Best Vegan Nike Shoes in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan Nike shoes

Finding an excellent pair of vegan Nike shoes is nowhere near difficult. Nike has a wide variety of vegan options, especially considering that their adhesives are vegan. However, with the number of options on the market, it can get quite tricky to find the best ones.

As a vegan Nike lover myself, I decided to go on an adventure to find the best ones out there. Luckily, I was able to create this list of the best vegan Nike shoes for both men and women.

So, without further ado, here are my top products with their pros, cons, and everything else you might need to know.

List of the Best Vegan Nike Shoes for Women

  1. Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes
  2. Women’s Downshifter 9 Sneakers
  3. Women’s Flex Experience Run 8 Shoes

List of the Best Vegan Nike Shoes for Men

  1. Men’s Tanjun Sneakers
  2. Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes
  3. Air Zoom Pegasus 5 Shoes

The 3 Best Vegan Nike Shoes for Women in 2022

Who said you couldn’t be both fashionable and vegan? The following three choices are the best vegan Nike shoes for women in terms of durability, comfort, and design. Whether you’re looking for trendy, colorful shoes, or simplistic everyday ones, you’ll find the right pair for you within the next few lines.

So, without further delay, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes

Nike’s Revolution 5 is one of the best women’s shoes on the market. They’re vegan, comfortable, and durable. Not to mention, the pair comes at a very reasonable price. I wouldn’t ask for more.

First and foremost, the pair comes with a knit textile upper that is extremely breathable. If your feet often get hot and sweat, especially while you’re running or working out, this pair’s knit fabric is a lifesaver!

Additionally, the pair comes with a rubber sole that’s quite large. This could be a double-edged sword. Personally, I prefer large soles because they offer more support, especially if you walk on uneven surfaces, like dirt or sand. However, they could also add to the shoes’ weight and just feel uncomfortable for some people.

In order to ensure further support, the pair boasts reinforced heels that are also durable. You can walk on any kind of surface you can think of and not worry about suffering from foot pain.

If you’re worried about the shoes feeling too stiff, they come with soft foam midsoles so that your feet will always feel comfortable.

As for the design, I’d describe it as simplistic with a trendy twist. Nike offers a wide variety of colors for this one; you can go for an everyday black pair or a pink and orange trendy one.

Regarding the fit, the shoes are mostly true to size. They might feel a little snug at first, but after a day or two, they’ll stretch to the correct size. You can always go up half a size if you can’t stand snug running shoes.

To wrap this review up, I have to mention that the Women’s Revolution 5 pair is great for running as well as everyday activities because of how comfortable yet durable it is.


High durability
Incredibly comfortable
Simplistic yet trendy design
Breathable knit fabric


Large sole that might be uncomfortable for some people

2. Women’s Downshifter 9 Sneakers

Women’s Downshifter 9 Sneakers

The Downshifter 9 is yet another excellent choice for running or just everyday activities. The pair is comfortable yet durable and supportive. Nike did an incredible job creating this one for its high quality without harming any animal.

Coming at a very reasonable price for Nike, the Downshifter 9 boasts a unique upper. Firstly, the forefoot part is made from an open mesh material so your feet will stay comfortable and airy. Additionally, the midfoot and heel are made from a closed mesh material that provides the pair with the durability you’re seeking.

While the Downshifter 9 comes with a rubber sole, it has phylon midsoles that are incredibly comfortable thanks to their flexibility, so you can rest assured that it isn’t too stiff to the point where you can’t even walk. It has the perfect balance of flexibility and durability, which is hard to achieve.

The design is quite minimalistic. It comes in a good variety of colors that can all be considered casual and trendy, depending on how you style them.

Sadly, the pair’s sizing could be an issue. The shoes fit a little smaller than they should, meaning you should go half a size higher than your regular fit.

It’s also worth mentioning that the part where your toes meet the mesh can get worn out easily; you might end up with a hole in your shoe if you’re not careful enough.


Highly comfortable
Flexible midsoles
Wide variety of colors


Fits a little too small
Forefoot mesh is a little weak

Final Verdict

The Downshifter 9 is perfect for basically any woman out there! The mesh upper is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. Besides, the pair comes with closed mesh heels to provide you with durability, stability, and support. If you go up half a size, the Downshifter 9 will be your next favorite shoes.

3. Women’s Flex Experience Run 8 Shoes

The last product in the women’s section is the Flex Experience Run 8, one of the best vegan Nike shoes you could opt for. The pair is so comfortable and lightweight that it’ll take your running experience to the next level.

Being made from a soft knit fabric, you can rest assured that these shoes will always feel comfortable on your feet. Additionally, their mesh heels further provide your feet with comfort and breathability.

The soft knit fabric can take up your foot’s shape, so the pair will fit whether you have narrow or wide feet.

If you’re an active, athletic woman, the shoes come with a textured outsole that will ensure durability and traction, even in the long run.

Sadly, there’s one disadvantage. While you’re walking or running with these shoes, some air gets trapped in the rubber sole; therefore, it makes a popping noise. It’s not loud enough to be a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely there.

Whether you’re looking for a casual or a running pair, the Flex Experience Run 8 has what you’re seeking. With its outstanding variety of colors, you can opt for a fun, trendy look or a serious, simple one.

Lastly, much like the previous model, I recommend going half a size larger than what you’d usually choose.


Knit fabric is flexible to fit your feet
Great for casual wear or exercise
Extremely soft and comfortable on the inside
High-quality, durable fabric


Rubber sole makes a popping noise

Final Verdict

The Women’s Flex Experience Run 8 is one with many functionalities! Whether you’re looking for a pair for exercising, walking, or casual day-to-day wear, this one is perfect for you. Additionally, its durable fabric and supportive sole make for a comfortable, breathable experience at all times.

The 3 Best Vegan Nike Shoes for Men in 2022

Going for a vegan pair of shoes is a truly noble decision! Not only are you saving the lives of innocent animals, but you’re also guaranteed high-quality shoes that’ll last for years.

For that, here are my top three picks of the best vegan Nike shoes for all the men out there.

1. Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Looking for the best pair of vegan Nike shoes that’ll ensure your comfort at all times, even if you have flat feet? I have just the one for you! The Men’s Tanjun is a great option all around, and here’s why.

First of all, the pair comes with a mesh upper that is incredibly comfortable and breathable. If you often suffer from sweaty feet, these shoes will completely eliminate that.

If you suffer from flat feet like myself, you know what it’s like when the shoes’ sole is not sturdy enough to support your feet. Lucky for you-and me-with the rubber sole, you can rest assured that your feet will always feel supported.

Additionally, the ultra-lightweight pair has a cushioned footbed that combines comfort and durability.

Besides, its midsoles are foam-injected to further ensure softness and comfort, even through long days of standing on your feet. You can easily wear your Tanjun pair for hours on end, and it’ll stay comfortable and durable like it’s brand new!

Whatever style you’re going for, the Tanjun has a color that’ll complete the look. If you’re looking for a simple-yet-stylish look, you can go for the all-black or all-white ones. On the contrary, if you like your shoes to make a statement, you should opt for the gold or the midnight blue ones.

Sadly, because the pair’s sole is just so supportive, it can be a little too hard for some people. You should have a general idea of what kind of shoes you prefer and whether a hard sole is a dealbreaker for you or not.


Highly durable
Extremely comfortable
Simple yet modern design


Sole might be a little too hard

Final Verdict

I heard you’re looking for an excellent pair of vegan sneakers. Look no further because the Tanjun sneakers are what you’re seeking. The pair has a comfortable mesh upper, supportive soles, and foam-injected midsoles. Not to mention, it’s durable and will last for years without a scratch.

2. Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes

I couldn’t help but include the Revolution 5 again, this time the Men’s version. It’s quite similar to the Women’s version; I mean, it’s the same model, after all.

This pair is perfect for everyday use because of how comfortable it is. With its knit material, the shoes’ upper wraps around your foot, almost like a sock, to secure and fit it perfectly. In addition, the knit material is exceptionally breathable, so you can say goodbye to sweaty feet.

Furthermore, the pair comes with a rubber sole and reinforced heels, so your feet will always feel supported and comfortable.

Additionally, the midsoles are made from soft foam, decreasing pressure on your feet while you’re walking or running.

Regarding the fit, it’s as true to size as can be. You don’t need to size up or down thanks to its knit upper that hugs your feet.

As for the design, it’s quite simple with basic color options, including black, navy blue, white, grey, and some more. Whatever style you’re going for, Nike’s Revolution 5 will complete the outfit without taking away from it.

Unfortunately, there’s a massive disadvantage that I have to address; the sole makes a popping sound as you move. You might think that noisy soles can’t be that bad, but the sound is louder and more noticeable than you’d think.


Reinforced heels
Simplistic design and colors
Soft foam midsoles


Popping sound

Final Verdict

Nike’s Revolution 5 is another great vegan option for the men out there. It’s perfect for daily use thanks to its soft foam midsoles and reinforced heels. Not to mention, its knit fabric upper takes the shape of your feet to ensure your comfort at all times.

3. Air Zoom Pegasus 5 Shoes

If you’re willing to spend some extra money on a pair of shoes that will last you years, the Air Zoom Pegasus 5 is the pair you’re seeking. 

Coming with a mesh upper, you can forget all about sweaty feet. The breathable fabric guarantees airflow even during hot summer days.

Moreover, the pair has a rubber sole with beveled heels that provide you with enough support that you can stand, walk, or run in your shoes and not experience any pain.

Speaking of running, the shoes’ come with a cushioned footbed that can absorb impacts, meaning you won’t feel the stiffness of the ground below you while you’re running. For that, this pair is perfect for anyone who suffers from knee or ankle pains.

If you have narrow feet, it’ll also be perfect for you. However, if your feet are regular or wide, you might want to go for one of the wide models or go half a size higher than your regular fit.

It’s worth mentioning that this pair’s laces are not the best quality out there. They get untied often, which can be a hassle for runners. I recommend swapping them for any old laces you have at home. Also, the outsole is not the most durable; it gets worn out pretty quickly.


Cushioned footbed absorbs shocks
Beveled heels
Highly durable
Great for running


Laces keep getting untied
Thin outsole

Final Verdict

The Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is a high-quality pair that’ll last for years if you’re careful enough. It’s every runner’s dream because of its cushioned midsoles that can significantly absorb impacts. Additionally, its mesh upper keeps your feet secured, comfortable, and airy.

How to Pick Vegan Nike Shoes

The last thing you want to do is walk into the nearest Nike store and pick the first pair you see for two reasons. Firstly, you might end up with a non-vegan pair because not all Nike shoes are vegan. Secondly, you might have a vegan pair, but it won’t be comfortable enough for you.

Like any other piece of clothing, you need to be careful before settling on the first thing your eyes land on. For that, here’s what you need to know about Nike shoes.

Make Sure They’re Vegan

You must be wondering how you can tell whether a pair is vegan or not. Well, here’s how.

First of all, try asking an employee if you’re in a store, but that’s not really applicable if you’re shopping online, is it?

In 2015, Nike confirmed that its glue is vegan and cruelty-free, which is fantastic news! However, Nike still has leather and animal-based materials in some of its shoes.

If you want to be completely safe, I recommend going for newer models that came out after 2015. Additionally, steer clear of leather, wool, and fur at all costs.

Upper Material

The most popular vegan material across all Nike shoes is mesh.

Mesh has many advantages as well as disadvantages that you need to be aware of. Firstly, the material is quite breathable, meaning it’ll completely rid you of sweat and odors. If you live in a hot area or you like working out in your shoes, the mesh fabric is a huge advantage.

On the contrary, because the material is so lightweight and airy, it’s not ideal for cold, rainy areas. The fabric won’t prevent any water from getting into your feet, and you know what it’s like when your vegan socks get wet.

There’s also the knitted fabric, which is quite similar to mesh in its advantages and disadvantages, so there’s no clear winner here.


Most shoe soles on the market are rubber, a safe, vegan material that is also durable. Additionally, rubber provides you with enough grip to prevent slipping on wet or ceramic floors.

Here’s where it gets tricky: the soles’ thickness is what you need to look out for. It depends on personal preference. Thicker soles will provide you with more support and stability. On the other hand, thin soles make you feel like you’re walking barefoot, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Take a look at your favorite pair of shoes and see how thick the soles are and try going for a similar option.


It can be quite tricky to find the perfect size for you if you’re shopping online. If you already have a pair of Nike shoes, just get the same size, and you’ll be fine.

However, always make sure to read users’ reviews and see what they think of the fit. Also, check Nike’s size chart for both men and women if you want to be extra careful.


Most Nike shoes on this list are quite simplistic, but that doesn’t mean boring. You could easily opt for a more colorful, trendy option if you want your shoes to make a statement. There are also plenty of basic colors like black, white, and grey if you want a pair to fit most outfits and occasions.

Additionally, going for a basic color that has a small colorful twist could be a huge advantage. It could really take your outfit to the next level without being too distracting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Shoes Vegan?

Not all of them, no. Nike still makes shoes from non-vegan materials like leather. Just make sure your pair doesn’t have any leather parts or wool insides, and you should be fine, considering Nike announced in 2015 that their glue is vegan.

How Can I Tell if a Pair is Vegan?

Asking the manufacturer directly is the most reliable way to know. However, that’s not always applicable. I recommend going for models that came out after 2015 and steering completely clear of animal-based materials, like leather and wool.

Are Vegan Nike Shoes Durable?

Definitely! Don’t let the mesh fabric scare you away. Nike’s vegan options are quite durable, and they can last you years without a scratch.

Final Words

By this point, you should have a clear idea on which Nike shoes are vegan and which aren’t. Also, you should be able to make an informed decision on your next vegan pair! In case you need a quick memory refresh, here’s a quick recap.

For all the active, outdoorsy women out there, the Revolution 5 and the Downshifter 9 should be your best bets. Both shoes are quite comfortable and durable while providing you with enough support to prevent foot pain. Also, if you’re looking for casual yet comfortable shoes, the Flex Experience Run 8 will be your next best friend.

On the other hand, the Tanjun and Men’s Revolution 5 are excellent options for men who are seeking comfort. The cushioned footbed of the Tanjun and knit upper of Revolution 5 are quite unmatched. However, if you’re looking for a premium pair to splurge on, the Air Zoom Pegasus 5 is for you.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.