Best Vegan Tennis Shoes in 2023 [Review]

Best Vegan Tennis Shoes

In a world increasingly driven by ethical choices and eco-conscious living, finding the right pair of tennis shoes becomes a powerful statement. For athletes who value both top-tier performance and sustainability, vegan tennis shoes aren’t just a fashion statement; they’re a commitment to a brighter future.

In this in-depth article, we’re diving deep into the realm of the finest vegan tennis shoes of 2023, where compassionate design seamlessly harmonizes with exceptional on-court performance.

Whether you’re someone striving to embrace a vegan lifestyle or a competitive player seeking an edge on the tennis court, I’ll be your guide to the very best vegan tennis shoes available in 2023.

Comparison Table

ShoesDesigned ForSizesColorsMaterials
DUOYANGJIASHA Athletic Tennis ShoesWomen4.5 to 13.57Synthetic fabric
Adidas Men’s GamecourtMen6.5 to 163100% textile
Akk WalkingWomen6 to 11.520Breathable mesh
ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis ShoeMen151100% Synthetic
Mehoto Slip on TennisWomen5.5 to 109Breathable mesh
ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7Men6 to 157Fabric
AoSiFu Slip OnWomen6 to 9.58Fly knit
Adidas Barricade 2018Men6.5 to 133Forged mesh
Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 X Parley Tennis ShoesMen8 to 13.51Breathable mesh upper Dyneema yarn and recycled Parley ocean plastic

The 9 Best Vegan Tennis Shoes for 2023

1. DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Athletic Tennis Shoes

DUOYANGJIASHA Women's Athletic Tennis Shoes

The DUOYANGJIASHA is a robust pair of tennis shoes made from synthetic fabric. It comes in 8 colors, including dark or light grey, white, black, all-black, blue, pink, and rose red. Its sizes range from 4 to 13.5, so it’s pretty inclusive.

These shoes aren’t just for the tennis court; they’re your go-to companions for running, hiking, and traveling. The secret lies in the lightweight outsole and the cushioned insole, which provide a perfect balance of support and comfort. Meanwhile, the breathable mesh upper, coupled with a secure lace-up system, guarantees a secure fit no matter your style of play.

What truly sets the DUOYANGJIASHA apart is its innovative comfort system. Designed to enhance lightness while absorbing shocks, these shoes empower you to take on any challenge, from demanding courts to lightning-fast movements. The EVA material sole delivers superb grip and durability, ensuring stability and confident footing.

Beyond its performance-driven features, these tennis shoes prioritize comfort from the ground up. The high elastic breathable cotton insole ensures a skin-friendly, moisture-wicking experience, keeping your feet cool and comfortable even during extended activity. Additionally, the shoes provide essential protection for your ankles, tongue, and feet.

2. Adidas Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's Gamecourt Tennis Shoes

The Adidas Gamecourt shoes have truly transformed my tennis game. From the moment I slipped them on, the combination of the lightweight mesh upper and the padded heel gave me the confidence to move with agility while staying incredibly comfortable.

The regular fit and lace closure ensured a snug yet flexible feel that allowed me to focus on my game without any distractions. The breathable mesh upper with TPU reinforcements provided the support I needed for those quick cuts and powerful shots. I was amazed by the Adituff feature, which offered incredible abrasion resistance in the toe area – a game-changer for someone like me who’s all about intense court battles.

The Adiwear outsole delivered exceptional traction, precisely designed for hard courts, and I was pleasantly surprised by how durable they remained.

One of the standout features for me was the Cloudfoam midsole, which provided step-in comfort and superior cushioning.

As someone who has always favored Adidas shoes for their exceptional quality and style across various occasions, these shoes are yet another shining example.

While it isn’t exactly the most affordable option out there, the technology and design it comes with make it worth every penny.

3. Akk Slip-On Memory Foam

Akk Slip On Memory Foam

The Akk slip-on is a comfortable pair of sneakers with a sleek design. They come in a wide range of sizes from 6 to 11.5, and I love the fact that there are 20 colors to choose from, including classic shades like black and white, as well as more vibrant options like pink and blue.

The main reason these tennis shoes made it onto my top list is because they are incredibly lightweight (only about 0.8 lb per pair), which means you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down.

The soft and breathable mesh upper delivers a level of comfort that keeps your feet feeling great, even during extended wear. The memory foam insole is a game-changer, providing cushioning that absorbs the impact of each step.

What’s cool is that they’ve got a streamlined design with a lace-up feature that’s more like a slip-on. It’s super convenient, making them easy to put on and take off. The padded collar and lining prevent any discomfort.

And here’s the real kicker – if you’re into tennis or any power-driven activities, these sneakers give you an edge. The non-slip MD sole strikes the perfect balance, providing enough friction to keep each step stable without sacrificing flexibility.

4. ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

ASICS GEL Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

ASICS SOLUTION SPEED™ FF 2 tennis shoe has truly redefined my game on the court.

The PU (polyurethane) application on the upper provides incredible support, and I can feel the difference with every move.

The TWISSTRUSS™ technology in the midsole has been a lifesaver, particularly when I’m transitioning from the baseline to the net.

The outsole design offers excellent traction, ensuring I’m ready for those quick forward transitions.

On another note, the GEL-Solution Speed 2 is my go-to for practicality. I love how it comes in a single size and a slick blend of navy, silver, and neon green. It’s quick and easy from the get-go, no fussing over endless options.

Being 100% synthetic, the production process is both quick and efficient. The lace-up design, coupled with rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems, delivers comfort, making them easy to put on and take off, regardless of the terrain.

Moreover, they feature a dual-layer memory foam collar lining and cushioned Solyte midsoles, providing the utmost comfort during tennis court traversals, regardless of the surface.

5. Mehoto Memory Foam Walking Tennis Sneakers

Mehoto Memory Foam Walking Tennis Sneakers

The Mehoto tennis sneakers come with a fabric sole and stretchable mesh uppers with sock-like construction, so they fit anyone like a dream. This pair comes in 9 colors, including black, white, red, and a funky 3-colored option, while its sizes range from 5.5 to 10.

And though the Mehoto sneakers come with lace, you don’t actually have to keep undoing and redoing them to wear the shoes or take them off as the sneakers come with a slip-on design. As a matter of fact, the laces seem more like a decorative option since there is no tongue like the one found on normal shoes.

Having Cloudfoam cushioning and a memory foam sock liner also means that you get a combination that makes you feel cozy and confident with every step.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

If you want to walk into the tennis court with confidence and style, you should definitely consider the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7. This pair comes in 7 dashing colors and sizes ranging from 6 to 15, making them suitable for practically anyone with any preferences.

The real magic happens with the rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology cushioning systems. These systems don’t just provide cushioning; In my crucial match, the GEL technology cushioning systems absorbed shock during impacts, giving me an edge to swiftly move and respond.

This, in turn, results in a swifter movement in multiple planes as your foot transitions through the gait cycle. Combine that with IGC (Impact Guidance System) technology, and the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 enhances your foot’s natural gait from toe-off to heel-strike like no other.

It doesn’t stop there, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 even comes with Trusstic system technology, which attenuates the weight of the sole without compromising the integrity of the shoe. Mix that with a Solyte midsole, and you get the ultimate combination of performance stability and lightweight action.

Finally, you shouldn’t worry about the way you land from jumps and how that affects your shoes as the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 comes with a PGuard toe protector that maximizes toe durability.

7. AoSiFu Tennis Sneakers

AoSiFu Tennis Sneakers

If you’re looking for ultimate breathability, the AoSiFu tennis sneakers are the ones for you. They come with fly knit mesh uppers that provide you with ultra-lightweight support and a more or less sock-like fit with targeted areas of breathability.

This design not only allows for free and comfortable movements but also ensures your feet get ample air, enhancing overall comfort. The soft rubber soles are made from durable, elastic MD material, providing a buffer between your feet and the ground, along with good abrasion resistance and non-slip performance.

While the AoSiFu sneakers are relatively higher in price among vegan options, they truly stand out for their blend of technology, style, and versatility. Beyond the tennis court, they’re also suitable for walking, running, climbing, cycling, and even horse riding, making them a fantastic all-around choice.

8. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

The Adidas Barricade 2018 is a fully dedicated tennis shoe. It comes with a seamless, forged mesh upper design that dedicates areas of support and stretches to help ensure a custom fit that adapts to every move.

The soft and stretchable tongue is a game-changer, adding that extra comfort factor that I value during long matches. The Bootee construction is like a warm hug for my feet, ensuring a snug fit that boosts my confidence on the court. And let’s not forget the Adiprene+ in the forefoot – it’s like a little boost of efficiency and propulsion with every step.

What really impressed me, just like the Gamecourt, is the Adituff feature. That extra protection around the toe and medial forefront is a lifesaver, especially when I’m dealing with serves and those sudden lateral movements that can be tough on my feet.

The Geofit construction is all about comfort, giving my feet a home they’re grateful for, and the Ghillie lacing at the top adds that locked-down feel, keeping my focus solely on the game.

This pair has this name because it employs a “Barricade” chassis that provides the midfoot with support, stability, and extra freedom and flexibility at the forefront. At the same time, the Adiprene under the heel gives you superior cushioning during impact.

9. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 X Parley Tennis Shoes

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 X Parley Tennis Shoes

Adidas seems to do a great job when it comes to manufacturing tennis shoes and teaming up with Parley, who use recycled plastic from the ocean to make shoes, they have managed to produce the ultimate vegan tennis shoes: the Adizero Ubersonic 3.0.

This is thanks to the Parley Ocean Plastic yarn that is engineered with recycled plastic waste, which highly reduces and protects oceans from pollution.

The Adizero Ubersonic 3.0 comes with interlocking fiber uppers that are lightweight, flexible, and provide incredible support during the most dynamic of movements.

Moreover, they integrate a Sprintframe chassis that provides the pair with extra support and stability, even during vigorous and violent movements during shots. The bootie construction also wraps the foot in a sock-like construction to give you a comfortable fit.

Like the Gamecourt and Barricade, the Ubersonic 3.0 X comes with abrasion-resistant Adituff, which protects the medial forefoot and toe from clay surfaces during lateral movements, so you can definitely count on the durability of this pair of tennis sneakers.

How to Choose Great Vegan Tennis Shoes

Before you venture to buy vegan tennis shoes, there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration. Are you looking for durable shoes or lightweight ones? Are you more concerned with support or flexibility? Is it more important for you to have quality shoes or value ones?

So how can you finally decide what to focus on and what you can forfeit? Let’s delve into the details of every aspect!

Material Quality

When I’m on the hunt for the best vegan tennis shoes, I always pay close attention to the material quality – it’s a game-changer for both comfort and durability. I want my feet to stay cool and comfortable, especially during those intense matches, so I look for shoes crafted from breathable fabrics.

These materials make a significant difference, allowing air to circulate and preventing that uncomfortable sweaty feeling, not to mention keeping odors at bay. Plus, considering the wear and tear my tennis shoes go through, durability is a must. I seek out vegan shoes made from fabrics that can handle frequent use and resist abrasions, so I’m not constantly replacing them.

But what truly excites me are the innovative synthetic materials that many vegan tennis shoes are crafted from. These materials not only align with my ethical choices but often outperform traditional animal-derived ones. They offer remarkable support, and the right amount of flexibility, and keep the shoes lightweight. It’s like they’re designed with the tennis player’s needs in mind.

Fit and comfort

Over the years, I’ve learned that a good fit is essential – it’s like my shoes become an extension of my feet, giving me the right support where I need it most. That means I look for shoes with a design that feels like it’s cradling my feet, especially around the arch and heel areas. Having proper support not only prevents potential injuries but also gives me the stability I need to confidently move around the court

Also, I make sure the shoes I choose offer flexibility that lets my feet move naturally.

Traction and stability

A well-designed outsole with a proper grip on various court surfaces not only prevents slips but also contributes to a solid foundation for swift movements.

I recommend you look for shoes that are designed for enhanced agility and responsiveness that can significantly impact your game. A balance between cushioning and responsiveness allows you to move quickly without feeling weighed down, enabling you to reach the right positions on the court

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vegan Shoes?

Vegan shoes are pairs of shoes that don’t use any animal-based materials. In other words, they aren’t made from any animal furs, skins, or even animal-based dyes or adhesives.

Most often than not, leather would be the culprit when we’re talking about abusing animals for fashion purposes and trends. For this reason, exactly, you should always double-check that the leather used to make your shoes is vegan.

Why Buy Vegan Tennis Shoes?

Choosing vegan tennis shoes is not only a smart choice but also a powerful step towards environmental preservation and ethical consumption. By opting for vegan footwear made from sustainable materials like hemp, cotton, and plant-based leather, you’re contributing positively to the planet, preserving ecosystems, and protecting wildlife.

Additionally, it’s essential to steer clear of products made from exotic animal skins, such as crocodiles and ostriches, or any materials derived from animals subjected to excessive hunting for their skin or fur.

Is Vegan Leather Reliable?

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid vegan products due to the fact that they’re scared they may not be as durable as actual leather. However, vegan products can be a lot more durable, contrary to what a lot of people might think.

For example, faux leather is a lot sturdier and less prone to scratching, ripping, and scraping, when compared to real leather. Moreover, it comes at a much lower price point.

Faux leather is also a lot easier to clean and maintain as it’s less prone to staining and has water-resisting abilities. On top of that, unlike real leather, it doesn’t fade with exposure to the sun and is more likely to survive major cuts.

This can be traced to the fact that vegan leather has plastic-like attributes that prevent it from absorbing water or peeling off. And for this reason, vegan products are more durable, especially ones that are made from canvas, hemp, and faux leather.

What is Vegan Leather Made Of?

There are many materials from which vegan leather could be made, including glazed canvas, waxed canvas, naturally-derived materials, PVC, or polyurethane. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the latter is the most damaging, so it should be your last resort.

While it’s true that any vegan product contributes to sparing animals a lot of suffering and excessive hunting, that doesn’t mean that all of them are good for the environment in the long run or that they’re all sustainable.

That’s why you should take the process of manufacturing into consideration. Check if it involves any harm bestowed upon nature, and make sure that the materials are biodegradable, and the best ones for this purpose are natural elements like plant-based leather and cork.

How to Make Sure Synthetic Leather is Vegan?

When you’re looking for vegan shoes, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the pair you’re getting is actually vegan. In other words, look for tags like “vegan,” “all man-made,” and “100% synthetic”, which all indicate that the product is leather-free.

Vegan products are environmentally-friendly, and companies want to be associated with that, so they always put labels or stickers at the bottom or at the top of the garment to indicate that.

You shouldn’t stop there, but rather visit the manufacturer’s website to make sure that the processes involved in manufacturing the product are also vegan and environmentally friendly.

For example, you should look for shoes that are made from natural fibers, such as bamboo, canvas, jute, hemp, or cotton, and steer away from adhesives or dyes that contain gelatin as this means they were manufactured using animal bones.

With time and experience, you’ll be able to tell the difference between real and faux leather. The main giveaway is the feel of both materials, as the texture of synthetic leather doesn’t form a patina like real leather, so feels different.

Moreover, the pores on faux leather are artificial and merely drawn on, so the material would be a lot less breathable than real leather.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve reached the end of the article, I hope you’ve formed a better idea of how to choose the best vegan tennis shoes to suit your gameplay mechanism and enable you to compete effectively.

There are plenty of great options on the market, and to make the ideal choice, all you have to do is consider which aspects you’re most concerned with.

If you’re a man with a sleek technique, I recommend you opt for the Adidas Men’s Gamecourt. Alternatively, you should choose the ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2 if you use a technique with violent movements, and that puts pressure on the soles. 

If you’re a lady looking for a sturdy pair that withstands vigorous gameplay, you should opt for the Akk slip-on tennis sneakers. On the other hand, the DUOYANGJIASHA would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for swift movements on the course.

Keep in mind, the best vegan tennis shoes will align with your unique playing style and personal preferences, and it’s essential to select a high-quality pair that supports you during your matches.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.