The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Bath (UK)

Bath city

England has a lot of interesting cities that you might want to visit. But recently, one city managed to catch our attention because of its historic significance and undeniably breathtaking views. We’re talking about Bath in Somerset. If you’re looking for the best vegan restaurants in Bath, look no further!

As the name suggests, this large city is known for being home to ancient Roman baths. These bath areas we built in 60 AD and the fact that much of these structures remain within the city reflects their historic significance. And because of these baths, the city is now recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

But aside from being a historic spa town, Bath is also home to beautiful Georgian architecture and Roman archeological sites. It also houses several gardens, parks, museums, and artisan shops, so there’s no denying that the city is such a big tourist hotspot.  

Aside from the sights around the city, Bath is also known for its aromatic delicacies. While the city is known for its aromatic buns and biscuits, it is recently becoming a hub for vegans all over the world. With new plant-based restaurants opening up in every corner, it’s easy to see why Bath is also starting to appear on the vegan map.

So if you happen to be traveling to this picturesque city, here are the 7 best vegan restaurants in Bath (UK) that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Green Rocket Café

When locals and regular visitors think of vegan restaurants in Bath, they almost always think of The Green Rocket Café.  This restaurant serves vegan alternatives to our favorite British meals and snacks, and that instantly catapulted them to fame.

Because it innovated in terms of vegan cuisine, The Green Rocket Café has received numerous awards. And that’s the reason why it ranks high on our list.

This vegan café usually opens at around 8 a.m. every weekday, so it’s the best place to catch breakfast right before exploring the city. It serves a variety of dishes that are sure to keep you satisfied, with popular options like their big English breakfast, mushroom and rice burger, soups, salads, and so much more. Smoothie bowls are also quite popular, which is why it’s an all-time breakfast favorite.

For dessert, The Green Rocket Café s especially known for its assortment of mouthwatering cakes and pies which will surely leave you wanting for more.

This vegan restaurant also serves a variety of vegan-friendly refreshments to pair with your favorite dishes. Without a doubt, this is one vegan restaurant that knows how to exceed our expectations.

While The Green Rocket Café was initially opened as a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, it has committed to being fully vegan since July of 2020. Thus, you can order confidently, knowing that all menu items are completely plant-based.

Rooted Cafe and Supper Rooms

If you’re looking for a delicious vegan meal in Bath, look no further than Rooted Vegan Cafe. The food is fantastic, and the service is wonderful. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Bath. The menu features a variety of traditional family dishes as well as inventive takes on seasonal dishes. There is something for everyone at Rooted Cafe, and you won’t be disappointed.

The breakfast menu features a variety of delicious options, including the Full Indian Breakfast and the Korean Kimchi Hot Dog. The lunch and dinner menus are equally impressive, with a wide range of mouth-watering dishes to choose from.

The dessert menu is also worth checking out, with a selection of decadent vegan desserts on offer. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a leisurely meal with friends, Rooted cafe is the perfect spot.

The team at Rooted cafe are extremely friendly and welcoming, and they go out of their way to ensure that you have a wonderful dining experience. If you’re looking for a fantastic vegan meal in Bath, you need to head to Rooted Cafe!

OAK Restaurant

Formerly known as Acorn, OAK Restaurant is known for its peaceful ambiance and fine-dining experience. That makes it the perfect place for a dinner date in the heart of the city.

This vegan restaurant has been making waves since it was recognized by the Michelin Guide for 2018. And when a restaurant is recognized by this prestigious organization, you know that its food is a must-try. That’s why you shouldn’t leave Bath without at least giving it a try.

OAK is probably one of the few vegan fine-dining restaurants in the city, but it certainly trumps all the others in terms of flavor and technique. Here, you can enjoy five-course meals or simply enjoy your morning brunch in peace.

We also love that it has an impressive selection of coffee-based drinks, making it perfect for powering up in the middle of the day. It also serves cocktails if you want to unwind after a tiring day.

But, perhaps the only downside we can think of is that OAK Restaurant has limited seating. Because of its popularity, you have to book ahead if you want to dine at such a prestigious establishment. And once you do get a taste of what they offer, you’ll know that the advanced booking was well worth it. 


Another top contender for the best vegan restaurant in Bath UK is Cascara. It’s one of the best places where you can grab a hearty breakfast while you’re in the city.

With menu items such as avocado on toast, croissants, and wraps, there’s no denying that this vegan restaurant makes the perfect breakfast spot. To pair with these dishes, you can choose between coffee-based drinks or fresh fruit juices – and that’s sure to wake you up in the morning. It also has a list of daily specials if you’re feeling adventurous.

When Cascara opened its doors, it used to be a vegetarian restaurant. But when it reopened in 2018, the management updated its menu into one that’s fully vegan. Thus, you can order confidently, knowing that everything on the menu is vegan-friendly.

Another interesting fact about this vegan restaurant is that it has gluten-free items on its menu. So if you’re intolerant or allergic, this is great news for you.

And finally, everything in Cascara is prepared in-house and fresh every day. It also uses organic ingredients in preparing every meal and drink, and that makes it free from harmful chemicals and herbicides. That will give you peace of mind, knowing that everything you eat from this vegan restaurant is perfectly clean and safe. 


If you happen to be craving some Indian street food, head on to Chaiwalla to satisfy your cravings. Located in 42 Monmouth Street, we have to admit that we almost missed this restaurant because of its small façade. But because of its invitingly aromatic dishes, it can instantly make all heads turn.

This vegan restaurant primarily serves vegan versions of our favorite Indian street food, so expect a lot of wraps, samosas, chips, panners, rotis, and bhajis. If you prefer something heavier, it also serves curry on rice and samosa chaat.

Despite being centered mainly on street food, Chaiwalla also has an extensive dessert selection. Its cakes, sundaes, ice creams, and dessert wraps are known all over Bath by locals and tourists alike. It also offers a selection of Indian-style brewed teas to pair with these dishes. 

Indian Temptation

Another Indian restaurant that you might want to try is Indian Temptation. If Chaiwalla offers mainly Indian street food and snacks, then Indian Temptation is the place to be if you’re looking for heavier meals.

This vegan restaurant serves Indian dishes like thali, masala dosa, methi parantha, samosa chat, and biryani to name a few. Plus, the fact that they’re made the traditional way helps bring out more of its flavors, so you’re bound to savor every bite.

We also love that Indian Temptation has gluten-free items on the menu, which goes to show how committed it is to be inclusive of people’s different dietary needs.

And if you’re looking for a place where you can wine and dine after a long day, this vegan restaurant won’t disappoint. It offers a decent selection of organic wine that’s guaranteed to bring out and complement the flavor of every dish. Thus, we strongly recommend giving its food a try before you leave the city.

Jars Meze

Aside from Indian food, Bath is also home to one of the best Greek vegan restaurants we’ve ever tried. While this restaurant is not strictly fully vegan, it does have a big vegan selection, which has us quite impressed.

With its charming and homey exterior, Jars Meze is a true head-turner. It has a café-like façade that seems to draw you in. But once you step inside, its interior is truly reminiscent of home, so dining in can make you feel like you’re eating food with the family. And the fact that it’s family-owned makes the ambiance feel more authentic.

Among our favorites from this restaurant include its politiki melitzanosalata, the manutaria nostima, and its best-seller, the Jars’ briam. It also has a decent selection of vegan desserts and drinks to choose from.

Aside from being vegan and vegetarian-friendly, Jars Meze also offers gluten-free options. And that’s why it deserves to be recognized as one of the best vegan restaurants in Bath.

Best vegan restaurants in Bath

Overall, Bath is a great city for vegans. With so many delicious vegan restaurants to choose from, you’ll never go hungry here. Whether you’re looking for Indian, Greek, or street food, there’s a vegan restaurant that will suit your needs. So be sure to check out these seven best vegan restaurants next time you’re in town.


Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!