Best Vegan Winter Boots in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best vegan winter boots

With more people adopting veganism as a healthier and less cruel lifestyle, it becomes evident that veganism isn’t only about the food your body consumes. It extends to include practices that promote the health of the planet and the creatures inhabiting it. 

Thus, in recent years where going green is becoming more of a life principle, most people tend to think of other daily products they consume that have a high chance of damaging the environment or the animals. 

Other than your food, other home goods, accessories, make-up items, or clothes involve either experimenting on animals or using the materials they give out for making luxurious items. 

With this in mind, and because we do realize that going green might be a lot of work to do, we’re here to guide you through the world of vegan clothing, mainly to introduce you to the world of the best vegan winter boots that are both stylish and cruelty-free. You don’t need to sacrifice any of the two factors. 

In this article, we compiled you a list of vegan boots for both men and women. Read one to choose the perfect pair for you.

The Best 4 Vegan Boots for Women

1. Dr. Martens Women’s 1460w Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot

Dr. Martens Women's 1460w Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot

One pair we love is the Dr. Martens Women’s 1460, which gives you that 70’s rockstar look while ensuring your comfort and the safety of the environment. 

To start with the design, it has 8 eyes, grooved sides, heel-loop, and yellow stitching on the yellow sole. The sole is air-cushioned, which makes it oil and fat-resistant. It also promises you unmatched abrasion and slip resistance. 

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Additionally, it has a unique material made from Airwair’s original signature leather, which is both smooth and firm. It doesn’t wear quickly and has a charming semi-bright appearance. 

One feature that we truly appreciate is that these Dr. Martens Women’s 1460w shoes are effortless to clean. You can use the regular shoe polish kit to keep them supple, clean, and soft.

With the shiny black Dr. Martens Women’s 1460w shoe, you can crash into that party posing in an iconic leather upper shoes with a sturdy sole, but at heart, you’re still the environment advocate that you are!

2. Camel Crown Warm Winter Classic Vegan Boots

Camel Crown Warm Winter Classic Vegan Boots

Second on our list is the Warm Winter Boots from Camel Crown. These are shot-heeled boots made from vegan suede, and believe us when we say, nothing has felt softer on the skin! 

Let’s speak of its material first. The sole is made from rubber to protect your feet against the elements. At the same time, the footbed is made from faux lining that provides warmth and softness. The outsole promises you nothing but durability and flexibility. 

Another feature that we appreciate because we, just like you, dear reader, have cold hands in winter, is that this pair has a convenient pull-on construction. Even when your fingers are cold, you can smoothly pull them on. They are super skin-friendly and comfortable. 

Additionally, we’ve come to love this pair in snowy weather because the outsole has a wear-resistant material that could keep away the snow and the cold of the outside environment.

Last but not least, thanks to the qualities mentioned above, the Camel Crown Warm Winter Boots can be worn both indoors and outdoors. 

In a nutshell, if you need vegan shoes that are easy to wear and offer the necessary warmth to keep you moving in low temperatures, you know what to get!

3. Premier Standard Comfy Vegan Suede Over Knee High Boots

Premier Standard Comfy Vegan Suede Over Knee High Boots

If what you’re looking for are knee-high boots that have a perfect style, what’s stopping you from getting these comfy vegan suede boots from Premier Standard? We simply love its fit and the comfort it provides.

Speaking of the material, the upper of these thigh-high boots are made from vegan suede, while the sole is made from rubber, which maximizes its mobility and slip resistance. Additionally, they have low, stacked heels to give you a daring look.  

Furthermore, these boots seem to offer the right comfort through prolonged wear as they have a cushioned insole that snuggles around your legs, providing warmth and comfort every step along the way. 

Additionally, these boots come in a variety of colors that you can choose from, including but not limited to black, gray, olive, and burgundy.

If you tend to wear short dresses and you don’t want the cold weather to stop you from wearing them, your best purchase for year-round boots is this pair from Premier Standard.

4. DAWGS Women’s Microfiber Vegan Winter Boots

DAWGS Women’s Microfiber Vegan Winter Boots

Last on our list are these UGG-like boots from DAWGS. They are one of our best for lazy days when it’s too cold and you need something comfy and easy to slip on. 

First off, these boots are made from vegan-friendly material; synthetic, better known as microfiber. The sole is made from synthetic rubber, so you don’t have to worry about any part being non-vegan.

For a more comfortable fit, these boots are padded with a memory foam insole and have a faux fur lining, guaranteeing a cozy, easy-to-walk-in surface for your feet. Furthermore, the vegan-rubber outsole is slip-resistant, making the boots extra comfortable for long walks.

One feature that has been controversial since the boots were ushered into the markets is the wide opening. Since the opening measures approximately 15″, some people believe it’s a plus because it is more comfortable to wear on freezing-cold days, while others feel it makes the boots a bit oversized and hard to walk in.

Ladies, we know that you prefer dark colors for winter shoes, and DAWGS’ colors never disappoint in this regard! They come in various colors that would perfectly go with your favorite coats and dresses. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, vegan alternative to UGG boots, this pair from DAWGS should be your next purchase.

Final Verdict: Women Edition 

Ladies, now that you know that you need vegan boots and perfectly know what suits your outfits and your daily activities, your purchase should be a walk in the park, or perhaps, a hike over the mountains—your call. 

Dear males, if you’re still reading on, we’ve reached the part where we mention some equally convenient and stylish boots for you. 

The Best 4 Vegan Boots for Men

1. Dr. Martens Men’s 2976 Cambridge Brush Chelsea Boot

Dr. Martens Men's 2976 Cambridge Brush Chelsea Boot

For all the vegan males who don’t wish to sacrifice their style for the vegan material, we have just what you need. This outstanding design from Dr. Martens is sturdy and neat. The first time I put them on, many friends complimented them, and some even asked where I got them from.

Firstly, the boots are made from synthetic leather, a material that enjoys all the merits of natural leather minus the brutality against animals. Additionally, it is also easy to clean because you only need a damp cloth.

Speaking of its functionality in cold weather, this pair is air-cushioned, which guarantees to keep your feet warm. It is also slip-resistant, making it comfortable to walk in.

We also love the two colors they come in: black Felix and cherry red. It retains the classic Doc’s DNA with its grooved sides and yellow stitching, making it all the more stylish.

To put it briefly, the Dr. Martens Men’s 2976 Cambridge Brush Chelsea Boots is what you should get if you’re pursuing a stylish pair that is also comfortable. 

2. Will’s Vegan Shoes Mens’ Dock Boots

Will's Vegan Shoes Mens’ Dock Boots

Will’s Vegan Shoes are one of the brands that offer a variety of vegan shoes to choose from. This pair is a new take on the classic worker boot. It’s breathable and water-resistant. You’ll get more bang for your bucks with these Will’s Vegan Shoes Dock Boots. 

Starting with the material and the design, they are made of vegan suede, which makes them water-resistant. The hand-stitched cushion insole ensures more comfort.

Since it is breathable, it offers better ventilation and prevents bad odors. However, the cushioned insole still secures warmth on chilly nights. You don’t need to compromise either the ventilation or the warmth. 

Last but not least, these boots are suitable for hiking and long walks because they have sturdy outsoles with flex.

3. Polar Fox Jonah MPX808567 Men’s High-Top Western Derby Dress Boots

Polar Fox Jonah MPX808567 Men’s High-Top Western Derby Dress Boots

Fancy those shoes that scholars used to wear back in the time? The ones similar to oxfords? The good news is we found you this mesmerizing pair from Polar Fox. It is convenient, sturdy yet gentle, and comfortable. 

Speaking of its convenience, it is attributed to two factors. Firstly, it has a heavy-duty zipper that allows for a seamless on and off motion. Secondly, for maximum durability, it can be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. 

Additionally, this pair has a perforated upper, which allows for smooth air circulation, keeping your feet cool and freshened as you walk. It is made from breathable, water-resistant, synthetic leather that guarantees comfort and durability. 

One distinct feature that we absolutely love is that the boots do stay tightened over time. They are flexible, but they don’t wear easily. They have a padded interior and a professional stitched exterior. What else is there to look for?

4. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

Bruno Marc Men's Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

Last on our list for men’s vegan boots is this pair from Bruno Marc. We love its vintage design, the comfort it offers to your ankles, and its distinct shiny colors.

Firstly, these boots are made from faux leather, and they have a classic round-toe design that you lace up. Adding to its beauty is the decorative side buckle. Additionally, thanks to its side zipper closure, you can easily put it on or take it off. 

It also has a cushioned footbed and non-skid outsole, which makes it comfortable. You can wear it for prolonged hours and still feel comfortable thanks to its ankle support. You can also choose from different colors, varying between black and brown.

In a nutshell, what Bruno Marc promises and fulfills is a fashionable and comfortable design.

Final Verdict: Men’s Edition

Now that we showed you around four different pairs, the decision is yours to make. However, our best bet is the Polar Fox Jonah MPX808567, which combines style and efficiency. Pretty much all that we value about shoes.

Are Vegan Shoes a Healthier Option to Make?

Now that you have a general idea about what leather shoes are made from, it’s time to answer two questions that often pop into one’s mind: Are vegan shoes really vegan? Are they safer for animals and the environment? 

One tricky thing to notice is that while the material for the shoes is vegan, some ingredients incorporated in the footwear industry aren’t. Some manufacturers use animal thread or glue to piece the shoes together. Very few shoes are 100% vegan, and vegan retailers usually manufacture these.

Moving to the second question about whether vegan shoes are safer. Well, the short answer is: it depends on the material. This is an ethical question, but let us briefly mention a fact about the materials used for vegan shoes before we get to the materials section below.

One major problem with a vegan material like faux leather, for example, is that it is made out of PVC microfiber. It is an undegradable chemical that gets released into the air and stays there, making the air that you breathe polluted and harmful. It also emits toxic gasses.

To put it briefly, the issue of safety poses an ethical dilemma that only you can solve for yourself. 

Are There Other Materials Used for Vegan Shoes?

Since veganism has been integrated into the mainstream culture, different vegan alternatives have replaced their non-vegan counterparts in various industries. 

To name a few, here’s a non-exhaustive list of such materials. If you’re a person who reads clothes labels, you should be looking for any of these materials:


Hemp is a plant that has long been incorporated into a wearable fiber. It grows naturally and doesn’t need more pesticides to get a huge harvest. It is breathable, light, and biodegradable.


Cotton is another vegan-friendly option that is also biodegradable. It is true it requires a lot of water, but it is one of the best natural materials nonetheless. It is soft, comfortable, and breathable, making it suitable for making shoes.

Synthetic Leather

Microfiber materials and synthetic leather have different textures and appearances. These are often chemically produced, and they have almost the same feel and features of real leather. They are durable, light, and easy to clean.


Rubber can either be taken from trees or chemically produced. It is a water-proof substance that is robust and comfortable, which makes it an ideal material for vegan shoes. While some shoes are made entirely from rubber, others use it primarily for the soles.

Faux Suede

Faux suede is another robust material made from microfiber and plastic fiber. It is sturdy and durable compared to other materials.

Vegan Shoe Care

Like any other shoes, vegan shoes absorb moisture and dust from the air and your feet, which means you need to keep them clean and healthy. Typically, polishing vegan shoes doesn’t make them last longer, but you should clean and polish them every now and then to remove scuffing and rid them of bad odors. 

One thing you should pay attention to is that not all vegan shoes can be dry-washed. Some can only be hand-washed or not washed at all. 

The bottom line here is that irrespective of their material, all shoes need much care to keep them as good as new, either in looks or performability.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have a list of our vegan boots recommendations for both genders backed with an insightful look into the vegan shoe industry, your decision should be easier. Read the labels, have a look at the styles and the materials, pick a color that would make you confident and comfortable wearing it, and you’re ready to go.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.