Are Haribo Vegan? Find Out Now!

Are Haribo vegan?

We’re all familiar with gummy bears. These sweet treats offer a diverse range of flavors that make them excellent to snack on, while the chewy consistency makes it even more interesting. And since they come in an assortment of colors, there’s no denying how fun they are to eat.

Whenever we think of gummy bears, the first name that’s often associated with them is Haribo. No other brand seems to make these gummy treats as well as Haribo. As one of the leading candy companies around the world, Haribo is known for its large selection of sweet treats. It has a decent selection of candy treats and flavors that you’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices.

But as vegans, we can’t simply assume that something is vegan-friendly. The same is true when it comes to Haribo’s offerings.

That’s why we decided to write this article. Here, we will introduce you to Haribo, and give you answers as to whether it’s vegan or not.

History of Haribo

Before we discuss each candy individually, let’s first give you a brief introduction to the brand, Haribo. This will give you a deeper understanding of why it’s so popular.

Believe it or not, this company is one of the few confectionery companies that has existed for around a century. Founded in 1920 by Hans Riegel, Sr. in Bonn, Germany, and was operated by the Riegel couple in their home’s kitchen. The small business started by selling a variety of sweet treats, but it was only in 1922 when it had its breakthrough.

Two years after its founding, Haribo introduced their Gummibarchen, which is known to be the first gummy candy ever introduced. It has a chewy consistency and deliciously fruity flavors that instantly caught the public’s attention. And the rest, as they say, is history.

While the predecessor of the current gummy bears we know and love was bigger, Hans Riegel continuously improved them to make sure that they’re the best. Since then, Haribo introduced a variety of other candy treats, but most of the gummy kind. That’s why, even until today, the brand is often associated with gummy candies.

Because of the quality of their candies, as well as the continuous search to improve their formulation, Haribo remained a confectionery powerhouse for a century.

Are Haribo Vegan?

Now that you’re familiar with Haribo’s interesting history, we can now proceed to the heart of this article: are Haribo vegan?

Before we give you the answer to that question, we believe it’s best to discuss what first goes into each gummy candy. This will give you a deeper understanding of what constitutes a vegan and non-vegan candy – which will also help you in your decision-making in the future.

With that said, let’s get into the main ingredient of Haribo’s gummy candies – gelatin.

This may be hard to believe, but the main component of our favorite gummy candies is made out of collagen. Collagen is a protein that’s usually produced by animals. It is usually found on the skin, tendons, joints, and bones.

As such, to derive gelatin, the hides, skin, connective tissues, and bones of animals are boiled to be broken down into its components. After boiling, it is dried and treated so that collagen will be successfully extracted. Usually, these animal parts are taken from pigs and cows.

From that explanation, you can now see that gelatin is an animal-derived ingredient. Thus, any Haribo product that contains gelatin is not vegan.

However, there’s still good news for vegans. Not all of Haribo’s sweet treats contain gelatin. Some of them contain whole plant-based ingredients, making them vegan-friendly. We’ll explore each of them below.

Are Haribo Gummy Bears vegan?

gummy bears

Let’s start with the gummy candy that launched Haribo to international fame – the Gummy Bears. Upon a close inspection of the ingredients listed on the pack, it seems that Haribo Gummy Bears contain gelatin. As such, we can confirm that they are not vegan.

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But, don’t be disheartened. There are several vegan-friendly alternatives to your favorite gummy bears. Here are just some of them.

  • Surf Sweets Organic Vegan Fruity Bears. These fruity gummy candies are also molded into tiny bears, making them the true vegan alternative for Haribo’s Gummy Bears. But, instead of gelatin, it uses plant-based sources to create that jelly-like substance – which makes it a guilt-free treat for vegans.

Additionally, these gummy candies are made with real fruit juice, which is why the flavor doesn’t seem artificial at all. They’re also organic, making them the healthier choice overall.

  • Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers Candy. If you can let go of the tiny bear mold, another great alternative would be the Trader Joe’s Scandinavian Swimmers Candy. Each pack contains an interesting collection of sea creatures like seahorses, lobsters, and dolphins, making it more exciting to eat.

As for its ingredients, these gummy candies contain zero gelatin and are certified as purely plant-based. Each candy also derives its natural color and flavor from the fruits they’re infused with. You can even say that vegan options are better.

Are Haribo Strawbs vegan?

Another Haribo favorite is its Giant Strawbs. These gummy candies take the shape of strawberries, which is a treat for all strawberry lovers out there. But the real question is: are Haribo Strawbs vegan? Let’s take a look.

Upon looking at its list of ingredients, we can see that gelatin is not on the list. But before you celebrate, note that this product still contains beeswax – which is an animal-derived substance. As a result, we have to confirm that these strawberry-flavored gummies are not vegan.

But while they’re not vegan, they’re still considered vegetarian. Since beeswax is produced by bees and does not contain any animal component, that makes it vegetarian-friendly.

But if you’re keen on looking for a vegan version of the Haribo Strawbs, you can try the Vegummies Strawberry Gummies. This gummy candy is made from plant-based starch and similar ingredients to help produce that jelly-like consistency. Neither does it contain beeswax as a glazing agent, so you can be confident about it being vegan-friendly.

Are Haribo Sour Streamers vegan?

Haribo Gummi Candy, Z!NG Sour Streamers, 7.2 oz. Bag (Pack of 14)

If you’re more of a fan of sour candy gummies, then we’re sure you’re dying to try the Haribo Sour Streamers. Also called the Haribo Zing! because of their delicious sourness, these candies are a favorite among sour candy lovers around the globe. if you’ve been wondering if these candies are vegan, then we have some great news for you.

Upon an inspection of all its ingredients, we could find no trace of gelatin nor beeswax in this candy. Since it does not contain any animal-derived product or byproduct, it’s safe to conclude that the Haribo Zing! is perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Are Haribo marshmallows vegan?

Aside from gummy candies, another global favorite is the Haribo Chamallows – the brand’s version of marshmallows. Because of their fluffy consistency and satisfyingly sweet flavor, the Chamallows are a favorite by kids and adults around the world.

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Now the question is this: are Haribo marshmallows vegan? A close look at the ingredients reveals that it does not only contain gelatin but is also infused with carmines to deliver that pinkish color. Unfortunately, both of these ingredients are derived from animal sources, so they’re neither vegan nor vegetarian.

Fortunately, these are not the only fluffy marshmallows around. Several vegan-friendly marshmallows deliver the same sweet taste – without all the guilt of consuming animal byproducts. Here are some of our favorite alternatives:

  • Freedom Confectionery Mini Pink & White Mallows. These mallows boast of being dairy-free, egg-free, and gelatin-free, making them the perfect alternative for vegans and vegetarians alike. They similarly come in pink and white colors, which are similar to those of Haribo’s.

The different colors represent different flavors  – white for vanilla and pink for strawberry – and that variety makes it more fun to chew on. Plus, these mallows are gluten and soy-free, making them perfect for those with specific dietary restrictions.

  • Ananda’s Vanilla Gelatin-Free Marshmallows. From the name itself, you can already see that these marshmallows are suitable for vegans to consume. What’s more interesting is that they come in lovely cubes – a unique concept for marshmallows.

Each batch of these delicious treats is also handmade, so you can be confident about its quality and ingredients.

Are Haribo Starmix vegan?

The Haribo Starmix is another crowd favorite. With its fun assortment of gummy candies in different shapes and flavors, there’s no denying that it’s deliciously fun to snack on. But are Haribo Starmix vegan candies? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Unfortunately, these gummy candies contain both gelatin and beeswax. As such, we do not recommend them for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan Goodies from Haribo

While a majority of Haribo gummy candies are not suitable for vegans to consume, the brand is aware of the growing demand for vegan alternatives. With that said, it has also produced some vegan candies for us to enjoy.

We have already covered the Zing Sour Streamers a while ago, and you’d be pleased to know that Haribo has other vegan offerings. That includes its Rainbow Spaghetti, the Rainbow Twists, and the Soft Jelly Bear.

All of these gummy candies are made with zero gelatin, beeswax, and other animal-derived substances. That makes them perfectly safe for vegans.  

Joe became a vegan after watching Cowspiracy. He always knew something was off with the way we consume animal products, but watching the documentary made him realized how bad it actually is. Joe is now making sure that every product he buys is 100% vegan!