Best Vegan Motorcycle Jacket in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan motorcycle jackets

Wearing protective gear while riding your motorcycle is crucial for your safety, and a motorcycle jacket is one of the essential items you should wear on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle jackets are not only cool and stylish; they can literally save your life. Yet, what if you are an animal lover? Would you need to sacrifice your principle and buy a jacket that has harmed many animals in its making? Definitely not.

Recently, there have been numerous vegan motorcycle jackets that are as protective as the non-vegan ones. You will even be surprised to know that they are incredibly durable.

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And because it might cost you your life if you buy one of low quality, I’ve decided to review some of the best vegan motorcycle jackets on the market. You’ll also find a buying guide stating all the factors you should check before making a purchase.

At a Glance

  1. Viking Cycle Ironborn – Best Value
  2. HHR Enduro – Best With Waist Connection Zip
  3. HWK Motorcycle Jacket – Best New Brand
  4. Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket – Most affordable 
  5. HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket – Most Visible 
  6. Joe Rocket Atomic – Features a Spine Armor 

The 6 Best Vegan Motorcycle Jackets in 2022

You’re about to read extensive reviews about six of the best vegan jackets models on the market. Use this guide to help you check their material, size, colors, and all of the other important factors you can find in our buying guide.

1. Viking Cycle Ironborn – Best Value 

Viking Cycle Ironborn Protective Textile Motorcycle Jacket for Men - Waterproof, Breathable, CE Approved Armor for Bikers (Black, X-Small)

Viking Cycle Ironborn is one of these jackets that are to die for. First of all, it has CE-approved armor, which means that it has passed the most challenging impact tests successfully. So, you it will surely provide you with protection in case of an accident. 

It’s also wholly padded, so you can rest assured that all of your back is highly protected. It’s even padded on the shoulder and elbow area, ensuring absolute safety. What I find surprising, though, is that despite all this padding, the jacket offers maximum mobility. 

Do you want to wear this jacket in any season without any inconvenience? You surely can, thanks to its next-gen liner technology and zipper-locked vents, where the former allows you to feel warm in cold weather, and the latter lets you choose the amount of airflow you need in hot weather. If the weather is hot and you want to enjoy your ride, just remove the liner and say goodbye to sweating. 

This jacket has everything you need, including pockets. It comes with one inner pocket and two outer ones, and all of them have zippers, so rest assured that nothing will fall from your pockets. It even comes with a pocket made for your cell phone, so it is always within reach. 

You can adjust the velcro straps on the cuffs and waist until you reach your desired fit. Aside from this, the jacket comes in multiple sizes, ranging from X-small to 4X-large. It’s also very stylish and comes in several colors such as black, blue, grey, green, orange, red, and white. 

Further, you can drive safely on semi-dark roads at night, thanks to the reflective lining on the jacket that enables other drivers to see you, as it provides 360º visibility.


Heavily padded
Offers maximum mobility
Makes you visible
Comes with many pockets
Has various sizes and an adjustable Velcro strap
Enables you to adjust the airflow


The zipper could be improved

Final Verdict

Viking Cycle Ironborn is an excellent vegan motorcycle jacket as it offers various high-end features at a reasonable price. You’ll enjoy comfort, safety, mobility as well as the luxury of adjusting the fit and airflow. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

2. HHR Enduro – Best With Waist Connection Zip

Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (Black, 3XL)

HHR Enduro produces excellent jackets with multiple accessories and features that are not necessarily present in other jackets. For example, this HHR Enduro vegan motorcycle jacket comes with a waist connection zipper, which allows you to wear motorcycle pants and zip them to the jacket. 

Made of 600D Cordura textile, this jacket is made of high-quality material that is protective, comfortable, and soft at the same time. Plus, the foam paddings on its elbow, shoulder, and all of the back and front help protect you further in case of accidents. It even goes the extra mile when it comes to your safety, as it comes with CE-approved removable armor. 

Moreover, you can choose from different sizes ranging from small to 5X-large, so you’ll surely get your perfect fit. In case you find your fit, but you need to adjust it a bit to be completely comfortable, you can use the adjusters on the arm and waist. 

It also comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and grey, so you can choose the color that matches your motorcycle. Plus, it helps make you very visible at night with its reflective material. 

HHR Enduro jacket comes with two external pockets and another one on the inside. You can store your valuable items like your mobile phone in this inner one, so you are sure you won’t lose them. 

This is an all-season jacket as it features a Reissa membrane, which enables it to endure rain, snow, and wind. In case the weather is too hot, you can make use of the ventilation system. 

However, some people complain that the jacket makes them hot in hot weather even when using the ventilation system. Also, some are a bit angry because of the jacket zipper seal that is not waterproof. 


Comes in many sizes and colors
Features an adjustable strap
Highly protective
Makes you visible


Not great in hot weather

Final Verdict

HHR Enduro is a lovely vegan jacket for people who don’t care much about having a jacket with multiple pockets. It’s also great for anyone living in areas where the weather is not usually very hot.

3. HWK Motorcycle Jacket – Best New Brand

HWK Motorcycle Jacket for Men Cordura Motorbike Racing Biker Riding Breathable CE Armored Waterproof All-Weather (Blue, XXX-Large)

If you want to support newly-established brands who excel in making vegan motorcycle jackets, opt for this one. HWK produces high-quality jackets at a very reasonable price. Also, if you want to get all the fantastic features of the HHR Enduro jacket without paying a lot of money, this is your best option.

First of all, you can adjust the fit, thanks to the adjusters on its arm and waist. It even comes in different sizes, starting from small to 5X-large, so you’ll definitely find the size that fits you. 

It’s made of 600D Cordura textile, and its elbows, shoulders, and upper and lower back have foam padding, ensuring you stay out of harm’s way in case of accidents. 

Moreover, this all-season vegan jacket is insulated, so it keeps you warm in cold weather. And if the weather is hot, you can easily remove the insulated thermal liner. Besides, it allows for ventilation, thanks to its mesh lining. 

Further, its Reissa membrane increases its breathability, helps make it waterproof and enables it to withstand rain, snow, and wind. The jacket is also flexible and allows for high mobility. And I believe that the 5-year warranty ensures that the manufacturers know that the jacket is highly durable. 

It doesn’t come with lots of pockets as it has two pockets on the outside and one on the inside, where you can keep your mobile phone. Also, the zippers are highly durable, so you won’t lose your items. 

Like most of the other jackets, it features fully reflective panels, so you will be very visible at night. Further, most HWK jackets have three-color contrast, and you can choose between blue, black, red, and green. There is a jacket that is in black only for black lovers. 


5-year warranty
Very protective
Highly visible


Has few pockets

Final Verdict

HWK Motorcycle Jacket is super for people who love supporting rising brands without sacrificing high quality. You will get a jacket that ensures to keep you safe and well-protected at a reasonable price. You‘ll also find great comfort in knowing that you’ll be receiving a five-year warranty. 

4. Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket – Most Affordable 

Motorcycle Jackets for Men Viking Cycle Ironside Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket (X-Small, Military Green)

Even though Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket is the most affordable jacket on the list, it is great for various reasons. For example, it suits all weather conditions, thanks to the integrated mesh design, which allows for airflow. Moreover, you can adjust the quantity of airflow until it is perfect for the current weather. 

Further, it protects you pretty well, as it features a padded shoulder, upper and lower back, and elbows. This means that if you have an accident, you’ll most likely not suffer much. 

It’s also worth mentioning that it’s C.E certified, which means that it meets Europe’s motorcycle safety standards. It is also pretty visible, thanks to its reflective material that lets people see you clearly at night. 

Obviously, the manufacturers of Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket want you to be very comfortable while wearing the jacket, so they designed Velcro straps on the cuffs and waist that you can adjust until you find the desired fit. Besides, it comes in various sizes from x-small until 4X-large. 

What’s more, you won’t need a bag when you’re wearing the jacket because you can store your items in its various pockets. It comes with three zipped inner pockets where you can put your valuable items. This way, you can rest assured that nothing would fall when you’re flying on the road. It also has four pockets on the outside protected with zippers. 


Features multiple pockets 
Comes in many sizes 
Has adjustable Velcro straps
C.E certified


The foam is of low quality 
Lacks a thermal liner

Final Verdict

This is the best jacket for people searching for well-ventilated and affordable vegan motorcycle jackets. It’s equipped with numerous amazing features, especially at its low price. 

5. HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket – Most Visible 

Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket For Men Textile Motorbike CE Armored Waterproof Jackets ADV 4-Season (Hi-Vis Green, 5XL)

HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket is the most visible one on this list because instead of having reflexive straps, it has huge panels all over it with colorful and visible colors. This ensures you stay visible even if you’re driving on dark roads at night time. 

It’s also pretty versatile, given that it comes in various colors, including black, green, and light grey. Plus, you’ll definitely find your fit as its sizes range from small to 5X-large. You can also adjust it to your body, thanks to the straps on its waist, neck, and biceps. 

Regarding the protection quality it provides, rest assured that you won’t suffer any harm wearing this jacket, owing to its 600D Cordura construction and removable CE-approved armor on the shoulders, back, and elbow. 

This jacket is suitable for all seasons. For example, if it’s too cold, and there is a strong wind, the insulated thermal liner will provide you with the needed warmth. This also makes it perfect for dealing with strong winds if you’re driving at high speed.

This means that this is the jacket to buy if you love going on adventures on your motorcycle. If the weather is hot, though, you can remove the thermal liner and let the ventilation system work its wonders. 

It comes with two external pockets and another internal one where you can keep your mobile phone. I love that the outer pockets are foldable because this means that you can keep your precious items from getting wet. 


High-quality material 
Has foldable pockets 
Suitable in all weather conditions
Incredibly visible 
Comes in various sizes


Not waterproof

Final Verdict

HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket is the perfect pick for adventure lovers. It is very safe, suitable for all seasons, comfortable and flexible.

6. Joe Rocket Atomic – Best Spine Protection 

Joe Rocket 1651-5003 Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, Medium)

Joe Rocket Atomic is an excellent vegan motorcycle jacket for many reasons. However, what I adore about it is its super protection, especially to your back. This jacket comes with a spin armor that ensures your spine and backbone stay safe no matter what. 

Some complain that the back protection makes the jacket stiff to some extent. So, If you don’t want the spine armor for any reason, you can remove it. The spine armor also comes with a pocket, allowing you to insert a CE-approved spine protector if you want. 

The jacket has CE-approved armor on its shoulders and elbows in addition to the above safety-providing feature. And the Rock Tex and Hitena construction makes it waterproof and highly resistant to impacts. 

Plus, it won’t make you extra hot if you wear it in the summer, thanks to its ventilation system that allows for airflow. Further, it comes in various sizes starting from small and ending at 5X-large. And the arm length is excellent for sportbike riding as well as touring. 

If you love riding your motorcycle at night, you’ll feel safe doing so wearing Joe Rocket Atomic, as it features a huge block of a striking color. Besides, it comes in many colors, such as black, orange, blue, silver, and grey. 


Has a ventilation system 
Highly visible
Very protective
Features a spine armor


The sizing is a bit small
Low-quality zippers 
Unreasonably expensive

Final Verdict

If you have no problem with spending a considerable amount of money, go for Joe Rocket Atomic. It mainly made it to this list because of its spine protector feature, which is worth the extra money compared to the other jackets on this list. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Vegan Motorcycle Jacket

When you’re searching for a vegan motorcycle jacket, you must know all the factors that you should consider in order not to buy something you regret. Without further ado, let’s dive into the most critical factors. 


Vegan motorcycle jackets are usually made of faux leather or textile. Let’s see each’s properties so you can choose the most comfortable material for you. 

Faux leather jackets are not as protective as leather ones, but this is a small price to pay if you want to save animals. Plus, you can easily maintain and clean them. Sadly, they are more suitable for cold weather conditions because they’re not comfortable in hot weather. Of course, all of this depends on the quality of the faux leather. 

Unlike faux leather jackets, those made of textiles are versatile and work pretty well in all weather conditions. Besides, such jackets are breathable, waterproof, and have excellent insulation because nylon can blend with different materials like Denier Cordura, Armscor, and Kevlar. 

Some jackets are made of a mixture of both materials: faux leather and nylon. These have the best of both worlds as they take the good qualities of each and eliminate the bad ones. 


If you need the jacket for touring or racing, a lightweight one would be best. On the other hand, jackets made of faux leather are denser and heavier. 


In case you want the jacket to play sports, get one that is perfectly fit as it’ll be more comfortable. But if you just need it for commuting, looser jackets would be more comfortable. I recommend you get one with adjustable straps because this will help you adjust the jacket according to your preference. 


Some jackets feature a mesh ventilated membrane, which works wonders as it allows for airflow. This prevents you from sweating and helps your body stay healthy. 

Another thing that would increase your comfort is if the jacket has removable thermal linings. You could remove them when the weather is too hot. 


Whenever you’re on the road, you should be extra careful. Yet, this doesn’t eliminate the chances of having an accident. For this reason, it’s always advisable to buy a visible one. This helps make you visible on dark roads at night. The jacket could feature a reflective strap or just be made of vibrant colors. 

Extra accessories

Some jackets have several pockets, which is a great plus since this allows you to store your items without carrying a bag. If the jacket has pockets on the inside, that would be perfect as you can put your valuable items such as your mobile and keys. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea about how to choose the best vegan motorcycle jacket. In case you’re still a little confused, I’ll shed extra light on some of the above products.

In case you don’t want to spend much money but still want to buy a jacket that is durable and protective, go for Viking Ironside Motorcycle Jacket. It’s comfortable, CE-certified, has several pockets, and suitable for all weather conditions.

HWK Touring Motorcycle Jacket is the one to buy if visibility is your number one priority. It comes in many highly visible colors, so you’ll be seen by other drivers. Plus, it features foldable pockets and is comfortable. However, it is not waterproof, so you won’t be able to wear it when it’s raining.

HHR Enduro is great for its waist connection zip and superb padding. Yet, it is not great in hot weather, so I recommend you go for it if you’re living in a cold area.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.