Best Vegan Loafers in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan loafers

In recent years, more vegan clothing items and footwear are replacing non-vegan options. It’s only a matter of time until technology and research provide alternatives for nearly everything you use daily. 

Personally speaking, I believe an essential piece in an outfit is the shoes, because this is where your comfort and confidence come from. Comfortable shoes will keep you moving seamlessly and energetically from a place to another. 

That’s why loafers are my ultimate favorite option! They are generally comfortable to move in, come in a variety of shapes and materials, fit both casual and formal outfits, and can be adaptable for different seasons. 

What’s better than comfortable loafers? Vegan loafers! Yes, they do exist, and for very reasonable prices. Animal-derived materials are replaced with faux leather, cotton, linen, fake suede, or piñatex, all of which are green materials that are cruelty-free. 

In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect loafers to nail your style and stay truthful to your moral compass as a vegan person.

The guide is divided into two sections; one for women followed by a separate one for men. Ladies and gentlemen, read on to decide on your next purchase!

List of the Best Vegan Loafers for Women

  1. Amazon Essentials Women’s Loafers
  2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Ruler Ankle Loafers
  3. Sanuk’s Women’s Donna Blanket

List of the Best Vegan Loafers for Men

  1. Bourgeois Boheme Men’s Vegan Loafers
  2. Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Slip-On Loafers
  3. Will’s City Loafers

Best Vegan Loafers for Women

In this section, we mention 3 convenient vegan loafers for women to consider.

1. Amazon Essentials Women’s Loafers

Ladies, if you’re looking for a basic pair that you can wear to work or when you run errands, this pair from Amazon Essentials is what you should get! It’s comfy, convenient, cheap, and it comes in a variety of colors.

First off, the design is pretty simple. Are these loafers going to stand out in terms of how they look? No, but if simplicity is what you’re going for, then you’ll enjoy this pair. The design is also minimalist, and there’s no unnecessary bulkiness. Lightweight loafers are truly underrated.

The materials used in this pair are faux leather and faux suede, so you don’t have to worry about whether any animals were harmed in the process.

The faux leather uppers prove that you don’t have to harm an animal to replicate leather’s look and feel. Thanks to the faux suede lining, this pair is amongst the most comfortable and breathable footwear that our team has ever tried! Plus, the memory foam cushioning is a sweet addition to an already comfortable pair of loafers.

In addition, we love the grippy TPR outsoles because nothing is more embarrassing than slipping in a new pair that you’re showing off to your friends.

If you’re sick of how new flats rub against your feet or cause blisters, you don’t have to worry about this with this pair; you won’t need back-up shoes when you wear them. Plus, they’re easy to slip on.

However, one thing that we worry about is that these loafers aren’t the best option for long walks or rocky terrains because they don’t offer much support. Also, before you pick the size, keep in mind that they run narrow.


Different color options
Extremely affordable
Faux-leather uppers
Comfortable and breathable faux suede lining
Memory foam cushioning
Grippy TPR outsoles


No support
Runs narrow

2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Ruler Ankle Loafers

Another option for women who are unwilling to compromise comfort for anything is this pair of loafers from Dr. Scholl. It’s comfortable, durable, and made from soft faux-leather with equally soft linings.

Unlike the previous pair from Amazon Essentials, this pair has a near-formal design, which means you can wear it to work, cinema, or the club. It still looks fashionable, thanks to the embossed detail, and feels amazing. What else is there to look for? 

Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, and our favorites are black and honey. They’re also very cheap, which means you can get different pairs in more than one color to match your different outfits! These ankle loafers are the best choice for a stylish woman.

If you’re a fan of genuine leather who needs a cruelty-free alternative without compromising the style, you’ve come to the right place. These faux-leather uppers are very soft and luxurious at a much more affordable price than a genuine-leather pair.

Also, the lining is incredibly soft. This lightweight pair also enjoys extra flexibility, thanks to the inside gore and comfortable insole. The comfortable, anatomical cushioning is all you need if you get sore feet quickly. We can’t recommend a more comfortable pair of vegan loafers.

The only downside is that these loafers aren’t the best option for wider feet because they might restrict your movement a bit. If this is not an issue for you, go ahead with your purchase!


Different color options
Faux-leather uppers
Soft lining
Comfortable, anatomical cushioning
Lightweight, flexible construction


Not suitable for wider feet

3. Sanuk’s Women’s Donna Blanket

A unique option for color lovers out there is this Donna Blanket from Sanuk. Just by looking at it, you’ll realize why we decided to try it on: nothing beats Sanuk’s variability in the design and the colors!

Fans of moccasin design will love these reasonably-priced loafers. I mean, who doesn’t love them? Also, the prints are unique and festive; you will stand out wearing them at your next party, a trip to the beach, or a night out with your friends. Although they come in only two color options, these two are the boldest on our list.

What about the materials? The uppers are made from Baja blankets, which is where the unique look comes from. Also, the canvas lining is super soft and comfortable. We love the premium, molded, cushiony EVA footbeds that stick out with their antimicrobial additives that reduce odor-stimulating bacteria. These properties will definitely boost your confidence.

Plus, these loafers have Happy U rubber sponge outsoles that give you a sufficient amount of traction so that you don’t slip.

As you can see, there’s so much that you can do with 100% vegan materials. Being vegan doesn’t mean that your options are limited at all.

However, these loafers have one disadvantage, which is that they don’t offer much support. So, we don’t recommend wearing them if you have foot problems or if you have to walk long distances.


Unique color options
Reasonably priced
Baja blanket uppers
Cushioned midsoles


No support

Best Vegan Loafers for Men

These are our favorite 3 vegan loafers options for men.

1. Bourgeois Boheme Men’s Vegan Loafers

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of vegan options in footwear, which you probably know. What you may not know is that there’s a demand for vegan loafers that are easier on the environment, and that’s how the PVC-free Bourgeois Boheme Men’s Vegan Loafers came about.

The design is for men that have high standards in their smart-casual footwear. These loafers are the ones that you wear when you want to say that you’re a man of taste and attention to detail. Our hand-crafted pick has a penny-loafer cut that works for every setting. In addition, we can’t compliment the navy suede color enough; you can see it for yourself.

The design and colors aren’t the only aspects that scream “high-end” of these loafers. This pair is made from high-quality Italian faux leather for the vegan man that feels terrible about wearing leather and not wearing it all the same. Trust us: your friends won’t be able to tell the difference between this pair and the real thing; the texture and shine are too realistic.

Also, the breathable seed-based Bio-polyols lining enables you to wear these loafers comfortably in all seasons. You no longer have to resort to footwear that makes you feel like you’re deliberately suffocating your feet.

Sometimes, faux leather saves animals but ends up hurting the environment when it’s made from harmful plastics such as PVC, which seems counterproductive when you think about it. 

So, we were over the moon when we found out that this pair is completely PVC-free; there’s no better news for vegans that care about the environment, which we should save for the benefit of animals, plants, and the human race.

As you can imagine, this pair has its disadvantages. Firstly, it’s highly expensive, so you can’t go for it if you’re on a tight budget. Secondly, as much as we love the navy suede color, there are no other color options; we wish there was more diversity in colors.


High-quality Italian faux leather
Breathable seed-based Bio-polyols lining
Timeless penny loafer cut


Incredibly expensive
No color options

2. Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Slip-On Loafers

If you’re tall or big in physique and need loafers that perfectly fit, the award-winning Sanuk’s pair is right for you! It looks trendy, made from textile and gum rubber, and is easy to slip-on. There’s so much that these loafers provide.

The affordable slip-on pair has a unique, moccasin design with frayed edges. So, it will work perfectly in any casual setting. Thanks to the versatile material, these loafers come in a wide selection of colors, and you can’t go wrong with the khaki and the brindle.

In terms of material, the Sank Vegabond pair knows what’s up. The canvas uppers are the perfect material because they’re lightweight and durable. So, despite the affordable price tag, they’ll last you a long time. Their flexible and porous nature allows the feet to comfortably move and breathe, even on the hottest days. So, this pair is the perfect summer companion.

Plus, this fabric has a distinctive look and feel that you can notice immediately. Also, the canvas material is a fuss-free fabric that can be cleaned easily and doesn’t require any special maintenance.

In addition, the soft canvas lining makes you feel comfortable and cushioned at all times. The molded EVA footbeds have antimicrobial qualities that reduce the possibilities of odor production because nobody can walk around confidently if their feet smell.

Moreover, we love the high-abrasion rubber outsoles because they make these loafers more practical.

All that being said, these award-winning loafers aren’t without flaws. The fact that they don’t have much support means that you can’t wear them on long walks or athletic activities like jogging, hiking, or exercising. Other than that, everything’s good.


A wide selection of colors
Soft canvas lining
High-abrasion rubber outsoles


No support

3. Will’s City Loafers

This PETA-approved pair is another favorite of ours! The Will’s City Loafers have a sleek design and are made from burnished faux leather and microfibers. The pair is breathable and water-resistant. There’s nothing we don’t like about these loafers!

As always, we’ll start with the design. The penny-loafer cut is the embodiment of classic but timeless; it makes the loafers absolutely sharp at all times and settings. Why? Because the combination of black and red never gets old.

Of course, we’ll talk about the material in detail. The pair has burnished Italian faux-leather microfiber uppers. These uppers are your door to the luxurious yet cruelty-free footwear. The microfiber in these uppers is water-resistant, which is more than what genuine leather has to offer. The choice of microfiber, as opposed to other faux leather materials, is eco-friendly, as well.

In addition, these loafers have an incredibly soft and breathable lining that makes you forget about leather loafers. Also, the grippy outsoles keep you dignified, as they ensure that you don’t trip.

The only thing that we don’t like about this pair is how expensive it is.


Timeless penny loafer cut
Burnished Italian faux-leather microfiber uppers
Soft, breathable lining
Grippy outsoles



How to Pick Vegan Loafers


The first aspect of vegan loafers that we should discuss is what they’re made from. Of course, we’re looking for footwear that is 100% cruelty-free. So, we’ll discuss the most popular vegan materials in loafers.

Faux Leather

The most common material that vegans opt for in loafers is faux leather, which makes sense when you want the sophistication and luxury of leather without the guilt of genuine leather. Faux leather comes from a variety of plant-based and synthetic sources, so pick whatever feels and looks best for you.

The durability and water resistance of faux leather are insane and worth a try. Plus, faux leather is much easier to clean than the real thing, and you won’t have to take care of it as much. Finally, it costs way less than genuine leather, and who’s to say no to that?

> Read more: Our ultimate guide to vegan leather

Faux Suede

Raise your hand if you love the smooth and soft feel of suede. Again, raise your hand if you feel guilty about suede due to its cruel origin and want a guilt-free alternative.

If so, you’re going to love faux suede, which replicates everything that you love about genuine suede and nothing that you hate. It has the same timeless look and smooth feel. Also, it has stain-repellent properties, which makes it last for a long time.

Just like faux leather, faux suede is much easier to maintain and clean than its genuine counterpart, which is easily affected by the elements.

Plus, this man-made alternative is budget-friendly, so you don’t have to break the bank for a decent pair.

Another unexpected advantage to faux suede is that a lot of it is made from recycled plastics. So not only will it save animals, but it will also help save the planet. Isn’t that amazing?


Cotton loafers are an excellent go-to for people who want a variety of options, colors, and designs. Cotton is so adaptable, so it results in shoes that come in a wide selection of colors, while leather shoes come in what? 4 color options as a maximum. Cotton footwear can be paired with anything.

Also, cotton footwear is washable, which is great for days when you need more than spot cleaning. Cotton loafers will need very little maintenance from your end; there’s no need for specialized sprays, polishers, and all that.

Furthermore, cotton is durable, and this quality translates to cotton footwear. Despite their relatively affordable price, cotton loafers are strong and long-lasting.

Of course, we can’t mention cotton without discussing its best qualities, which are being breathable and lightweight. These qualities make cotton loafers pretty comfortable to wear, even on the hottest days. Instead of suffocating your feet, cotton loafers let air in and out while wicking away any uncomfortable moisture.

Size and Comfort

It comes as no surprise that paying attention to the sizing of your loafers is essential. Take your own measurements into considerations and check if the loafers in questions are true to size or not. Also, pay attention to footwear that may fit people with small feet more, and vice versa.

Don’t forget to check how comfortable the pair of loafers in question is because comfort is one of the main features that popularized loafers in the first place. 

If you’ll wear them on long days and walk in them for hours, you must make sure that your loafers have padded footbeds and grippy soles. Also, if you’ll fly with your loafers, go for ones that are airport friendly and easy to slip in and out of.

Loafers that you’ll wear in the summer should have breathable materials, while the ones that you’ll wear in the cold should be plush and warm on the inside.

Design and Colors

No fashion icon or supermodel out there doesn’t have a pair of loafers. No, seriously. Google it. Of course, not all loafers look the same; they’re more diverse than you may think. The setting in which you’ll wear your loafers and your personal preferences determine what these loafers will look like.

You can get dressy loafers with shiny faux leather that are decorated with horse bits and tassels to stand out. Monk strap loafers are excellent for business settings. If you want to look nice without much effort, get a pair of moccasin loafers.

Casual outings are all about your taste. You can get creative with the materials, designs, and colors to make a statement. For instance, platform loafers or ones with chunky heels will have you feeling like a celebrity. In terms of colors, olive green loafers are a safe yet different casual choice. Also, red and burgundy loafers are always in.

Caring for Vegan Loafers

Like any other shoes, vegan loafers need considerate care to last longer and stay odor-free. In order to do this, make sure to wear a new pair now and then. Switching pairs will leave your loafers to air-dry and get rid of unpleasant odors. 

Make sure to remove the moist and the dirt using a brush or a damp cloth and polish your loafers as required.

However, it is essential to mention that polishing isn’t always possible for vegan shoes. You must also keep in mind that not all shoes can be dry-washed. 

Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance not to ruin your shoes. You might also want to stuff your loafers with socks to keep their shape. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to resort to animal-based materials. The vegan loafers on our list can offer you the same as regular loafers, if not more.

Our top pick for women is the Amazon Essentials Women’s Loafers. They’re cheap, comfortable, and breathable.

Then, we have the Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Ruler Ankle Loafers. They’re affordable, lightweight, and flexible.

The best option for men is the Bourgeois Boheme Men’s Vegan Loafers. They’re luxurious, stylish, and PVC-free.

Next in line, we have the Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Slip-On Loafers. They’re versatile, antimicrobial, and comfortable.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.