Best Vegan Clogs in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

best vegan clogs

The very first pair of clogs were plant-based. In other words, clogs were originally vegan as they were made out of wood, and that’s the way they should’ve stayed. However, most clogs nowadays are made from suede or leather, which takes a toll on innocent animals, namely cows.

So, why would you rather make an animal suffer over simply buying a plant-based pair of shoes? We know it’s a little hard to find a good pair of clogs that are comfortable, reliable, stylish, and vegan, but we’ve done the research and are bringing you a list of the top-notch choices.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump right in!

List of the Best Vegan Clogs for Women

  1. MB Cork Clogs
  2. MB Faux Leather Clogs
  3. Sticky Work Pro Shoes
  4. Clarks Women’s Step Flow Clogs
  5. Sanita Women’s Original Vegan Valera Clogs
  6. JBU by Jambu Women’s Blakely Flat
  7. Skechers Women’s Air Streamer
  8. Birkenstock Amsterdam Clogs​
  9.  Sanita Women’s Motion Mule

List of the Best Unisex Vegan Clogs

  1. Okabashi Copenhagen Vegan Clogs
  2. Birkenstock Profi Birki Work Shoes
  3. Crocs Classic Clogs
  4. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs
  5. OOFOS Unisex OOCloogs
  6. Yoweshop Work Clogs

The 9 Best Vegan Clogs for Women for 2022

On the lookout for the best feminine-looking pair of clogs out there? We’ve got you covered! Throughout this section, I’ll walk you through my top nine picks for women.

1. MB Cork Clogs

To give you the old school feeling and look of a clog, this MB pair comes with a front that’s made from 100% natural cork, giving it a unique and stylish look, while the back is made from 65% cotton, which makes it pretty comfortable and soft on your feet.

You can easily use water to clean the pair and remove any stains with no effort. Not to mention, it’s scratch-resistant and dirt-resistant. The pair is sturdy enough, so it doesn’t break or get damaged easily, yet it’s very flexible, so it won’t bother you while walking around, even if you’re out all day.

Sadly, because the pair is handmade, it is quite expensive.

2. MB Faux Leather Clogs

This is another great pair from MB Clogs made from vegan faux leather. They sport a stylish embossed textured surface, which combines softness, durability, and breathability. This makes them great for summer days as they come with an open heel that leaves your feet with a breath of fresh air.

The pair also has a lightweight wooden sole that facilitates walking, which means you can be out and about without suffering from any back pain or discomfort. What’s more, the pair has rubber overdrafts, which prevents loud noises while you’re walking.

3. Sticky Work Pro Shoes

These incredible clogs are probably the most comfortable on the list. They have a robust non-slip outsole while both the upper and outsole are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about instability. Not only that, but they’re also very lightweight and comfortable, especially that the platform is around 1 inch.

Its waterproofing is not only external but also internal as the footbed is made with an absorbent material to spare you the worry about your feet sweating. Also, the rubber sole is shock-resistant and features an anti-torsion system. With this pair, you’ll get support for your arch and feet as a whole.

They’re perfect for long workdays because they’ll keep your feet comfortable, airy, and supported.

4. Clarks Women’s Step Flow Clogs

Clarks is a huge shoe brand whose quality and performance are always praised, so it’s great that they offer some vegan options. They come in three neutral colors: black, white, and navy, and you can even enjoy them with a faux fur-decorated version of each.

They’re equipped with a foam inlay that works on absorbing all impact as you walk. Mix that with the 1.37-inch heel, and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Additionally, you can wear the pair both indoors and outdoors thanks to their fashionable yet simplistic look, and rubber outsole.

5. Sanita Women’s Original Vegan Valera Clogs

If you’re looking for a pair of vegan clogs with a funky style, I’d recommend the Sanita Valera ones. They come in three colors: red, blue, and black, with white patterns that give them style and individuality. 

Though the platform measures 0.75 inches, which is considerably less than what we’ve seen on other choices, it’s still quite comfortable thanks to the padded instep collar. The PU outsole comes with a rocker bottom to support your feet and provide absorption in the face of shocks.

6. JBU by Jambu Women’s Blakely Flat

Style, breeziness, comfort, and security; what else could you be looking for? This JBU by Jambu Women’s Blakely Flat pair is made from a combination of felt with vegan leather or wool, so they don’t include any animal products, like all Jambu models.

The materials make them warm and very suitable for winter, that’s why they come with darker/neutral colors like wine, brown, olive, black, and grey.

The rubber sole and memory foam footbed are flexible enough to match the shape of your foot and provide you with ample support. Not to mention, the pair has ankle support, making it one of the most comfortable options on the market.

7. Skechers Women’s Air Streamer

Skechers is a well-known brand for manufacturing some of the most comfortable footwear out there, and these vegan clogs follow the rule. They come with rubber non-slip soles that are quite flexible in order to respond to your feet’s movement without slipping off.

The pair is also equipped with Skechers memory foam, which is one of the coziest and most comfortable materials out there. Not to mention, it comes in beautiful plain colors like white and black with funky, colorful outlines that give them a stylish and distinctive look.

8. Birkenstock Amsterdam Clogs​

This is definitely not the only Birkenstock pair on our list because they’ve recently come out with a vegan line, including this Amsterdam Clogs.

The pair looks and feels comfortable and has a cork sole that’s cozy and durable along with the EVA-slipper sole and Birko-felt footbed.

9. Sanita Women’s Motion Mule

These rubber clogs come with synthetic soles, which means they’re very much vegan. The pair comes in 4 different color options: white, red, grey, and black.

Its heel measures 2.25 inches, and it incorporates EVA in its design, which is why the pair feels super comfortable to wear, yet keep you looking stylish.

However, they might run a little small, so decide on your size then pick the next one up.

The 6 Best Unisex Vegan Clogs in 2022

Who said clogs were just for women? Everyone deserves to feel the comfort of wearing clogs. For that, here are the six best unisex clogs on the market.

1. Okabashi Copenhagen Vegan Clogs

Allow me to kick off the list strongly with the Okabashi Copenhagen. This toffee-colored pair of clogs comes from a family-owned shoe company. They manufacture locally-made shoes of high quality, and the Copenhagen vegan clogs are exactly that. 

And although they’re plastic-made, they’re quite durable, comfortable, and soft, which makes them ideal for everyday use.

2. Birkenstock Profi Birki Work Shoes

With a combination of PU, an Alpro-foam sole, and Alpro-foam footbed, this pair of clogs is incredibly durable to the extent that you can throw it in the dishwasher without worrying.

Additionally, the pair is incredibly comfortable, meaning you can wear it for hours on end without feeling any pain.

The Profi Birki clogs come in beautiful, neutral colors like blue, brown, and black.

3. Crocs Classic Clogs

It wouldn’t be an article about vegan clogs if it doesn’t include the world-famous and original Crocs, would it? Crocs are made from Croslite, which is a proprietary material that’s a type of resin that isn’t exactly plastic or rubber; it has its own unique properties.

These properties include being odor-resistant, anti-microbial abilities, shock-absorbing, and incredibly lightweight.

The pair comes in more than 20 colors, so whatever your style or preferences are, you’ll find something that fits. Not to mention, they’re easy to slip on and off with plenty of airflow and breathability thanks to the ventilation ports. These famous ports also work on getting rid of debris or water effortlessly.

4. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs

Although they’re labeled as “garden” clogs, the Amoji pair can be used for plenty of things like taking a walk, going to the gym, relaxing at home, you name it. They’re also waterproof, which means that you can take them to the beach with your favorite recycled swimsuit.

The pair comes in seven colors, including navy, army green, black, khaki, grey, white, and red.

5. OOFOS Unisex OOCloogs

The OOCloogs are super comfortable and lightweight that they’re ideal for those recovering from foot injuries.

They’re made with rubber to reduce impact by up to 37%, so it’s easy to see that comfort is the brand’s number one priority. This design reduces stress on your lower back, knees, and feet, thanks to the patented footbed that takes the arch of your feet.

Not to mention, they have such a sleek look with colors like matte black, brown, and graphite, which gives them a super stylish look. Finally, the fact that they’re machine-washable makes them all the more valuable as they’re super easy to clean and maintain.

6. Yoweshop Work Clogs

The Yoweshop pair of clogs is one of the best vegan clogs for working. With an anti-slip sole, they’re an incredible choice for nurses, doctors, or a chef working in a restaurant. Their comfort is only enhanced with the adjustable strap, while the breathability is maximized with the insoles.

Being lightweight, they’re both comfortable to wear all day and don’t feel like a burden when you’re moving around from one place to another. Sadly, though, the pair is only available in white and black, so there aren’t many style choices.

What Else is There to Know

Picking your next clogs is not an easy task. There are multiple factors that you need to be aware of to make sure they’re vegan, comfortable, and durable. Throughout the next section, I’ll walk you through everything else you need to know before deciding on your next pair of vegan clogs.

What are Vegan Clogs?

Before moving any further, you need to know what makes clogs vegan, so you wouldn’t buy non-vegan ones by mistake.

Any vegan product is one whose manufacturing process doesn’t include any animal-based products, and that includes all processes. Even the dyes and adhesives should be plant-based instead of animal-based to make sure no animals were harmed during the manufacturing process.

Vegan Leather Manufacturing

Vegan leather can be made from a myriad of materials, including waxed canvas, glazed canvas, PVC, PU (Polyurethane), or naturally-driven materials.

PU is actually the most harmful one of them, so it’s better if you steer clear of it whenever you can.

While all these materials don’t make poor, innocent animals suffer the repercussions of vicious hunting, some of them still aren’t biodegradable in the long run, which isn’t sustainable or eco-friendly.

This is why your best bet is to go with natural elements like cork, pineapple leaves, fruit waste, apple peels, plant-based leather, or anything that’s completely natural.

Reliability of Vegan Leather

Although it’s typical for non-vegans to question the reliability of vegan leather, there’s really nothing to question.

Faux leather is a lot more durable as it doesn’t rip, with the bonus of being more affordable. Most likely, faux leather doesn’t suffer from scraping or scratching and is usually water and stain-resistant.

Other Vegan Materials

As you’ve seen throughout this article, your next pair of clogs doesn’t have to be made from vegan leather. There are other materials like cork, wood, plant-based materials, vegan wool, and many more that you can opt for to get a high-quality pair of clogs without harming innocent souls.

Double-Checking That Your Next Pair is Vegan

Just because the pair is not made from real leather, doesn’t mean it’s 100% vegan.

Look for tags like vegan, 100% synthetic, and all man-made, all of which indicate that the product in question is free of any animal products and, therefore, cruelty-free. Materials that are natural and vegan include natural fibers, for example, hemp, bamboo, jute, canvas, or cotton. 

Moreover, look up the brand’s website to find out how their manufacturing process affects the different habitats of animals to make sure you aren’t indirectly affecting any negatively.

There’s one more factor, though. Many people seem to miss checking the adhesives used in their clogs. You can tell that the glue used is non-vegan if it has gelatin, which is made from animal bones. While that might not directly harm animals, it’s better to just avoid animal-based products altogether.

Final Thoughts

When you take a closer look at all the available options, you’ll realize there are plenty! Suppose you’re going vegan and were finding a hard time getting started when it comes to footwear. In that case, I hope this article has made it a little easier and clearer for you to see that you can totally rock a stylish look without harming any animals or supporting a cruelty-fueled industry.

While most options are for women, the Yoweshop Work Clogs is one of the unisex choices we can say would suit any male reader going through the list.

If you’re looking for an individualistic pair of shoes, you can opt for the MB Cork Clogs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for style and elegance, you might want to go for the Sanita Women’s Original Vegan Valera Clogs.

Also, the Birkenstock Profi Birki seems like an excellent choice if you’re looking for versatility and style. Additionally, Crocs would be ideal for those who are out and about all day and aren’t looking to make a fashion statement.

Lastly, if you’re looking for super comfortable clogs that could help you move forward and quickly recover after an injury, the OOFOS OOCloogs pair is a must-have.

Thomas has been vegan for over 5 years and has decided to move to Costa Rica with his family to be closer to nature and live a more minimalistic life. He loves yummy vegan food and sustainable products.