less than animal leather, so why not? Finally, PU leather is considered a more eco-friendly version of PVC.

Most vegan leggings have a fleece lining, which keeps you warm and pampers you with its incredibly soft feel.


Eco-friendly vegan leggings can be categorized into two groups: recycled and plant-based materials.

Leggings with recycled synthetic materials are relatively easy to find. There’s so much leftover plastic in the world that someone had to do something with it, and they did. Now, there are many options on the market made from recycled synthetic materials, and they made their way into the leggings industry.

If you want to forgo synthetic leggings altogether, there are other options. Concerns over both genuine and faux leather and how they affect the environment led to a greener alternative: plant-based leather.

Now, there is leather made of pineapple leaves, mushrooms, apple skins, coffee, grass, and so much more. There are advances that help us shop more consciously so that we don’t have to compromise anymore.

Fit and Style

Whenever you’re buying leggings, vegan or not, you have to consider the way they fit your legs, hips, and butt. Nobody wants leggings that don’t fit well because they can look worse than ill-fitting pants. 

While leggings are supposed to fit snugly, you shouldn’t wear ones that are too tight that you feel your inside beg for air. Also, make sure they’re not too loose, which is different from leggings that already have a laid-back style.

Don’t forget to check the level of support your leggings of choice have and whether or not that’s something you need. Most leggings provide some level of “control”, such as tummy control, to make the body look more uniform, which is why most women prefer high-waist leggings. However, you can find low-waist options, as well.

If you’re a heavier girl, check out plus-size leggings; they provide the right amount of comfort, and they look more flattering on bigger wearers. Don’t forget maternity options for moms-to-be, which are specifically made to give the belly a lot of room.

Sport leggings can offer a lot of breathability, typically through mesh detail so that you can sweat it out comfortably.


Colors are more important than you think when it comes to leggings. Is your pair of choice something that you want to wear with everything in your closet? If that’s so, then get neutral-colored leggings, such as black, gray, navy, and brown.

However, many women wear leggings as statement pieces, in which case you should pick bold colors or prints, such as red, purple, leopard, plaid, and more.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of cruelty-free leggings. The versatility of options and the head-turning styles prove that we don’t need animal leather in clothing anymore. So, here are the highlights of our list of the best vegan leather leggings.

The Spanx Faux-leather Leggings are our favorite because they’re stylish, leather-like, flattering, and made of high-quality materials.

The Commando Perfect Control Leggings are a close second to the Spanx because they’re affordable, yet they look like an expensive pair of leather leggings you’d pay a ridiculous amount for.

Finally, Alo Yoga Moto Leggings are the perfect choice for any woman on the run that needs something breathable and practical or someone who loves the trend of wearing sportswear just because they can.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.