Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegan? Find Out Now!

Is Worcestershire Sauce Vegan?

Sauces play an important role in how we dine. It can easily transform any boring dish into a flavorful meal, which is why it has become a dining table staple. And out of all the sauces out there, we can agree that the distinct blend of flavors from Worcestershire Sauce makes it stand out.

But as tempting as it is to dip our favorite dishes into, we have to make sure that it falls within our dietary standards. That’s why it often begs the question: is Worcestershire Sauce vegan? In this article, we will finally give you the answer.

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Here, we will talk about what it is and what it contains, so we can easily decide whether it’s vegan-friendly or not.

Worcestershire Sauce vs. Worcester Sauce

But what exactly is Worcestershire sauce? Is it the same as Worcester sauce? What is it made of? These are some of the important questions we have to address before we discuss whether it’s vegan-friendly or not.

To start, Worcestershire sauce is a popular condiment made from fermented components. It consists of a complicated list of ingredients, which gives it that distinct tangy, salty, and sweet flavor that we all love.

Its name is derived from its place of origin – Worcester in Worcestershire, England. And surprisingly, it was created by a pair of pharmacists, namely John Lea and William Perrins, the geniuses behind the Lea & Perrins brand.

Because of its unique taste, Worcestershire sauce is used for a variety of meals, dishes, and cocktails. Examples include Caesar Salad, a variety of stews and soups, and the Bloody Mary. That goes to show how versatile this condiment is.

Now that you know what Worcestershire sauce is, let’s discuss whether there’s a difference between that and the Worcester sauce.

The thing is, these two names refer to the same type of sauce. Because Worcestershire seems to be a mouthful, people often prefer to shorten things out. That’s the reason why a handful of people tend to refer to it as Worcester sauce.

Is Worcestershire Sauce vegan?

Now that you know what Worcestershire sauce is, we can proceed to answer the big question: is Worcestershire sauce vegan?

Let’s start by discussing the usual ingredients added to this condiment. To produce that mouthwatering blend of flavors, Worcestershire sauce has vinegar, sugar, salt, molasses, tamarind extract, shallots or onions, garlic, anchovies, and several secret spices and flavorings.

While most of these ingredients seem harmless, there’s no denying that it contains one crucial ingredient that takes it out of the realm of being vegan-friendly – anchovies.

As we all know, anchovies are small saltwater fish. And since Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, then we can already conclude that this condiment is neither vegan nor vegetarian.

Fortunately, we live in modern times where experts can easily replicate the salty-tangy flavor of Worcestershire sauce without adding any animal meat or byproduct. That’s why we have several vegan Worcestershire sauce alternatives that we’ll introduce to you later on.

Is Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce vegan?

There’s no denying that the name Lea and Perrins is already synonymous with Worcestershire sauce. Having introduced the condiment in 1876, the brand’s been making this popular sauce for over a century. Thus, it’s easy to see why these names are often interchangeable.

The fact that Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce is still popular today has a lot to do with how it delivers that unique umami flavor. But the real question is: is Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce vegan?

The answer is no, it is not vegan. Lea and Perrins created the original Worcestershire sauce that contains anchovies. And upon an inspection of its modern recipe, we can see that it still contains the same ingredients. Thus, it still contains animal products, making it non-vegan.

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce Alternatives

Fortunately, Lea and Perrins aren’t the only producers of Worcestershire sauce. Other manufacturers can create the same sauce but using plant-based alternatives to make it more suitable for our dietary standards. Here are some of the best vegan Worcestershire sauce alternatives in the market today.


Kroger is a big name when it comes to the world of condiments, which is why its Worcestershire sauce is a popular alternative to Lea and Perrins. But the real question is this: is Kroger Worcestershire sauce vegan? Let’s rejoice because the answer is in the affirmative.

Upon checking the label, Kroger creates its Worcestershire sauce using water, distilled vinegar, dehydrated garlic and onion, citric acid, molasses, salt, soy and corn protein, and natural flavors. It does not contain any animal meat or byproduct, making it perfectly safe for our consumption.

You’d also be pleased to know that this condiment is also Kosher, making it the healthier alternative.


Like Kroger, Maggi is also a staple when it comes to meal preparation. Fortunately, Maggi also offers a vegan-friendly alternative to Worcestershire sauce.

The Maggi Worcestershire Sauce contains key ingredients like water, molasses, salt, vinegar, onions, garlic, sugar, soya, chilies, caramel, and other spices. It also has a more distinct umami flavor, thanks to its MSG content.

From this list, you can easily see that Maggi’s version of the Worcestershire sauce does not contain any anchovy or other seafood for that matter. And that makes it a great vegan alternative.


Annies Homegrown Organic & Vegan Worcestershire Sauce, 6.25 Ounce

Annie’s Worcestershire Sauce is another popular alternative. Wits its packaging clearly printed with the word “vegan”, there’s no denying that it suits our dietary standards.

To give you an idea of what it contains, its key ingredients include water, molasses, soy sauce, tamarind paste, cane sugar, sea salt, corn starch, dried onions and garlic, dried chili pepper, and apple cider vinegar. All of the ingredients used are likewise organic, so you can be confident that it contains zero chemicals and artificial preservatives.

O Organics

Another vegan alternative for Worcestershire sauce is the one from O Organics. From its name, you can already tell that it uses all-natural ingredients in its production, making it a safe and healthy alternative.

Upon a close look at its list of ingredients, we are happy to confirm that it does not contain anchovies or other meat byproducts. Its key components include distilled vinegar, molasses, sugar, dried garlic, spices, xanthan gum, dried onion, and water – all of which are organic.

Thus, while Worcestershire sauce is non-vegan, you have numerous vegan-friendly options to choose from. That means that you never have to miss out on its delicious flavor ever again.

Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!