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Saturday, January 25, 2003

A Call to Action -- Fighting the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

Rex Stuart of NHRCI sent the following in, he also has two petitions going at, in the following categories:

1) Society - Animal Rights - Hunting & Meat - Scroll down to our petitions to review what the hunting community is really about.
2) Environment - Scroll down to: "Ban Hunting In Louisiana and Other States When People Are Threatened" Even though we don't receive many signatures, these petitions help to at least educate others about what certain hunters commit.
Subject: URGENT ACTION ALERT! Don’t let hunters kill this program!

Remote Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) is a program of The HSUS’ that provides free spay/neuter and pet health care services to poor rural communities and Native American reservations. But if an extreme front-group for hunters gets its way, vital funding for RAVS could be in jeopardy.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) is rallying its supporters to bombard PETsMART Charities with protests about the foundation’s $15,000 grant to The HSUS’ RAVS program. The USSA opposes any support for The HSUS because of our strong opposition to sport, trophy, and recreational hunting. They’re working hard to kill funding for a program that has nothing to do with hunting, and everything to do with taking care of pets. But the USSA doesn’t care about that. This same group supports such repugnant practices as bear baiting, canned hunts, trophy hunting of threatened species—practices even disdained by many hunters themselves.


Go to for the full story, and to to download a “Thank You” card that you can take to your nearest PETsMART store to show that their customers care about protecting animals. We want to generate traffic in the store to counter the hunters’ threat of a boycott if PETsMART Charities continues to support RAVS.

Don’t let the USSA shoot down funding for RAVS! Please send this message to everyone in your address book today. Thank you.

Posted by Richard
1/25/2003 05:37:12 PM | PermaLink -- Coming to a Station Near You!

For anyone who hasn't listened in, Bob has a great radio show devoted to vegan issues! He's up to 9 markets now. In an age when democracy means infiltrating the media, hat's off to Bob who is doing important work in getting the word out and the mind's turned on!
***CONTACT: Bob  Linden *** 818-623-6477 ***
Archived listening at 
...NEW LISTENING TIP FOR THE "ARCHIVE - IMPATIENT"...Our Chicago affiliate streams live, so "GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN" can be heard on the web MONDAYS 7 PM CENTRAL (that's 8PM-Eastern, 5PM-Pacific) at
Highly-rated...THIS WEEK celebrating its 2nd anniversary on-air... praised by the LA Times' media critic and named "Radio Show of the Week" by the LA Daily News... the planet's first-and-only commercially-syndicated vegan radio show brings its entertaining and educational messages of compassion and concern  for animals, vegetarianism, human health, and the environment to airwaves from coast to coast...
"Meat-eating, fur-wearing, circus-going listeners wanted for human experimentation...hearing truth on the radio from the world's greatest experts, speakers, thinkers, movers & shakers..." - Bob Linden

Stations & Times:
KPLS-830 Los Angeles (Sunday 1PM Pacific), KYCY-1550 San Francisco (Sunday 6PM Pacific), WBPS-890 Boston (Sunday 7PM Eastern), WRMN-1410 Chicago (Monday 7PM Central), KLMO-1060 Boulder-Denver (Sunday 8PM Mountain, 5PM after 1st month), KWYD-1580 Colo Springs (Sunday 8PM Mountain, 5PM after 1st month), KSKE-610 Aspen-Breckinridge-Vail (Sunday 8PM Mountain, 5PM after 1st month), KDMN-1450 Buena Vista CO (Sunday 8PM Mountain, 5PM after 1st month), KSHP-1400 Las Vegas (Monday 10PM Pacific) Archive:

("GO VEGAN with BOB LINDEN" is now on ABC STARGUIDE lll SATELLITE and is available for broadcast, free of charge, to any radio station in the world...inquiries welcome...)


SHOW / WEEK OF 1-26-03...Bob's guests include San Francisco Supervisor Jake McGoldrick who introduced that city's recently-passed resolution that affirms Constitutionally-protected civil rights and liberties and opposes the very un-patriotic USA PATRIOT ACT and related Executive Orders, and demands their repeal, as part of a wave of similar resolutions sweeping the United Steaks and already passed in 27 cities including Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Sebastopol, Eugene, Denver, Boulder, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Madison, Cambridge, New Haven and elsewhere...ALSO ON THIS WEEK'S SHOW..."OH NO...THEY HAVE NUKES AND THEY'RE USING THEM ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE"...THE HEALTH THREATS AND HAZARDS OF FOOD IRRADIATION...with Samuel Epstein, MD, Professor Emeritus -  University of Illinois, School of Public Health, Chicago  /// Check FUTURE SHOWS PAGE at

Posted by Richard
1/25/2003 05:27:01 PM | PermaLink

Friday, January 24, 2003

An Overview of Amphibian Deformity Realities

Since 1995, malformations have been reported in more than 60 amphibian species in 46 states. In some local populations 80 percent of the animals are afflicted. The aberrations cannot be discounted as being a normal part of amphibian life. Over the past eight years, dozens of investigators have blamed the increase on the amphibians' greater exposure to ultraviolet radiation, on chemical contamination of water or on a parasite epidemic. Not surprisingly, every time another report appeared, media outlets touted the new view, thus providing a misleading picture of the situation. Now, an eight-year investigation into the cause of a shocking increase in deformed amphibians has sorted out the roles of three prime suspects -- which may act in concert. Moreover, all stem in part from human activities such as habitat alteration. (01/24/03) Scientific American

Disfigured and Dwindling (01/24/03) Scientific American

Overview: Amphibian Ailments (01/24/03) Scientific American

Posted by Richard
1/24/2003 10:56:42 AM | PermaLink

Agent Orange can Cause Leukemia, U.S. Experts Say

30 years later, the effects of previous US chemical warfare confirmed...(note to all military personnel stationed around and within Iraq):
WASHINGTON — "Agent Orange," the chemical used to strip Vietnamese and Cambodian jungles by U.S. forces during the Vietnam war, can cause leukemia, U.S. health advisers said.

A second look at the evidence supports the idea that people exposed to the chemical may have a higher risk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the Institute of Medicine panel said. But there is not enough information to say just how many veterans or herbicide workers may be affected.

The panel, which met Thursday at the request of the Department of Veterans Affairs, reexamined six separate studies on the possible link between Agent Orange and CLL.

"The risk for CLL was found to be elevated in those whose occupations involved handling of or exposure to the types of herbicidal chemicals also used during the Vietnam War," the committee said in a statement.

The herbicides, which got the nickname "Agent Orange" from the orange stripe on the barrels in which they were stored, include chemicals with such tongue-twisting names as 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

"From 1962 to 1971, U.S. military forces sprayed herbicides over Vietnam to strip the thick jungle canopy that helped conceal opposition forces, to destroy crops that enemy forces might depend on, and to clear tall grasses and bushes from the perimeters of U.S. base camps and outlying fire-support bases," the Institute report reads.
By Maggie Fox, Reuters

Posted by Richard
1/24/2003 09:20:58 AM | PermaLink

Nestlé U-turn on Ethiopia Debt -- Public outrage forces firm to drop $6m claim against country hit by famine

Search the archives for some of Nestlé's other double-dealings -- mostly around unsafe milk for children. This is a big victory against a corporate giant that was trying to cash in on a beleaguered country in order to make its books look a little better. While I hate to demonize a giant company like this one -- because to do so makes it seem as if its practices aren't somehow determined by and forced by the structural relations of its other giant capital competitors -- Nestlé is to be avoided. Recently, they are involved in buying out Hershey -- and the Pennsylvania town that was built around a company is now being slowly disintegrated piece by piece as global capital liquifies its holdings and re-channels them into pools for future asset acquisition or expenditure write-offs...
Nestlé, the world's largest coffee company, was forced into a humiliating u-turn last night, after public outrage forced it to drop its $6m claim against the famine stricken Ethiopian government.,2763,881353,00.html

Posted by Richard
1/24/2003 08:43:04 AM | PermaLink

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Big Brother In Effect

This came in over the wires this morning. As someone who is very aware of the canonical amount of respected academic work surrounding governmental and media propaganda during times of war (especially), it is still chilling to see one's own capital issuing pure propaganda pieces that even slight knowledge of the issue would recognize as an outright lie. Iraq (as with Afghanistan) certainly has no leg to stand on in terms of their own pollution and desecration of the environs around them, but the notion that depleted uranium isn't toxic and capable of skyrocketing rad levels in areas strewn with DU bombs is simply false, as is the notion that it is all a cunning propaganda campaign arising from the Iraqi state department, one which has beguiled and fooled antinuclear activists.

It is well documented by scientists who have been to Iraq that in DU areas radiation continues to give off readings thousands of times greater than normal -- how is that propaganda? Further, how is the Iraqi government responsible for the DU findings in NATO's bombing of the Balkans in 1999? Did Saddam manage to get his agents into Kosovo too? Why is UNEP even now gathering readings in that region and deciding on a plan of action for "clean up" in response to the well-documented "Balkan's Syndrome" that has all the earmarks of DU on it? Why have there only been denials and obfuscations around DU's use by the US in Afghanistan whenever the question is brought up, if it is so safe for use as weapon as would like you to believe? Why are people with the necessary equipment, when finally gaining access to the Afghani battlefields, now reporting levels of radiation akin to the Gulf and Balkan Wars? I would argue that it is a criminal act to use these weapons against people -- considering that barring extremely expensive decontamination of the area (prohibitively so for most states), DU's effects are constant with the half-life of uranium proper -- and that should "frighten" people because that means its effects are (for our purposes) permanent: they will not go away. But whether or not using DU in war is criminal, when government's lie about their activities outright, that's just cowardly and undemocratic...

Depleted Uranium Scare
During the Gulf War, coalition forces used armor-piercing ammunition made from depleted uranium, which is ideal for the purpose because of its great density. In recent years, the Iraqi regime has made substantial efforts to promote the false claim that the depleted uranium rounds fired by coalition forces have caused cancers and birth defects in Iraq. Iraq has distributed horrifying pictures of children with birth defects and linked them to depleted uranium. The campaign has two major propaganda assets:

* Uranium is a name that has frightening associations in the mind of the
average person, which makes the lie relatively easy to sell; and
* Iraq could take advantage of an established international network of antinuclear activists who had already launched their own campaign against depleted uranium.

But scientists working for the World Health Organization, the UN Environmental Program, and the European Union could find no health effects linked to exposure to depleted uranium.

The truth has not deterred the Iraqi disinformation campaign. On November 15, 2000, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Quds al-Arabi reported that Iraq had set up an organization called the "Central Committee for the Follow-up of the Consequences of Pollution" under the direct supervision of Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, to pursue this issue. It also reported that Iraqi Major General Abd-al-Wahhab Muhammad al-Juburi headed a working team of military personnel, scientists, and others to generate data and organize tours for the international media. Iraq has hosted international conferences on the alleged ill effects of depleted uranium and sent "experts" abroad to speak on the subject, including Iraqi professor Mona Kammas, a member of Iraq's "Committee of Pollution Impact by Aggressive Bombing."

Posted by Richard
1/23/2003 08:00:32 AM | PermaLink

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

ACT Radio on the Web

Second and Fourth Sunday of the Month at 7:30pm

Welcome to ACT Radio -- Animal Concerns of Texas, with co-hosts Steven Best, Greg Lawson, and Mimi Macias. Every second and fourth Sunday evening at 7:30, we offer a unique program that focuses on animals, and related issues such as vegetarianism and the environment.

Everyone loves animals, and yet animals are the most helpless and victimized members of the living community. We believe with Gandhi that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Most people have no idea the horrors our animal friends undergo in zoos, circuses, rodeos, experimental laboratories, and factory farms and slaughterhouses. Through the airwaves and elsewhere, we seek to be a voice for the voiceless and to promote change through education and expanding awareness and compassion.

We discuss the ways our society exploits animals, and how drastically this abuse affects human interests concerning health, the environment, and our level of connectedness to life. We offer new visions for how to heal the breaches in our social world and in our relation to the natural world. We believe that animal liberation is the next great liberation movement on this planet, and that by promoting respect for nonhuman animals, we are advancing human moral evolution.

ACT brings you the latest news about animals, from local concerns to global issues, from vegetarianism to animal rights activism. We also feature lively interviews with people involved in the animal welfare and animal rights movements, from local folks to well-known figures who work toward the same goal of promoting a New Enlightenment in our relations with other species. You will hear compelling music that promotes respect for all life.

Now the following the four shows are available for real time listening on the web (as long as you have the Real player installed. Those who don't can download a free player at

ACT Radio 11/10/02 w/ Jane Poss

ACT Radio 11/24/02 w/ James Gibson

ACT Radio 12/08/02 w/ Wayne Pacelle

ACT Radio 12/22/02 w/ Elizabeth Walsh

Posted by Richard
1/22/2003 01:38:08 PM | PermaLink

Call for Philosophy or Policy Seminars/Classes on Animal Liberation

The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs (CALA) is calling for seminars and classes on the topic of animal liberation philosophy or policy studies. The Center's purpose is 1) to network academics together via a list that will be hosted by CALA; 2) to inform animal liberation advocates and activists of classes and seminars available to them; 3) to demonstrate that animal liberation is an important contemporary movement that is having a marked impact upon numerous academic disciplines; 4) to examine why animal liberation is a logical and sound philosophy; and 5) to build a more balanced and sure foundation for the future of animal liberation studies.

You can send your proposals, syllabi, or any other information about related seminars/classes to Richard at

Posted by Richard
1/22/2003 12:41:29 PM | PermaLink

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Bush May Boost Tax Breaks for Big SUVs

Of all the dumb things this president has done or suggested, this one is so comically criminal as to be outright laughable. Who in America who earns less than 100,000 dollars a year and has had their ears completely covered during the entirety of the war on terror (=for oil) debacle will possibly fail to miss this message that if you are middle or working class, Bush. jr doesn't give a "horse's patatooty" (as I think they say on the ranch) about you...
The Bush administration's economic plan would increase by 50 percent or more the deductions that small-business owners can take right away on the biggest sport utility vehicles and pickups. The plan would mean small businesses could immediately deduct the entire price of S.U.V.'s like the Hummer H2, the Lincoln Navigator and the Toyota Land Cruiser, even if the vehicles were loaded with every available option. Or a business owner, taking full advantage, could buy a BMW X5 sport utility vehicle for a few hundred dollars more than a Pontiac Bonneville sedan, after the immediate tax deductions were factored in. (01/21/03) -- New York Times

Bush Plans Bigger Tax Break for SUV Buyers (01/21/03) USA Today

Bush plan would boost big SUVs (01/21/03) San Francisco Chronicle

SUV Slam: NHTSA Boss Blasts Utes (01/20/03) The Car Connection

Foreign Policy Vehicles (01/20/03) New York Times Magazine

Spinning the Axles of Evil: Celebs Trade in SUVs (01/20/03) New York Times

Much Needed Introspection Behind the Wheel (11/25/02) Tidepool

Posted by Richard
1/21/2003 04:50:25 PM | PermaLink

Monday, January 20, 2003

Center on Animal Liberation Affairs

I have joined the Board of the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs.

For those who are wondering, this is an academic organization for the study, research, and discussion of the principles and practices of the liberation of animals. CALA believes that animal and earth liberation practices are some of the most important ethical/moral and socio-political events of our time. While many present government and industry leaders would seek to give a totalizing and superficial definition of "terrorist" to these complex and multifaceted movements, CALA exists to counter this trend and instead provide a thoughtful forum for meaningful research and debate on the issues surrounding animal liberation philosophy.

Posted by Richard
1/20/2003 12:09:51 PM | PermaLink

Household Pressure on the Environment Debate

Virginia of Green Consciousness and I have been having a good heated debate about the meaning(s) of this controversial new study.

Posted by Richard
1/20/2003 10:01:31 AM | PermaLink

Critical Media Literacy

I thought I had posted this recent essay here along with the link to the little video I put together on Nuclear Spectacles. I can't find a blog post that contains it, however, so I'm posting it again. Basically, I look at what is the emerging movement on left, middle and center towards wanting media education in our schools. In particular, I examine a leftist radical formulation of this pedagogy but find it overly complicit with technocapital and the culture of peripherals and media consumption. Still, I acknowledge that what I am even doing here on this blog has to be considered an experiment with critical media literacy and that the need for such is obvious. I wonder at the end, however, if such campaigns might not go on as underground movements like the consciousness-raising circles of the '60s, where people teach one another how to engage media directly and informally, rather than through state endorsed multi-billion dollar programs of actions for schools. At its best, critical media literacy, like ecopedagogy, might mean disempowering schools and empowering people.

Posted by Richard
1/20/2003 09:46:20 AM | PermaLink