Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan motorcycle boots

Nothing compares to the exhilarating freedom of motorcycling, and as a passionate rider, I truly understand the significance of having the right gear, particularly when it comes to our boots. They play a vital role in safeguarding us from potential injuries while ensuring our comfort during every ride. However, there’s a challenge: most motorcycle boots available in the market are crafted from animal-based materials such as leather, suede, or nubuck. Being a vegan biker myself, I have experienced firsthand the difficulties of finding top-quality vegan motorcycle boots that align with our ethical principles.

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But fret not! I have conducted extensive research and compiled an updated comprehensive list of the best vegan motorcycle boots in 2023 suitable for both men and women. Let’s dive in!

List of the Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots for Men

  1. O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider Boots
  2. Fly Racing 2021 Maverik Boots
  3. Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Men’s Motorcycle Boots

List of the Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots for Women

  1. Alpinestars Women’s Motorcycle Boots
  2. DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots
  3. Herstyle Florence2 Women’s Ankle Boots

The 3 Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots for Men in 2023

1. O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider Boots

O'Neal 0325-110 Men's New Logo Rider Boot (Black, Size 10)

Contrary to popular belief, I want to assure you that finding vegan motorcycle boots that perfectly balance style and performance is no longer a challenge. I can’t contain my excitement as I share my discovery of the O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider Boots, which have become my trusted and affordable companion for all my thrilling off-road adventures.

Just the sight of these striking black boots on my feet fills me with the confidence of an expert biker who never needed animal skin for a boost. The meticulous design and attention to detail are evident through the diverse range of materials used, ensuring exceptional performance during my rides. One standout feature is the Goodyear welt soles, which not only contribute to their durability but also assure me of their long-lasting construction.

The main material utilized in these boots is microfiber, and I must say, it has truly left an impression on me. Not only is it more cost-effective than leather, but it also possesses impressive water and chemical resistance properties that surpass those of traditional leather. I appreciate how low-maintenance microfiber is, requiring minimal effort to preserve its integrity. Additionally, the microfiber materials come with a heat shield, providing an extra layer of protection against potential heat damage.

While the boots may not be entirely weatherproof, their water-resistant properties have pleasantly surprised me during my rides on wet surfaces. The heel support and cushioned insoles offer remarkable comfort, even during extended periods on the motorcycle. It’s reassuring to know that I can focus solely on the road ahead, without any discomfort or fatigue hindering my enjoyment of the journey.

When it comes to protection, these boots have got me covered. The injection-molded plastic plates offer essential foot protection in the event of impact, while the metal shank reinforcements provide invaluable safeguarding for my shins. The presence of metal toe guards further ensures the safety of my toes in potential accidents.

Let’s not forget about the impressive closure system of these boots. The snap-lock, adjustable four buckles not only keep the boots securely in place but also contribute to my overall safety and stability while riding.

However, I do want to mention a couple of minor drawbacks I encountered during the initial use. The boots felt slightly stiff at first, but as I continued wearing them, they gradually molded to the shape of my feet, providing a better fit and improved comfort. Additionally, if you’re someone who values a variety of color options, it’s important to note that these boots are currently only available in black.


Durable Goodyear welt soles
Snap-lock adjustable four buckle closure system
Comfortable heel support and cushioned insoles
Injection-molded plastic plates
Metal shank reinforcements and metal toe guards


Can feel a bit too stiff at first
No color options

2. Fly Racing 2021 Maverik Boots

FLY Racing Maverik Boots for Motocross, Off-road, and ATV riding (SZ 07,WHITE/BLACK)

There’s no biker nowadays who doesn’t know Fly Racing. They know how to cater to every biker’s specific needs, so it comes as no surprise that they have vegan protective boots like the Fly Racing 2021 Maverik Boots.

As a passionate biker, I couldn’t resist trying out the new and improved 2021 Maverik boots. Right from the first look, I could tell they were different. The designs were bold and eye-catching, with colors that made a statement. I appreciated that there was even a high-visibility option, ensuring I stayed safe on the road.

One of the key aspects that drew me to these boots is their commitment to being 100% cruelty-free. Being a vegan biker, I value products that align with my ethical values. The Fly Racing Maverik boots are made from a combination of innovative plastics and rubbers, which not only provide excellent protection but also showcase the brand’s dedication to creating quality vegan gear.

When it comes to motorcycle shifting, I was impressed by the 3D molded plastic shift panels in these boots. The grooves and texture added to the panels made shifting hassle-free, allowing me to effortlessly navigate through gears during my rides.

As a biker, I understand the importance of protecting my shins, which are vulnerable to injuries. The Maverik boots come prepared with pre-shaped molded plastic 3D shins, offering exceptional impact resistance. Additionally, the articulated rear and inner ankle panels provide excellent support and shielding for the ankles, further enhancing the overall protection and safety these boots provide.

The rubber outsoles of the Maverik boots not only offer slip resistance but are also designed to keep the weight down. I found this particularly advantageous during long rides, as it reduced fatigue and allowed me to maintain better control of my motorcycle. The rubber heat shields also impressed me, ensuring that the boots remained intact even in high-temperature conditions.

The adjustable quick-lock buckles of the Maverik boots provided a secure and personalized fit, keeping my feet locked in place. I appreciated the unique open design, which prevented dirt and debris from obstructing the buckles, ensuring smooth and reliable functionality.

While the Maverik boots offer outstanding performance in various aspects, it’s important to note a couple of downsides. One major drawback is their durability, as they may not last forever. However, during their lifespan, they excel in all aspects, delivering reliable protection and comfort. It’s also worth mentioning that these boots are not waterproof, so it’s best to avoid wearing them in rainy conditions.


Reasonable price
Multiple color options
3D molded plastic shift panels
Rubber outsoles and heat shields
Articulated rear ankles
Pre-shaped molded plastic 3D shins and adjustable quick-lock buckles


Not long-lasting
Not waterproof

3. Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Mens Casual Engineer Zipper and Buckle Motorcycle Boots – Brown, Size 6.5

Have you ever wanted a pair of vegan motorcycle boots that you can also pass off as dress shoes? If you think that your dreams are too specific to come true, think again. The Polar Fox Wyatt MPX608005 Men’s Motorcycle Boots have exceeded my expectations, offering everything I could ask for and more.

The synthetic leather-look, combined with the stylish metal detail of the matching buckles and zippers, instantly caught my attention. These boots not only provide the functionality I need for motorcycling but also make a fashion statement wherever I go. I’ve received numerous compliments on their unique design, and the two color options allow me to effortlessly style them with any outfit in my wardrobe.

One of the remarkable aspects of these boots is the faux leather material used. It replicates the luxurious look and feel of genuine leather without the ethical concerns or hefty price tag. What sets it apart is its water-resistant and breathable properties, surpassing the limitations of real leather. I’ve experienced firsthand how these boots withstand various weather conditions, keeping my feet dry and comfortable throughout my rides.

As expected from motorcycle boots, the rubber outsoles of the Wyatt boots are tough and non-skid, providing the necessary traction and confidence on the road. Whether I’m maneuvering through city streets or cruising on open highways, I feel secure and in control. The adjustable metal buckles around the ankles and the heavy-duty zippers further enhance the boots’ functionality, ensuring a snug fit and keeping my feet securely in place during even the most thrilling rides.

While the Wyatt boots offer exceptional style and comfort, it’s important to note a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the sizes tend to run large, so I recommend paying extra attention when selecting the right size. It’s always best to consult the size chart and consider customer reviews for guidance. Secondly, these boots are more suitable for casual riding rather than high-intensity motorcycling that requires extensive protection. It’s important to align their usage with your specific needs and riding style.


Incredibly affordable
Classic design
Heavy-duty buckles and zippers
Non-skid rubber outsoles


Size runs large
Not much protection

The 3 Best Vegan Motorcycle Boots for Women in 2023

1. Alpinestars Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Women's 2224116-1039-36 Boots (Black/Pink/White, Size 36)

Every rider out there is familiar with Alpinestars, and when it comes to high-quality motorcycle boots for women, the Alpinestars Women’s Boots are a true gem. My wife happens to own a pair, and they encompass everything you could ask for: style, comfort, protection, and durability.

At first glance, these reasonably-priced, low-cut boots caught our attention with their practical and appealing design. What sets them apart is their specific engineering to fit the female foot, and you can immediately feel the difference when you slip them on. The boots offer a customized fit that enhances both comfort and performance. To top it off, they come in two stunning color options, allowing my wife to effortlessly match them with her motorcycling outfits.

Upon closer inspection, it’s evident that these boots are meticulously constructed. The lightweight microfiber uppers not only exude quality but also provide exceptional abrasion resistance, surpassing the capabilities of genuine leather. We’ve been impressed by how durable and long-lasting the microfiber uppers have proven to be, withstanding the demands of challenging rides.

Moreover, these boots are fortified with strategically positioned TPU protectors, offering essential protection for the most vulnerable areas. The inclusion of internal toe box protection beneath the uppers ensures the safety of my wife’s toes, while the double-density ankle protectors provide maximum abrasion resistance, providing invaluable peace of mind.

Slipping is the last thing my wife needs to worry about when wearing these boots. They feature Alpinestars’ exclusive compound rubber soles, designed with a pattern that promotes superior grip and effective water dispersion. This means she can confidently navigate various terrains and weather conditions, knowing that her footing remains secure.

Comfort is not compromised with these boots either. They boast accordion flex zones and a removable anatomic footbed with EVA foam and Lycra, ensuring optimal support and cushioning for the soles of her feet. The rear of the heel counter has also been redesigned with soft TPR inserts, allowing for extra maneuverability during rides.

In terms of breathability, these boots excel. They feature perforated medial, lateral, and toe panels, as well as a mesh lining throughout, facilitating proper ventilation and airflow. This ensures that her feet stay cool and comfortable, even during long rides.

The front Velcro closure system not only secures her feet in place quickly but also provides a comfortable fit that allows ample flexibility and maneuverability on the motorcycle.

While these boots boast numerous exceptional features, it’s important to note that they are not waterproof. Therefore, we don’t recommend them for wet environments where protection against water is essential.


Reasonable price
Double-density ankle protectors
Internal toe box protection
Internal mesh lining
Removable anatomic footbed with EVA foam and Lycra
Front Velcro closure system


Not waterproof

2. DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots

DailyShoes Women's Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High Exclusive Credit Card Pocket Metal Front Bootie Shoes, Beige PU, 5 B(M) US

Female vegan bikers have raised their voices with the demands for practical, vegan motorcycle boots, and their voices were heard. The Herstyle Florence2 Women’s Ankle Boots offer tons of advantages with an attractive design as a bonus.

First and foremost, these boots are incredibly attractive with their mid knee high design and metal detail at the front and back. The lace-up front adds a classic touch, and you can choose from a variety of color options to match your riding outfits.

What’s impressive is that these boots are made from heavy-duty vegan leather, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. Whether you need boots for work, motorcycling, or a casual day out, you can enjoy the look and feel of leather without compromising on ethics.

In terms of construction, these boots feature rubber soles that offer reliable traction and prevent slipping. The cushioned insoles ensure comfort during various activities, making these boots suitable for long rides.

A standout feature is the zippered storage pockets, allowing you to carry small personal items like credit cards, cash, keys, and more. These pockets not only add convenience but also contribute to a snug fit. Rest assured, the zippers are designed to withstand frequent use and protect your valuables while on your rides.

However, it’s important to note a few downsides. These boots may not provide extensive protection against impact or abrasion, so caution should be exercised. Additionally, they are not waterproof, so it’s advisable to be mindful of the environments you expose them to.


Multiple color options
Attractive design with metal detail
Incredibly affordable
Ultra-secure zippered storage pocket
Slip-resistant rubber soles
Padded insole cushions


Poor protection
Not waterproof

3. Herstyle Florence2 Women’s Ankle Boots

Herstyle Florence2 Women's Ankle Lace Up Military Combat Booties Mid Calf Boots Black 10.0

Female vegan bikers have raised their voices with the demands for practical, vegan motorcycle boots, and their voices were heard. The Herstyle Florence2 Women’s Ankle Boots offer tons of advantages with an attractive design as a bonus.

For those who appreciate the smooth feel of suede but reject its cruel origin, faux suede is the perfect alternative. The use of faux suede in these boots allows us to forgo genuine suede and all its animal-based counterparts, while also offering a more low-maintenance option.

What sets these faux-suede boots apart is their versatility. They can seamlessly transition from riding to various settings without looking out of place. Available in a range of colors, these cute faux-suede boots can effortlessly match your biking outfits.

Comfort is a top priority with these boots. The padded insoles provide a pleasant and cushioned feel throughout the day. Additionally, the anti-slip rubber soles ensure a special traction grip on all types of terrain, which proves particularly beneficial during motorcycling. The lace-up buckle closure system ensures a secure fit, keeping the boots firmly in place.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that no pair of boots is without its drawbacks. These boots do not offer extensive protection, so it’s advisable to avoid engaging in overly adventurous activities while wearing them. Furthermore, they are not waterproof, so caution should be exercised when wearing them in wet conditions.


Incredibly affordable
Multiple color options
Slip-resistant rubber soles
Padded insoles
Lace-up buckle closure system
Attractive design


Not much protection
Not waterproof

How to Pick Vegan Motorcycle Boots

While there are fewer options for vegan bikers than non-vegans, it is still better than you think. This section is here to help you navigate purposely through the criteria that make a pair of boots more suitable than the other.

Vegan Materials

We’re discussing vegan motorcycle boots, so we’ll talk about the materials used in cruelty-free boots. Despite the popularity of leather in motorcycle boots, we don’t have to resort to it anymore. There are many synthetic materials that are more hassle-free.


You’ve probably been told that nothing can replicate the look and feel of genuine leather at some point. Well, that’s not true. Microfiber can replicate leather and even offer some properties that leather can’t match. It is highly durable and has excellent water and chemical resistance. Also, microfiber’s flexibility makes it comfortable to wear, and it’s easy to clean!


Lorica is the brand new thing in the world of synthetic leather, and it has many amazing properties that make it worth the hype. 

It is durable, scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, and water-repellent. In addition, it’s comfortable to wear because it’s hypoallergenic and breathable. So, it’s easy to see why it has become a staple in high-end motorcycle footwear.


Textiles are popular among vegans and non-vegans alike, and why wouldn’t they be? They offer versatility in colors, styles, designs, knits, and weaves. Vegan examples of textiles include cotton, polyester, rayon, and nylon. Each of them has its advantages that cater to different bikers’ needs.


Motorcycling is fun and thrilling until accidents and serious injuries happen. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, everyone should be well-prepared before riding such a speedy vehicle.

Look for boots with protective armor and impact resistance that shields as many high-impact parts of your feet as possible, such as soles, ankles, shins, toes, and knees. Ideally, long, padded, and thick boots provide the best protection.

Also, the type of closure that your boots have, whether it’s lace, zip, or buckle, needs to be secure and reliable to ensure your safety regardless of what may come.


If you’re going to ride in rainy, cold weather, you need a waterproof pair of boots. Some faux-fur lining to keep the feet warm never hurts either.

On the other hand, sometimes you ride during hot summer days, and you need footwear that relieves your feet from the hot asphalt, and that’s why you should consider ventilated boots and breathable materials.

Design and Style

One thing that you’ll notice about motorcycle boots is that for every occasion, there is a certain design that’s more fitting than others.

The type of boots that stands out the most is racing boots. The logos and color schemes are in your face, and their tall construction isn’t for the shy. Their robust build, superior abrasion resistance, and impressive shock absorption fit their purpose. Sensitive areas like heels and toes are reinforced for protection. In addition, racing boots tend to be stiff because they’re meant to be only used on the tracks.

On the other hand, we have touring boots. They’re more focused on comfort than anything else because bikers wear them on long-distance rides. Also, touring boots are typically waterproof to keep you well-prepared.

If you want motorcycle boots that don’t look out-of-place when you’re not riding, consider cruiser boots. The harness rings make them stand out indeed, and their ankle-height construction is flattering in most settings. Besides looking good, cruiser boots still provide a lot of protection and slip resistance.

Some riders like to kick it up a notch by going off-road motorcycling. This type of riding subjects the feet to uneven and bumpy terrain, so you need extra protection for your shins, ankles, and knees. 

Also, the material of the boots has to be thick and sturdy. In addition, weatherproofing when you’re off-road is definitely smart, so don’t forget to protect your feet from the cold and the rain.

Size and Fit

It’s a no-brainer that you have to check the shoes’ sizes before you purchase them. Yet, many people forget to check whether they’re true to size or not. Reviewing every manufacturer’s sizing charts definitely helps.

In addition, the thickness of your socks will affect how tight your boots will feel. Ideally, they should feel snug, not too tight or too loose; tight boots lead to discomfort, blisters, bunions, corns, and calluses, while loose boots are completely unsafe on the road.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on animal-based motorcycle boots anymore, which is why we made a list of the best vegan motorcycle boots for men and women.

Our top choice for men is the O’Neal 0325-110 Men’s New Logo Rider Boots. They offer affordability, all-terrain use, and solid construction. Also, the Fly Racing 2021 Maverik Boots stand out for their strategically-placed plastic protectors and adjustable quick-lock buckles.

For women, we’re really impressed with the Alpinestars Women’s Motorcycle Boots and the well-thought design, build, and protection that they offer. Next, we have the stylish, durable, and innovative DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots that any vegan biker will love.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.