Best Vegan Cowboy Boots in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

vegan cowboy boots

Cowboy boots started centuries ago with cowboys and girls, but they’re still with us today for many reasons; they’re stylish, versatile, comfortable, and durable. There are many types that cater to different lifestyles, so don’t worry if you’ve never ridden a horse in your entire life. 

Leather and suede look and feel nice on cowboy boots, and that’s where they started. However, they don’t look good or feel nice enough to make us forget where they come from. When cruelty-free alternatives are available, there’s no point in going back to the origin anymore.

So, here is a list of the best vegan cowboy boots for men and women on the market. 

List of the Best Vegan Cowboy Boots for Men

  1. Metrocharm Diego-01 Men’s Western Cowboy Boots
  2. Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Boots
  3. Enzo Romeo Western Cowboy Boots
  4. Laredo Men’s 68067 Monty Western Boots

List of the Best Vegan Cowboy Boots for Women

  1. Very Volatile Women’s Rio Grande Boots
  2. Charles Albert Women’s Western Cowboy Distressed Boots
  3. SODA Women’s Western Stitched Boots

The Best Vegan Cowboy Boots for Men in 2022

1. Metrocharm Diego-01 Men’s Western Cowboy Boots

Metrocharm is here to add some charm to your life with the Diego-01 Men’s Western Cowboy Boots. If you want to look dapper for your next date on a budget, they should be your number one choice.

The first eye-grabber that you’ll notice about these boots is the belt buckle strap metal chain detail that will truly set you apart from your boot-wearing peers. This detail alone makes them stand out as the dress shoes for a confident man. Not to mention, the block heel definitely completes the look. 

If you’re a big fan of crocodile leather and how exotic it is, you don’t have to miss it anymore, thanks to the faux leather on this pair, giving you an ultra-realistic crocodile leather texture. So, you can enjoy a high-end look without a high-end price.

Also, if you’re scared that these boots are just for show and will hurt you like other cheap boots, you can stop worrying; these boots are lightly padded so that you don’t have to suffer from sore feet on the dance floor.

These boots come in two different colors: black and brown. However, you have to know that they can be really hard to put on or get into, especially at first.


Different color options
Belt buckle strap metal chain detail
Realistic faux crocodile leather texture
Lightly padded


Challenging to put on

2. Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Boots

When the market has an abundance of Western cowboy boots, you get overwhelmed trying to get the right pair. If that’s your case, don’t hesitate to go for the Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Boots that offer a timeless design and constant comfort.

At first sight, the attractive Western stitching along the 11.5” shaft will certainly grab your attention. The two-tone design makes their colors pop (our favorite colors are black and brown!).

And that’s not all there is; the broad square toe with double welt stitching adds a lot of comfort and masculinity to the whole look.

In addition, we love the crinkled faux ostrich leather uppers. Not only are they cruelty-free, but they’re also much more affordable than genuine ostrich leather. Genuine ostrich leather cowboy boots cost around 645$, so these boots are a decent alternative.

Our pick is comfortable, too, thanks to the cushioned footbed, smooth lining, and flexible outsoles. In addition, the rubber bottoms give you a bit of a grip.

On the other hand, this pair has one downside: it won’t last very long.


Different color options
Smooth, man-made lining
Broad square toe with double welt stitching
Lightly cushioned synthetic footbed
Attractive stitching
Rubber bottoms


Not durable

3. Enzo Romeo Western Cowboy Boots

There are many ankle boots out there, but none of them will stun you like the Enzo Romeo Western Cowboy Boots. They’re the stylish, durable, and cruelty-free friend that you never knew you needed.

These boots combine Southern and Western styles. The metal accents give it a high-end vibe, while the embellished wingtip design and toe burnishing make it even more attractive. 

The heels are sturdy and not higher than 1-inch, so they’re comfortable and practical too. In addition, the slip-on design and the inside zipper are the extra tools of convenience that you never knew you needed; men who dislike laces will definitely enjoy these boots.

These boots offer you all of this and more by being animal-friendly, as they’re made from vegan leather.

The Enzo Romeo boots come in six different designs, and we highly recommend the brown choice for a true cowboy flair.

However, these boots don’t come without downsides. They run small in the toes, so you have to go up a size. Also, the variety of sizes isn’t much, and men with wider feet may have to look elsewhere.


Different color options
Embellished wingtip design and toe burnishing
Silver buckle
Slip-on design with an inside zipper
Sturdy heels


Runs small
No options for wider feet

4. Laredo Men’s 68067 Monty Western Boots

Sometimes you want cowboy boots for an equestrian lifestyle, and other times you just want to embrace your inner Lyle Lovett with a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots. You can enjoy yourself with the animal-friendly alternative, the Laredo Men’s 68067 Monty Western Boots.

The most notable quality in this pair is the bold, completely out-there snakeskin print; it may not work for every occasion, and it takes a very confident man to pull off; yet, the classic python print is a must-have for many cowboy enthusiasts.

Rest assured that these boots are completely synthetic, so you can enjoy the “leather” cowboy boots without having the image of poor animals suffering in the back of your head.

However, a daring look isn’t all that these boots offer; they’re comfortable and practical, as well. How? By having a dual-density EVA cushioned footbed that has rebounding gel pillows at strike points. 

Also, the support shank gives you the necessary stability that you need when you’re wearing a 12″ shank. Moreover, the hinged insole construction is flexible and adaptable to your feet. And lastly, the flexible, rubber outsoles enable you to wear them every day. So, Laredo really cares about keeping your feet safe.

Of course, there is a disadvantage: these boots aren’t durable; however, they will look good as long as they last.


EVA cushioned insoles
Classic snakeskin print
Rubber outsoles
Support shank


Not durable

The Best Vegan Cowboy Boots for Women in 2022

1. Very Volatile Women’s Rio Grande Boots

You don’t have to sacrifice your vegan code to be a fashionable cowgirl, thanks to the affordable and stylish Very Volatile Women’s Rio Grande Boots.

These boots will be your companion in your everyday life, thanks to the attractive embroidery and stitching. They look nice but not too over the top, and the 3″ heels add to the pair’s femininity.

They’re made from breathable, synthetic materials, which is the best sentence to hear as a vegan because animal cruelty for the sake of fashion should be a thing of the past. Also, we love the rubber soles because they make the boots functional. The round toes also feel nice.

This affordable pair comes in three different colors: the beige one looks delicate, the black/gold one is a bold Shania Twain look, and the tan one is an everyday option that works for every woman.

That being said, you have to be careful with the sizing because these boots are too wide.


Different color options
Rubber soles
Attractive embroidery and stitching


Too wide

2. Charles Albert Women’s Western Cowboy Distressed Boots

Have you ever wanted a pair of boots that look so good they steal the show? Maybe you need them for a night out with friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and you want to show off a little bit. The Charles Albert Women’s Western Cowboy Distressed Boots are our most stylish pick.

These budget-friendly beauties have attractive, round almond toes, 2.5″ stacked heels, practical side pull tabs, and non-slip rubber soles. Their design fits all seasons, occasions, and settings.

Our second pick for women is made from 100% synthetic materials, meaning that no harm was done to poor animals to make these cowboy boots. When there’s no sense of guilt, you can be more comfortable wearing your footwear.

Speaking of comfort, these boots have a padded line that feels very soft and comfortable even after a long day outside.

Also, these hidden gems come in a variety of colors, from the bold to the delicate or the neutral. Our favorite one is the blush color; it’s just so cute.

These boots aren’t without fault, however. They run a bit small, so you have to order a size up to find your fit.


Different color options
Incredibly affordable
Soft and comfortable lining
Stylish stacked heels
Non-slip rubber soles
Side pull tabs


Run small

3. SODA Women’s Western Stitched Boots

Whether you have a costume party, country concert, or a day on the beach, an affordable pair of vegan cowboy boots that look nice can definitely help. SODA proves that they know what’s up with their Western Stitched Boots.

These Western boots offer a lot of style for an incredibly affordable pair. They have an angel-wing stitch embroidered shaft, feminine pointed toes, practical side pull tabs, and comfortable low chunky block heels. So, you can go back to cowgirl basics, and look good doing so.

The insoles are also lightly padded to be comfortable if you wear them for prolonged periods of time.

This highly affordable pair comes in a wide selection of colors, and our favorites are the red and white ones.

There’s one thing that you have to keep in mind with these shoes, which is that they run small.


Incredibly affordable
Different color options
Lightly padded insoles
Low chunky block heel
Side pull tabs


Run small

How to Pick Vegan Cowboy Boots


Cowboy boots come in a variety of styles, and each of them works best for some people than others.


Classic cowboy boots, also known as Western, are the most iconic types because they started the cowboy boot trends. They’re known for their long mid-calf shafts, pointed toes, and over 1-inch angled heels.


Roper boots are the second most popular type after the classics, and their calf-roping origin isn’t something that a vegan would approve of, to say the least. 

Anyway, they’re newer than the classics. They also have shorter shafts and shorter square heels to make the mounting and dismounting hassle-free. Their rounded toes are pretty comfortable too.


You can tell almost immediately that stockman boots have a hybrid design serving cowboys or cowgirls that are standing on their feet more than riding.

They have a distinguishingly deeper dip at the scallop. Also, their heels are short and wide to keep you comfortable during long days of work.


Buckaroo boots are pretty easy to notice because of their elongated shaft, about 14 inches, which designers utilize by going overboard with the intricate and detailed stitches.

They’re a bold choice for bold people that want to be the stars of the show. So, showpeople, celebrities, and rodeo stars love them.


As the name suggests, riding cowboy boots are meant for horseback riding or working with cattle. You typically find people wearing them in rodeos as well. They usually have no ornamentation because they’re built more for comfort and practicality than fashion.

In terms of design, they tend to have square or round toes and solid safety heels.


As their name suggests, work cowboy boots are meant for working men and women; so, they’re after practicality, not fashion. They also tend to be more affordable than their counterparts so that everyone can buy them.

They feature short heels and wide toe boxes. Many of them have cushioned footbeds for long working days. Rubber soles give them traction as well. Work boots are a durable and comfortable choice at an affordable price.


You may think that every pair of cowboy boots out there works for walking; spoiler alert: you’re wrong. Your riding boots should stick to horseback riding. 

Walking boots have rubber soles for traction and lower heels for comfort. Of course, the toes are wide to give you needed freedom when you’re taking a stroll.


Since we’re only talking about vegan cowboy boots, we won’t discuss non-vegan materials such as all kinds of genuine leather. We’ll discuss animal-friendly materials instead.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is the most desired animal-friendly material because it replicates everything you love about genuine leather.

Most of the vegan leather that manufacturers use in cowboy boots is synthetic or man-made. Usually, it is one of two materials: PU or PVC. Synthetic leather can still give you the Maren Morris look that you’re looking for.

You may ask: are there natural types of vegan leather? The answer is yes. Vegan leather that’s made from plant waste is all the rage right now because it is both cruelty-free and eco-friendly; it doesn’t get much better than this.

You can find boots made of pineapple, cork, cereal, and apple waste.

Vegan Suede

Giving up suede sounds tough because it’s so smooth and soft to touch. You don’t have to worry anymore because we have a vegan alternative that looks and feels exactly the same.

Also, it’s more affordable than real suede, which is great when you’re a vegan on a budget. Plus, it’s much easier to clean; having to treat genuine suede very gently all the time gets tiring even for non-vegans.

If you’re looking for luxury and you don’t want it to be at the expense of a poor animal, you will love vegan suede.

Sizing and Fit

Sizing is one of the biggest challenges in picking a cowboy boot. Boot manufacturers don’t always follow standard means of sizing. Instead, each manufacturer has their own “recipe” that they guard with their lives, which can be tricky. 

So, it’s always recommended to try on the boots in person. They should feel snug but not tight because cowboy boots are meant to be comfortable. 

However, if you can’t visit the stores right now, try to shop online following the measurements of your most comfortable dress shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jeans are Best for Cowboy Boots?

The best feature in cowboy boots is how easy they fit with different types of jeans. 

The number one obvious choice is skinny jeans because you can just tuck them into the shaft to show off the boots’ details. Women can also wear denim shorts, skirts, and dresses to show their boots’ detail.

If you don’t care about showing off your entire boot, you can wear boot cut jeans over them.

What are Vegan Leather Boots?

They’re boots made from leather that doesn’t have an animal-based source. These leather types can either be plastic, such as PU and PVC, or plant waste, such as pineapple leaves and apple peels.

Both types of vegan leather have dominated the footwear industry and made it into everything from moccasins to cowboy boots.

What is the Point of Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots started out way before older Western movies. Earlier designs dated to as far back as the early 16th century and were made from genuine leather. Cowboys used them as practical riding and working boots. 

However, as time went by, they developed more details for aesthetic and fashion purposes. Nowadays, people still wear them because they’re fashionable, versatile, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our list of the best vegan cowboy boots for men and women is helpful enough for you. Now, we will go over the highlights of the list one more time.

Our top choice for men would be the Metrocharm Diego-01 Men’s Western Cowboy Boots. This budget-friendly pair has a unique belt buckle strap, metal chain detail, and block heel. Also, the ultra-realistic crocodile leather texture from synthetic materials is a big win. Finally, these boots are lightly padded to keep your feet comfortable.

Next in line, we have the Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Boots. The timeless Western design, the broad square toe, and the double welt stitching are to die for. Also, the crinkled faux ostrich leather is an excellent vegan alternative. The footbed is cushioned, and the outsoles are flexible.

The best pair of vegan cowboy boots for women is the Very Volatile Women’s Rio Grande Boots. They’re an affordable pair that make you stand out with the unique embroidery and stitching. Their 3” heels are elegant, and their rubber soles are practical.

Our second pick for women, which is the Charles Albert Women’s Western Cowboy Distressed Boots, has an incredibly attractive design at a highly affordable price. The round almond toes and stacked heels will never fail you. Also, the non-slip rubber soles ensure stability all day.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.